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  1. I bought tickets for Mumford and Sons on a whim last November for April concert last week - I pretty much bought the tickets based on "I Will Wait" -pretty much the only song I knew at the time!

    A week before the concert, I quickly downloaded some tunes based on their setlist and had some quick listening sessions to get familiar with them in my car on the drive back and forth to work!  The concert was a lot of fun, Excel Energy Center sold out, and one song, "Ditmus", involved the lead singer meandering through the floor with microphone (floor packed with general admission attendees), up and down stairs, singing away while being basically mobbed! Fun to watch!

    One of the songs I had downloaded and started to get to know, has clearly become a favorite of mine after hearing it live. It's called "Tompkins Square Park". I have read that their most recent album is departing a bit from the banjo, folksy side to becoming more rock. I like the progression (even though I do like some banjo also!)


    Next week Paul McCartney!  I'm very excited! (my first time seeing a Beatle!)

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  2. He definitely made Minnesota proud....always thought it was cool that he kept a home and recording studio here. People I know had even seen him out and about.(we don't get that much "celebrity" in Minnesota!).  Also, one of the "supernova" stars on the wall of the First Avenue nightclub (used to be up high on the wall -now eye level near the entrance). We went to the Mumford and Sons concert last night - Prince songs played during setup- anything from "Manic Monday" to an audience sing along of "Purple Rain" with a wave of phone lights!  Mumford and Sons gave tribute and played "Nothing Compares 2 U". Great show and touching that they did that.


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  3. Oh my!  AnneNR you are a great sleuth!  Those words sound right to me...maybe a few lines I don't remember, but the other words filled in really nicely.  Hmmmm, not sure I could watch that video either, haha!  I'm sure it wasn't a top song of the times, yet it played where I lived, so seems like there should be more info out there! Someone's one hit wonder possibly!  The local radio announcers of the stations that I listened to then, are still working there....husband does know one of them....not sure if I can go so far as to ask, but if I heard it enough back then, maybe he did, too!   I may ponder that approach! (certainly not the most important mystery in the world, just has me wondering! ^_^).

    Thanks for taking the time!!  I will surely let you know if I find out anything!




  4. I hadn't seen "Urban Cowboy" since it played in the theaters in 1980 (I believe).  Recently saw it again on Netflix and remembered it spawned all kinds of similar songs on the radio.

    My local station played a song quite regularly, it wasn't from the movie, but similar in sound/content/style - I think I even tried to get it on my own cassette tape as I liked it at the time.

    I never did know who sang it, nor do I know the title...It pops into my head once in awhile, the few words I remember anyway!  I have searched online and have come up empty.  Does anyone know this song??? Here is what I remember:

    You're giving me the shoulder, still I want to hold her (you?)

    Something's really wrong here, we better talk it over

    So come a little closer, I'm standing on the border

    between loving you tonight, and losing you forever....

    So baby, how can I hold you when you don't even try

    how can I hold you, if you ain't mine?

    Standing on a.......love gone by???

    That's it!  Any good sleuths out there?  Sometime around 1980.


  5. On 2/26/2016 at 6:15 AM, LobsterLvr said:

    I like Nate.  But this version sounds more like a Leo Sayer production.  I wish it had more Nate/fun.-isms in it.  Overall, it's okay...but it's missing something.

    I realize I might be the only one here....but, I don't hate it. (almost said I liked it....) It definitely is not Eric Carmen/Raspberries - but I do hear Nate - although it is Nate sounding 70s....I'm not sure if it's the combination of him with the background vocals or what.  I do think his "so badddd" sounds a bit off.  I like how he did try to get some of the "yeah, yeah, yeah..."s in. Son and gf are big Nate Ruess/Fun fans - gf especially - I've been trying to decide if they would like it.  They learn a lot of old songs from remakes/covers - I'm just afraid it would sound too 70s, if that make sense. May have to test that out.....So, agreeing with Dave, it could use a little more Nate/Fun to grab some younger attention.

    I see Danny's Song was also on the show - I listened to that as well - pretty much the same as you all have said about IWTBWY - I like the old Loggins and Messina version - but comparing to Anne Murray's version, it was fine, just not quite "the same".  I wish I had HBO, I love that these old songs are getting some present time attention!  LOVE the fact that they had characters for the Raspberries and not just a song playing in the background! (although songs playing are good, too!).



  6. well....one more Keane song...the whole song truly touching.  I believe Tim Rice Oxley has references to his wife, and his at times, struggling friendship, with Tom Chaplin in his lyrics. Really pretty song.

    "no, don't want to be the only one you know

    I want to be the place you call home"

    ...."Will you see me in the end?

    Or is it just a waste of time, trying to be your friend?

    to shine, shine, shine, shine a little light

    shine a light on my life, warm me up again

    Fool, I wonder if you know yourself at all

    you know that it could be so simple"


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  7. funny, it took me until the chorus and then ding, ding, ding, ding..lightbulb moment!  It just brings a nice reminder of dad!

    another memory on the youtube page- different singer, Ferlin Husky "Wings of a Dove" - my sister and I would try to get in the car before my parents and turn the radio station off of the country channel (I may have shared this before, so sorry if repetitive!) , but I do remember "Wings of a Dove" playing and my mom being excited when I tried to sing along!  I have that same feeling when my kids sing an old song that I don't think they know!

    RIP Sonny James  - thanks for the memories!



  8. and Snow Patrol/Martha Wainwright - Set the Fire to the Third Bar

    I find a map and draw a straight line

    over rivers, farms, and state lines

    The distance from here to where you'd be

    is only finger- lengths that I see

    I touch the place, where I'd find your face

    my fingers in creases, of distant dark places....

    ....I'm miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground

    and I pray that something picks me up 

    and sets me down, in your warm arms...


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  9. Love this topic and already see some favorites posted!

    I will add Babylon - David Gray

    Sunday all the lights of London shining, sky is fading red to blue

    Kickin through the autumn leaves and wondering where it is 

    you might be going to

    Turnin back for home, you know I feel so all alone, I can't believe

    Climbing on the stair, I turn around to see you smiling there

    in front of me

    If you want it, come and get it

    for cryin' out loud

    the love that I was giving you, was never in doubt.....

    my favorite verse starts about 2:37



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  10. Very beautiful song - I had never heard it before!  My sister and I did like "Star Baby" back in the day!  Very talented man - wonderful voice!  Like Eric Carmen, I appreciate his talent more now - kudos to all of you who have known all along!:)

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