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  1. Talkin about...

    Who gets the girl????
  2. Talkin about...

    So EC, Austin Powers and James walk into a bar... Mojo overload. 😊
  3. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Looks like that's Rich Spina on keyboards. 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹
  4. GATW by Robbie Rist

    Apparently, Robbie is quite active in the world of music playing not only in his power pop band, Sundial Symphony, but also in a number of West Coast bands. Robbie is also a producer with credits including the Rubinoos. 😊

    Good call, Kirk.
  6. AM/FM Trivia

    Haunting is right, Kirk. This 1967 song always brings to mind Hollywood tragedies. Sharon Tate was murdered. Judy Garland was fired from the film because of her drinking and was replaced by Susan Hayward. Both of these ladies would die in the summer of 1969.
  7. AM/FM Trivia

  8. AM/FM Trivia

    3. Which female vocalist had a #22 hit in 1966 with a song entitled Trains And Boats And Planes? Miss Dionne Warwick My mom loved Miss Warwick's work with Burt Bacharach. Constantly heard this catalog in my youth.
  9. Clarence Williams III dies

  10. Lou Reed "Sweet Jane"

    Hey James, People either love Lou or not, there seems to be no middle ground, so I appreciate you giving his work a listen. He writes of urban decay and people struggling to make it. A lot of the Velvet Underground songs are based on the cast of characters in Andy Warhol's Factory. Here is the original VU version of Sweet Jane.
  11. Lou Reed "Sweet Jane"

  12. Lou Reed "Sweet Jane"

    A bittersweet live version of the Velvets with Nico classic. The Velvets were light-years ahead of their time...
  13. Lou Reed "Sweet Jane"

    Love, love, love Lou Reed!!!!!! Was an offbeat talent and good human being. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  14. on June 19, check out the Razz at the Music Box. A few years ago, Wally played with this group of fellow Cleveland musicians, which includes Bill March, bassist for Beau Coup. Also featured on the Music Box summer schedule is Raspberries friend and reunion back up singer, Jennifer Lee, in a Michael Stanley tribute. http://www.musicboxcle.com/schedule/at-a-glance-concert-schedule/
  15. GATW by Robbie Rist

    He's waaaaay better than Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo!!!