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  1. Fast moving thread.. one note on "Smile a little smile" co-wrote by Tony McCauley, who co-wrote another single the following year, "Love Grows" What's with McCauley and the girls name "Rosemary"? Must be a story there.
  2. I think he thought the 10 pushups he did that month would do the trick.
  3. I thought the changing my song quote referred to "Hit Record", Eric's ode to the music biz. Along the same lines, and right around the same time, Billy Joel wrote a scathing song about the music biz on his 3rd album, Streetlife Serenade, I believe around 1974, called The Entertainer. All the lyrics are great but my favorite in the same spirit of EC about changing my song.. I am the Entertainer I bring to you my songs You've heard my latest record It's been on the radio Ah it took me years to write it They were the best years of my life It was a beautiful song but it ran too long If you want to have a hit you have to make it fit So they cut it down to 3:05... It referred to his treatment, and the single on his prior album, Piano Man. Eric are you familiar with this song.. you'd love every word.. check out this great rare video of The Entertainer live
  4. No Eric, but here is one of Shawn's better live versions of TRR. Looks like he tried to toughen his image a bit, and borrowed a couple moves/glances from EC. I like the sax. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ShCp19pO7g&feature=related
  5. Sir Paul was on The View todays and I understand he has or will be on Howard Stern also today. The panel couldn't help but crack up and snicker, when Barbara Walters so seriously asked him if "he was going to bring out his instrument" while staring at his mid section where he had a harmonica in his pocket. Paul looked great.
  6. It's my understanding that Frankie was offered the choice of appearing in the movie Grease in the Avalon part,OR singing the title song... he said it was a no brainer
  7. Listen to Burton Cummings In the Round", q/a, stories, grand piano, EC would kill. Got a taste of it at the HOF. He's well versed, articulate, and has great stories,
  8. So who is in Katmandu..? Seger is on my "genuine" list, live is the real deal, he is not a studio genuis byproduct, he's real.
  9. No question, from Hard Day's.. normally the biting, acidic, witty, Lennon, wrote a McCartney song with great harmonies.. I love, "If I Fell". Me thinks Eric and Wally could nail this.
  10. Any attempted explanation of Bush's (non)actions that morning? I can't even think of a far fetched story that would explain continuing reading after 2 planes crash, ruling out accident.
  11. Fascinating.. Maybe not all, but I feel it hard to unilaterally dismiss every single coincidence. Scary
  12. Thanksgiving's kind of special here.. I was named after my 10th great grandfather, Stephen Hopkins, who was 1 of 102 who came across on the Mayflower. His wife was the only one to have a child enroute, Oceanus, and he was Captain Miles Standish's right hand man and instrumental in establishing relations with the natives.
  13. Boogie Woogie piano? May I introduce you to Mr. Burton Cummings. That's even almost a ballad compared to his "Star Baby" Recognize the style in "Hey Deannie"?
  14. Eric has a knack for eloquently capturing and recalling stage and backstage experiences and anecdotes.. look forward to this one.
  15. Judge for yourself, (Cafferty) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgloaS4NGyM
  16. Marv, What's the story on John Cafferty? He hails from the northeast too, and Dark Side is a dead ringer for Springsteen, vocals, styling, piano, sax, etc. Was it a conscious effort, or just coincidence? Has Bruce ever commented on him. Even the slow "Tender Years" is reminescent.
  17. Imagine The Boss and the E Street doing a version of Kihn's "Break up Song" Bruce screaming "They just don't.." and a sax break for the big man.. would be a great encore/tribute at a San Franciso gig.
  18. PS: Take advantage of your talented, well connected, well suited, proven, Bernie Taupin.
  19. Eric, If you're in touch w/Pitchford why don't you guys compare tattered notebooks, and play match game with your melodies and his words again, and use the upcoming flick as the commercial vehicle doing an end around the funky music biz, to your mutual benefits. 'course if Pitchford has any say in the screenplay, there can be plenty of opportunities for your existing colloborations.. frustated ironic love relationship, "Devil", Fun, hit the sun, cruise "Top Down" (hey even Kid Rock reworked 2 classics into a summer song), etc. Come on, I know your melody vault has been growing.. let those tunes out and breathe Deans lyrics to a new cinema audience.
  20. Greg Kihn, For You. At least Patti Smith put "Because the Night" on the radio, don't like it better than Bruce, just like the fiery Pointer Sisters, not better, popular.
  21. From a songwriting point of view, Carmen-McCall may be a better Macca-Lennon analogy than Carmen-Bryson. Very interactive such as their collobration on Play On. Ironically they both can do a mean Lennon vocal. Overall, I think perhaps Wally adds the edge more in the performance/recording of a song rather than the composition. Think of all those great Raspberries intro's, EC writes the chords, but Wally brings them to life. Songwriting is part gift, talent, and work ethic. Few are in Eric's league. He can knock out songs like Let's Pretend and I Want to be With You in one weekend holed up in his apartment all alone drinking diet cokes. EC has more good songs in his unrealeased library than most have in their all time. Many of EC's songs would benefit from Wally's guitar or even Jim's drums (Winter Dreams)but the compositions speak for themselves.
  22. Stumbled across this one hour interview with Don Henley, he discusees the birth of a band, the changes in a band line up, disbanding a band, solo career, getting a band back together, money, songwriting, music industry, family, and more.. The parallels... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ2WecACA5o&NR=1
  23. Thanks LC, I believe we agree. EC and BW have some similarities musically, but not personally. EC is well grounded, a bright business man, a better family man, though they share the same musical genius. You will never see EC put sand in his den and tell the other three 'berries to tour without him. Dumb late night choice, nothing more.. don't read anything more into this. I've done it.. many of you may have too, doesn't define me.. My 1/2 cents worth Steve Steve
  24. From what Eric has given so many of us, I believe he has earned the benefit of the doubt. Not preaching either way, but I choose respect over humility/lecture. He pulled a lot of us through tough times over the years without pushing, he pulled us in with his melodies and lyrics. I'm for not pushing, if EC want's this attention, we'll get a signal, and be pulled. My one cents worth. S
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