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  1. "Baby don't leave me....I need you so bad, now ......no,no,no,no,no,no,no....baby don't go" - those lyrics (with feeling!) really make that song! Transforms the realization of the relationship being over - to the gut-retching emotion of it all. Great, great song. (of course!).
  2. Funny thread! Since my Raspberry/Eric Carmen re-discovery I've found myself also looking for the names on the dividers and finding Clapton! I actually found an Eric Carmen CD at a local Barnes and Nobles store in November and was very excited! Maybe someone had been there previously with a sharpie! Amazing how many dividers are out there with far less deserving names on them! Terri
  3. per discussion on another thread - Karen Carpenter
  4. Karen Carpenter could be added to the tragic singers thread!
  5. I wasn't familiar with Beverley Craven so I took a listen to one of the live performances of "Promise Me" - very beautiful song! Has an almost haunting tone to it. Thanks Matt! Terri
  6. I think "Don't Speak" was about a relationship she had with one of the members of the band? (Not sure which). I never even thought about Botox - ha! - she does look eternally young!
  7. Had a few minutes to watch/ listen to the various videos today - I seemed to remember most of the band names mentioned, but wasn't sure I knew the songs. Enjoyed listening - certainly a lot of talent!! I did get an extra "tidbit" though - I remember "The Letter" from the Box Tops, but didn't think I knew "Soul Deep" until I listened to it! Great tune that I do remember and sure did sound like the Grass Roots! Terri
  8. Jackson Browne -"Here Come Those Tears Again" with a little help from Bonnie Raitt in this video
  9. I love "Don't Speak" - probably my favorite No Doubt/Gwen Stefani song. I didn't buy many CDs in that time period, but did buy that one! (I don't think I can even name any of the other songs on it though...), I have never watched any videos for that song, but the one you shared Mary Ellen is very moving! So much truth for Gwen in those lyrics! (and she sure looks young! Has it been 20 years??). Terri
  10. I'm in the same boat as you Anne - missed everything by a decade! I haven't checked out any downloads either, but I think I will now!
  11. I loved Boston when I was in high school - didn't see them in concert though until they reunited in 1994 and actually came to my hometown early in their tour -if I remember correctly, Brad Delp even said it was his first show away from their home area. It was a great concert - he was so excited to be back at it and showed so much energy and enthusiasm. I was sad when I heard he committed suicide. Here is "A Man I'll Never Be" - one of many great Boston tunes! http://youtu.be/fBPlZuUkbwk
  12. I hadn't heard this song for years and recently had added it to my playlist - "Worst that Could Happen" Brooklyn Bridge http://youtu.be/lIJS06nQTmk and a few more recent favorites - "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by the Script and "Breakeven"
  13. I think it is great that you saw them so early on Pretender! I'm just glad Tom came out of rehab to give us so much more! I didn't really get on the bandwagon until 2009 - then twice more at First Ave. 2010 and 2013 (January concert, it was -17 degrees!) I'm going to sneak "Early Winter" onto this thread! When you compare this view of Tom to his early years, you can sure see how he has matured - and now a family man and helping his dad with aid for Rwanda, etc. Terri
  14. "Last Kiss" J Frank Williams and the Cavaliers I was pretty young when this was being played, but old enough to be figuring out lyrics - I still get a lump in my throat and tear up when I hear this!
  15. My addition to this list is Starland Vocal Band - "Afternoon Delight" - I could almost swear it played every 5th song! (ok might be exaggerating a bit!).
  16. ummmm....maybe two from Lifehouse....can't help myself! Jason Wade - lead singer, songwriter - another who started out very young and has done very well for himself! Sick Cycle Carousel
  17. and I can't help but at least post one from Lifehouse - Blind
  18. I sometimes feel like the queen of sad pop songs....enjoyed everyone's posts! Broken Toy, All By Myself, Landslide, Late for the Sky.....sigh I didn't know Travis very well and then got to see Fran Healy with Keane, and Ingrid Michaelson at First Avenue in Minneapolis - Great show! Subsequently learned some Travis music afterwards! Then we have Honey, Rocky, One Less Bell to Answer....definitely takes a person back in time! I'm going to share one from Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright - Set the Fire to the Third Bar. I was obsessed with this song/video for awhile! and an older song...Shannon by Henry Gross
  19. A great college town indeed! At times, has had some what of a reputation as a lot of colleges do! You are lucky Scott, to live so close to the Twin Cities musical venues, festivals, etc. Everything for me involves a late drive home - or an overnight - even with my husband, the drive after an enjoyable concert is getting harder as we are getting older....can't even blame the weather - just fatigue! I have to pay more attention to who comes to play in Minnesota also - last summer, we happened upon a last minute realization that the Goo Goo Dolls were playing a festival in Wayzata - that was fun, and very pretty along Lake Minnetonka. We may have to recruit some more Minnesotans! I'm sure there are more EC fans out here! Terri
  20. My parents loved country music - probably why I "rebelled" - listened to some though growing up because I had to! Love " Wichita Lineman" though and "Galveston" and "Everyday Housewife" though because of them...but, the one I'm going to post in honor of my dad (long gone!)is Marty Robins "El Paso" - my dad loved everything western....Louis L'amour, "Gunsmoke", and horses (not that he, or our family had them - but you don't have to to love them!). My sister worked in a small town that printed an Arabian Horse magazine and would always bring copies - dad would read, and I would try to draw them!). I do love more country music now (I'm sure more than I realize!) sorry, I guess I picked a long video! But, here's to you Dad! Thanks Ira, for starting the topics and the subsequent good memories! Terri
  21. My younger brain always sang this on IWTBWY: "If we were older, we would naturally worry tonight..." because you don't worry when you are young, do you? Terri
  22. Well..feeling a little addicted to these games! I was just thinking about the cities/states game .... got me on USA.....then John Mellencamp .... and oh! this song belongs here! R.O.C.K. in the USA!
  23. A couple more! "Reminiscing" Little River Band (Glen Miller's band.....Porter's tunes) and not sure if this counts: "Hips Don't Lie" Shakira (Shakira, Shakira chant) - debating about posting her video! Ha!
  24. One more - "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" - Peter, Paul and Mary
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