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  1. I hardly ever visit MySpace anymore to me it's much better on here
  2. I like Diet Dr.Pepper and Diet Root Beer the most although all kinds of Diet pop are good.
  3. Eric Carmen Tonight you're mine 1980:1.Lost in the shuffle,2.Inside story,3.Tonight you're mine,4.You need some lovin,5.Foolin myself,6.It hurts too much,7.All for love,8.Sleep with me
  4. Eric Carmen Change of heart 1978:1.Haven't we come a long way,2.End of the world,3.Baby I need your lovin,4.Hey Deanie,5.Change of heart,6.Desperate fools,7.Someday,8.Desperate fools overture,9.Heaven can wait
  5. Eric Carmen Boats against the current 1977:1.Take it or leave it,2.She did it,3.Love is all that matters,4.I think I found myself,5.Boats against the current,6.Marathon man,7.Runaway,8.Nowhere to hide
  6. Eric Carmen 1975:1.Never gonna fall in love again,2.No hard feelings,3. My girl,4.That's Rock'n'Roll,5. All by myself 6.Everything,7.Sunrise,8. On Broadway,9.Last night,10.Great expectations
  7. 1 I've gotta get a message to you,2 I started a joke,3 Jive talkin,4 Stayin alive,5 More than a woman,6 You should be dancing,7 How deep is your love,8 Night fever,9 Fanny be tender,10 Too much heaven,11 To love somebody,12 Tragedy,13 Massachusetts
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