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  1. So weired Highwayangel, as I thought the exact thing before I read your post. I liked the Baby's and Waites solo career, and always thought he was kind of a EC wannabe (no harm there.) Eric could add balls and urgency vocally to "Missing You", and think what he, the 'berries, and the 'dubs could do to "Isn't it Time"
  2. It's amazing how popular you can become by simply being humble..
  3. Sunrise.. no question, but it may not be fair, I know the inspiration, (funeral..) Other favorite.. the stark and acoustically simple/brillant.. "Well it's all been said.."
  4. I've seen Setzer a few times..up close, amazing.
  5. As far as meeting anyone who is anyone, and the concept of star struck or not, I suspect you need look no further than this site's milkman for words of wisdom.
  6. The working man, against a backdrop of 3 million a minute, played for free.. and still paid the band. Like him or hate him.. he is the goods.
  7. Just rewatched Bruce.. aint perfect, but thats kind of the message, if that's not rock and roll, and if thats not an incredible performance, then my opinion is immaterial, I'll be over behind the pool tables nibbling on my humble pie.. EC?
  8. Ask the guy that wrote Boats, or even Love Is All That Matters and the angst over the syallbles and syncopation, let alone the message, if the lyrics matter.. they do.
  9. Well said Marv.. people have to realize, as much as we emotionally connect, this is his job, and he has many famalies that depend on the Boss each month.. I believe he delivered.
  10. I liked it.. apparently anyone who is asked to come to the worlds biggest stage, and eventually says yes.. has sold out. I doubt many of us would say no. If a future Super Bowl was in Cleveland, and they asked EC and the 'berries to play, would their acceptance immediately dismiss their acomplishments?
  11. I don't belong on this thread anymore.. I happened to think Bruce and the E were very good... told my kids who liked it.. that's real music and attitude.. on key is easy compared to the vibe Bruce has.. you get it or you don't... Lew.. I guess go back and take a video of the pig tail girl with perfect pitch in band camp.. she would never hang with John, Paul, George, Elton, Brian, Billy, or Eric..
  12. Eric nailed it.. if you tried to to make the geiger counter in the earthquake of rock and roll, Bruce is definately a blip.. I thought he was great, great song choices.
  13. As I wrote the above, listening to the 6.5 hr pregame show, they were doing an over under, whether Bruce opens or closes with Born to Run
  14. That I'd clean up and restart this thread. In todays time, I think Bruce's set ought to be fun, and connect with a whole new young audience. I have my teenage daughters watching in anticipation. I'd like to see it be his moment to pick up new fans, even if it is a cheesy venue. Remember Michael Jackson lip synching Billy Jean on Motowns 25th on TV? changed ev Hate to say it, but I think he should sell out and work in a medley ( I know, I know..) of his radio hits to engage a new audience then play what he wants people to listen to after he has their attention. A medley would be his "Oh yeah" moment for many, oh yeah he did that too.. To propel two careers, and engage the younger generation, What if he pulled Courtenty Cox out of the audience again, on 'Dancing.. Come on, Aniston is kicking her butt, and tying in the Friends connection with Bruce helps all. When you have something to say, you need an audience first, the hits will bring ears, then bring your message with a new song. Would Born in the USA be totally inappropriate, or totally right on?
  15. When you use the word "album". I have over 2000 albums, and still have a turntable within my system. When I go to the electronic store and ask to find a needle or stylus, I'm referred to aisle 3a, to the left of the dinasaur food
  16. Eric, Hypothetically, since you are obviously extremely familiar with all three composers styles.. if you were locked in a studio for 3 months, what would be a more productive orignal songwriting colloboration? McCartney-Carmen, or Lennon-Carmen? Since conventional wisdom acknowledges the many similarities between you and Macca, would that be a benefit or hinderance? Would you read each others minds, crank out songs and lyrics, like no tomorrow, or do you think someone different like Lennon would be the ying to your yang as Paul and John did?
  17. Ah, the summer of 76, this single was all over for awhile.. Wham Bam by Silver http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6bv4n6eidI Basically came about with John Batdorf (Batdorf and Rodney)Great musicians. Interesting story on Batdorf's web about the fight to get their own songs on, but Clive insisted on his single (Wham Bam). Apparently Clive was fond of telling the early artists of Arista how much Manilow fought him on the release of Mandy, and how right Clive was, so shut up and listen. http://www.johnbatdorfmusic.com/brhistory.html
  18. "I can see "Friday On My Mind" traces in the beat in the intro" For "Friday" traces look no further than the unreleased "Oh Tonight" by a group out of Cleveland.. Raspberries.
  19. Country? Yesterdays pop.. Keith Urban and Jennifer Nettles are the real deal... (EC?)
  20. Joan in spade's. She is the female Springsteen. She won't remember, nor will EC, but when I talked with her, and mentioned Eric, this female bad ass who hates everything, said EC was really cool, and more impressive, she dug his tunes and melodies.. white guitar
  21. Ok, have to weigh in here. I'm a melodic pop slave that thought Paul, Brian, and Eric were my 3 God's, I didn't get Bruce at first, when he and Frampton hit the charts together I said what happened, I missed the late 70's concert and didn't see Bruce until USA. Marvin, correct me if I'm wrong, if there is one video that defines Bruce and the ATTITUDE of rock and roll it's this E'Street jam of Rosalita. Hey, EC nicked Rachmanioff, and brought the power of the melody to the masses, Bruce no different.. don't mess with the Boss. (Have a feeling EC likes this clip) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glcPJHm0yN0
  22. The Sweet toured with EC doing the first solo album tour, heard they were LOUD.
  23. I could see the Archies doing "Little Willy" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iHFizLOh_E ..Desolation Blvd was a good album, (Blitz, and Fox)
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