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  1. The secret to Linda Ronstadt's voice... I shopped in that exact Cain-Sloan many times. 🤫🫢🤭 https://americansongwriter.com/the-shocking-backstory-to-this-johnny-cash-performance-will-have-you-in-stitches/
  2. I like Susanna Hoffs a lot, but her voice just sounds too thin to my ear after the power and depth of LR's voice on the Stone Poneys' version which also features my favorite instruments in the Baroque harpsichord and string arrangement. The song is a Nesmith masterpiece.
  3. Bump... I think LC intended to move this post from the Old Forum, so I assisted. 😊
  4. Always on the hunt when I do my air-cooled Dub searches... Still looking.
  5. If you aren't dancing to this song, you must be comatose. ☺️
  6. She is an adorable self described vocal nerd. Love her manner and knowledge base.
  7. Since the Mambo is a Cuban dance, forget that Mexican swill and go native. Try a Cuban beer like Bucanero or Cristal, or better yet, try a native Cuban cocktail like a Daiquiri, a Mojito or a Havana Loco!
  8. It's a nice compliment to Pérez that Lou emulates his look in the video. He is obviously a fan. ☺️
  9. This song was a smash hit and is a really fun dance song, just like it's predecessor over FIFTY years ago. Bega's song heavily samples its famous mambo/jazz parent tune of the same name which was composed in the late 1940's and released on the RCA label by Cuban band leader, Pérez Prado, aka The King of Mambo. Prado was one of the innovators of meshing Latin rhythms with jazz and big band. Eat your heart out, Ricky Ricardo! I've got lots of Prado's music in my collection, and I've got Lou Bega's brilliant album, too.
  10. Great appearance by the Righteous Brothers on Andy Williams' program! The interview is very telling of an artist's ego, and Andy smoothes it over with great finesse.
  11. So sorry to hear of her passing and condolences to you on losing a lovely friend. I know Rhonda knows who that fella in the video is, but for those who don't, that is Susan Jacks' ex- husband, Terry Jacks of Seasons in the Sun fame. I'm sure there are lots of folks who don't care for that song, but it was a part of my childhood. Now that I'm much older, it hits home.
  12. susie b

    The Razzz

    Forgot to mention that Overdub alumna Jennifer Lee is also in the video singing backup along side of Debi Lewin. Jennifer & Debi have done a number of projects together.
  13. susie b

    The Razzz

    Bill is also the bassist for Beau Coup. Wally made a guest appearance at the Beau Coup reunion concert a few years ago. You will also see Paul Sidoti on guitar, drummer Don Krueger & saxophonist Paul Wolf Christiensen, all of whom have worked with EC, as well as cousin Dennis Lewin on the keyboards.
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