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  1. Happy birthday Catnip Tammy Quick
  2. Such a lovely picture of Eric in Japan Tammy Quick
  3. Happy birthday Valorie Tammy Quick
  4. Happy Halloween everybody, have fun! Tammy Quick
  5. Even I do My part sometimes because I know that whenever I have clothes or other items that are still in good shape that I don't want anymore I do put them in charity boxes Tammy Quick
  6. Happy birthday Theresa Tammy Quick
  7. Welcome to the E.C. Community Claire —Tammy Quick
  8. And my friend Judy Whitson (CA cater) did quite a good job with the voting too. Tammy Quick
  9. Me too I didn't think we would get to 50% so fast I thought it would take at least a few hours but on the other hand I guess we had a lot of people helping us and I'm actually the one that got to 50% Tammy Quick
  10. I'm so pleased to say Thank you everybody for getting us this far Tammy Quick
  11. Welcome to the E.C. community Susie b —Tammy Quick
  12. Happy birthday Donna Tammy Quick
  13. I hope you feel better soon Teresa. Tammy Quick
  14. Congratulations to the Raspberries! Tammy Quick
  15. Welcome to the E.C. Community my friend Judy I'm so glad your here Love from Tammy Quick
  16. Happy birthday Redd Tammy Quick
  17. I think I can do better than that, I can get past 100% without stopping .Tammy Quick
  18. It makes me very happy to hear about how popular Eric Carmen songs and Raspberries songs are getting this year Tammy Quick
  19. What amazing news and congratulations to everyone who voted for Go all the way! Tammy Quick
  20. It's really cool that Go all the way is in the biggest movie of 2014. Tammy Quick
  21. GirlFan


    I'd love to see an Eric Carmen concert
  22. You're very welcome Eric I'm one of the people on facebook that worked really,really hard to bring Go all the way to first place
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