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  2. The refund for the Michael Stanley Tribute concert was posted to my account today. Just wanted to make it known since Steve asked me to. Tracey
  3. It hasn't been posted to my account yet but I did receive the info about my ticket price being refunded for the Michael Stanley Tribute Concert. I will share the email with you guys (from Steve). It seems I had it ALL WRONG & it was very clearly pointed out to me (like I am a 3rd grader). Again, I haven't actually SEEN the refund. I don't believe anything till I see it. I rec'd an email this morn from a guy named Steve who claims it is HIM that is the VENUE not the place where the concert was being held. Forgive me for not knowing this (ridiculous) association. I will have to remember that in the future in case I have a problem with a Cleveland Browns ticket. (Note to self: Contact the owner of the Browns not the stadium). He says I didn't call or email anyone because he only rec'd my email at 11pm on Monday night. I am not wasting my time answering him but I ask: HOW IN THE HECK DID I GET HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IF SOMEONE DIDN'T GIVE IT TO ME????? He states in his email that the theater can't refund the ticket price (duh, that was one of the calls I made). They told me to call the people I bought the ticket from (TicketFly). I did just that and THEY are the ones that gave me this Steve guy's email address since they couldn't refund the ticket either (stating that all sales are final and they aren't responsible for an artist pulling out of a show). When I told them that E.C. never agreed to do the show in the first place, they said "still not responsible". Steve mentions in his email that I never contacted him. I never said I called him. I emailed him - late last night - as a last possible attempt to reach someone before I took it up with my bank (which I sincerely doubt would have done anything). O.K. Here is Steve's email: stevetraina@ymail.com To Me Today at 8:41 AM Good Morning Tracey, You will receive a full refund at noon today when the Ticketfly box office opens (they are on the west coast). I'm sorry that you feel you were misled. I should let you know a few things. 1. You did not contact "the venue" and they did not "refuse to issue you a refund." You may have contacted the auditorium, but they merely own the building. they have nothing whatsoever to do with the events in their building. I am the only one responsible for that. The only contact information on our website PACcleveland.com is my contact info, so I really don't know who you spoke to. But whoever it was, they have no way of issuing refunds. I alone have that ability and will do so immediately. 2. I received your email at 11pm last night. This is the first thing I am attending to this morning. I can't serve you any faster or better than that. 3. I notice you publicly posted several times that the venue refused to refund your money. That is clearly not the case (you did not contact the "venue;" I am the "venue." I do not know whom you contacted, and I am certainly not refusing to issue a full refund, I am doing just that first thing today). I would appreciate you doing me a favor and publicly write that the moment I became aware of your problem I corrected it for you, just like you wrote that you contacted me when I did not hear from you until 11pm last night. I think that would be only fair. But regardless of whether or not you do that, you will still get your full refund this morning. Thank you in advance for setting the record straight. 4. I have to take everyone at their word. Mr. Carmen's name was on the website for a very short time. I was provided written information to put it there and then instructed to take it down a few moments later, which I did immediately. Please check with Mr. Fred Carmen to verify this. This had nothing to do with the promoter. It was an honest mixup and no one is profiting a single penny from it. 5. There was no deceit intended. Like I said, I take everyone at their word until I find out differently, and all's well that ends well. This event is a charity event and no one is making a penny of profit from it. It is a shame when people who aren't aware of all the details come to different conclusions. I wish you well and apologize for any inconvenience you have been caused. Please contact me directly if there is anything further I can do for you. Best regards, Steve Steve Traina Talent Buyer Cleveland Masonic Auditorium 3615 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115 216.210.0900 PACcleveland.com I guess he is either a fan of this site - or trolls it - but either way, I sure am glad he set me straight on everything. Thoughts anyone? Tracey
  4. Thanx for responding. Hopefully Eric will read your post so he can address the Land of Cleveland article as well. I am not for sure if that was the link I read about the concert...it may have been. I also had trouble getting my card to go thru. Had to call a phone number. Now I'm concerned it may be a scam to steal credit card info. I have sent out a few Emails and made phone calls. Waiting to hear back from someone. Also thought I would just try to sell the ticket since it's a killer seat. I was only coming to the show to see Eric. I have no interest in the others. Not gonna waste my time and money for a hotel, etc. I'm pretty ticked off right now. Tracey
  5. The site advertising the Michael Stanley Tribute Concert has removed Eric Carmen from the list of performing artists. This has been done in the last 24-48 hrs (probably in response to the letter to the promoter). I bought the ticket ONLY to see Eric Carmen. I don't want to make the trip and pay for a hotel now. I contacted the venue but they will not refund my money. If you know of anyone that is interested, please contact me. My seat is on the floor, Section A, Seat 3. I paid $45 plus taxes for the ticket. Here is the revised site with concert details: http://www.paccleveland.com/event/662107?utm_source=MEL&utm_medium=79817 Thanks so much, Tracey
  6. Theresa Conner, Are you referring to the song sung by Kane (Xmas song) or the one by David Guetta (R& ? The song released by David Guetta has the following songwriters associated with it: Songwriters: Cruz, Taio / Butler, Richard Preston / Raymond, Usher / Guetta, David / Riesterer, Frederic / Tuinfort, Giorgio. Kane is a Dutch rock band. The group consists of the two original members, Dinand Woesthoff (lead vocals) and Dennis van Leeuwen (guitar). Their music can be described as "guitar rock" and is inspired by U2. It appears they are taking credit for the lyrics for their song. Just wanted to pass this info onto you. Tracey
  7. Eric, Well, Glad I could be of service! lol Got a problem tho....I contacted the venue to get my money back on the ticket. "No can do", they said. I ONLY bought the ticket to see YOU! I mentioned to them the issue with you never agreeing to perform. Still, "Sorry, no can do" from them. Do you have an email of someone I can contact that will help me out with this? Not that I don't want to come to Cleveland - I actually enjoy the town - but I would rather give the money to this fan club site than to someone who lies. Thank you. Tracey Middletown, OH
  8. Just voted. We're in 2nd place tho, dang it.
  9. Eric is playing at the Tribute to Michael Stanley in Cleveland on Sunday, Oct 5th. I just bought my ticket last night.
  10. I will be seeing Eric live in concert for the tribute to Michael Stanley. Date is Sunday, Oct 5, 2014 in Cleveland. Would love to meet up for an early dinner with other Eric Carmen fans. Who else is going?
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