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  1. Lloyd Morrisett of the Children's Television Workshop has passed at age 93. Mr. Morrisett was a co-creator of the beloved Sesame Street program. Thank you, Mr. Morrisett!!!
  2. He was better known to us as his character, Fuji, the permanent house guest of the crew of the PT-73 on McHale's Navy. Rest well, Mr. Yoda.
  3. For Matthew... Not the exact title of the Larry Evoy tune, but close. One of my favorite songs by Miss D, and this video shows just how good she is in a live performance.
  4. Dolly is a true professional with a generous heart. Love her literacy program! 📚♥️
  5. Have always liked this organization and their mantra. Their message has always been clear, concise, witty & sincere without being preachy. Pleased to know they had the good sense to work with Bernie. I also like the TV PSA's. Were you involved with those as well?
  6. If you thought that you left demerits behind in grade school, think again. I noticed a (new?) tool in the moderator arsenal... Warning points. I guess points have replaced the iconic tool of parochial school teachers, the ruler. A few observations... 1. You can issue warning points to members for inappropriate and naughty posts. 2. You can check spammers. 3. You can issue warnings to fellow moderators, however, you cannot check their posts as spam no matter how hammy or Monty Pythonish the post may be. 4. You cannot issue warning points to yourself, nor can you check your posts as spam. 5. Bernie is immune to admonishment. For members, your points are shown on your personal home page.
  7. susie b


    Lights Out was her song "to set the record straight."
  8. susie b


    Dirty Laundry is a difficult song for me as Don Henley's version was in heavy rotation when two of my friends died in a helicopter crash in Nashville, and the accident was sensationalized all over the news. Lisa Marie's version is somehow a panacea for me with regards to this tragedy, whereas the Henley version takes me back to the horror of 1982.
  9. susie b


    Unlike a lot of children of famous musicians, Lisa Marie came to music in her own time. And she did it her way. Bless you, Lisa Marie. ♥️🖤
  10. Sands is also magnificent as Ellen Barkin's guardian angel in Mary Lambert's star-studded art film, Siesta. This is one of my favorite films. Keeps you on your toes!!!
  11. Ken Russell films are an acquired taste. I love them, and Julian Sands excells under Russell's visionary direction as Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  12. Wishing you THE best birthday full of joy and happiness! 🥳🧁🍰🎁🎂🎈🎉🕯️
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