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  1. Thanks, guys. Somehow my toggle got thrown. It's all good now! 😊
  2. And who doesn't adore the late Warren Zevon and this song?
  3. Have to include the song that the Ramones wrote upon the request of one of the masters of horror himself, Stephen King, for the film version of his book.
  4. I recently noticed that our little personal life mottos that used to appear at the bottom of our posts have vanished. They still appear on the Old Forum posts. Bernie, can they be reinstated? Is it just a toggle? A couple of my favorites... "Fence-sitters end up with splinters." --- AnneNR "Interests make you interesting." β€”Bernie And mine was... "Worthwhile accomplishments begin with the decision to try. Love is all that matters..." Hoping the mottos can return as tiny validation stamps on the posts.
  5. Charles Cips are still around... https://charleschips.com/
  6. My New York grandmother always referred to this particular snack as Saratoga Chips. And this is why... I eschew most national brands. When I do allow myself to indulge in this most decadent snack food, I prefer small local brands like Saratoga, Gibbles, Middleswarth or Utz. I do like Cape Cod, and Charles were yummy. Around Christmas time, my local grocer will carry Charles Chips in that distinctive tin.
  7. Stumbled across this nicely done extended version of the Martha and the Vandellas hit backed by the fabulous Motown house band, the Funk Brothers. Enjoy!
  8. The Marvelettes ... not as sweet as the Supremes or as tough as Martha & the Vandellas. Such a great group but they never got the preferential treatment that some of the other Motown acts received. However, the Marvelettes gave Motown the label's first #1 record with Please Mr. Postman. Rest well, Ms. Anderson. πŸ˜₯ Note quick camera shots of the original Supremes in this video. Supreme member Florence Ballard was a close friend of the Marvelettes and was known to step in as a Marvelette when needed.
  9. Such a lovely voice. The Last Farewell is one of those special songs that allows the listener to create pictures in their mind to follow the sad story. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with the world and rest well, Mr. Whittaker.
  10. Stumbled on this video of a pre-Eagle Randy Meisner honing his craft with Rick Nelson's band.
  11. Sounds like a fantastic show! Glad you enjoyed it. ☺️
  12. Sorry to hear the news of the loss of your friend, Rom. Everyone's life is significant and should be remembered and cherished. Everyone contributes to make this world function. We all carry our loved ones in our hearts and memories. May Rom be at peace after a life well lived. πŸ™
  13. I am confident that he is busy as a bee doing important Bernie stuff. You know Capricorns are busy, busy, busy people. 🐝
  14. Love this! He is his own man but definitely his father's son.
  15. James, I just ran into the same video block that you did. I think Daily Motion is blocking the sharing of their vids.
  16. The perfection is in the imperfection of this very early Beatles' cover of Roll Over Beethoven. This double album set of the Hamburg recordings is one of my very favorite Beatles albums. It is fresh; it is pure, and it is the vitality that made them the phenomenon that they became. With the speed at which the fellas are playing, I think they qualify as honorary Ramones. Perhaps the Beatles created Punk and failed to get credit. Enjoy the Pre-fab Four... No, not the Rutles.
  17. Is this a song by ? and the Mysterians? Just kidding, James. Check you link. The video is missing. 😊
  18. Only 12 million more posts to go... I think we can; I think we can!!! πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚
  19. A bump from the Old Forum for James! 😊
  20. Hey kids, Wednesday is throwing a party, but she has misplaced the playlist for her DJ. Let's help her build a new one! We know she likes Punk as seen in her famous dance to the Cramps' Goo Goo Muck.
  21. Donna Summer wouldn't be able to sing about Bad Girls, nor would the Ramones be able to tell the tale of a former Vietnam era Green Beret who was reduced to being a hustler turning tricks at the corner of 53rd & 3rd. Although in today's alphabet climate, Lou Reed's character study of the Warhol entourage, Walk on the Wild Side, may be considered au courant.
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