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  1. Switch your sugar at home with salt.. you'll get someone
  2. I haven't seen that show yet.. is that the cop show set into the seventies with a guy from the pressent? Any good? Have to check it out. BTW: Hi Ron, I assume the statute of limitations is up and you have left the witness protection program. ;-)
  3. I know EC watches AI at times (probably not last night with rehearsals) but it would have been weired to him it seems to be sitting around with the family, guessing who is going to get the boot, and hear Kara shout out your name. Not sure about the 4th spot, but me thinks the top 3 will be all guys. Goodbye Megan tonight
  4. I'm on Facebook but you have to know whose name your asking for, dont you? Who do we search for on FB?
  5. With the boys already gathered rehearsing, if I lived in Cleveland I'd keep my ear close to the club scene for an unnanounced "unknown" band with a psuedomyn name. (Quarryman would be funny). Also afterwards, it seems a waste to not take advantage of a freshly rehearsed band. that has their bass player in the same zip code.. No pressure EC, playing in your hometown, at the Hall of Fame, in front of Rock and Roll dignataries, perhaps cracking the door for a future induction, and cementing your legacy..
  6. Could be the perfect exposure to get the 'berries nominated next year... blow the roof down!
  7. Thanks guys, it was a mellow but good birthday yesterday. Steve
  8. Catch a copy of EC at the Roxy, and you would make a fine case for a live albumn just off that.
  9. Billy K.. hey If I'm not mistaken tunesmith extradordinaire Foster is from the University of Washington in Seattle, and Quincy Jones hails from here too.. love to be a fly in the wall if those two had a beer at the Northlake Tavern... EC: Let's rehearse/practice and noodle that solo tour here in Seattle, off the radar.. we'll set you up with the venues, or the stage in my house.. Pull a Billy Joel, and play unannounced, Eric Howard, at the 13 Coins near Sea-Tac
  10. Wasn't Eric and Dave's "Nobody Knows" a wink and a nod to "No Reply"
  11. I totally agree with one caveat... I am far too biased to give anyone else's treatment a chance.. Erics vocals are so strong and up front in the mix, that I cannot fairly separate the wonderful melody from his voice.. it's in my dna.. still love to see someone try, and I'll humbly keep quiet..
  12. Definatly has a Pink rock vibe. Incidently an other of her hit songs with a similar sound, "Since You've Been Gone" was reportedly turned down by Pink, then Jessica Biel before Kelly got it.
  13. Think what Mutt Lange and Eric could do with the 'berries sound today
  14. One of my faves that I still use: "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"
  15. Bruce wrote I Write the Songs" inspired by Brian Wilson. Cassidy recorded it first and took it to #11 in the UK. After hearing Cassidy, Clive wanted Manilow to do it, he was reluctant, as he was more humble than the song comes across and was more about the inspiration, not autobiographical. Clive said you're recording it. He was right, it did ping. ("Barry you better record it or I'll give it to the new kid, that Carmen guy" ;-))
  16. No question, Shania and Garth changed "country" music. Love Keith Urban's stuff, perhaps underrated Brad Paisley is also an amazing guitarist.
  17. Wow, great post.. I can hear Eric nodding.
  18. As per usual, a very concise and insightful peek behind the curtain from EC. The irony behind the "hypothetical" Billy Joel example, is that on top of his record label legal battles, his manager at the time was his brother in law who was stealing from him. Talk about a reason to be jaded. He was already scheduled to be dropped from the label if "The Stranger" album didn't ping. He only cut through the crap with the undeniable and insane number of hits he composed. Think of all the 3 hit wonders that didn't have the gravity or clout to push through, and were consumed by the system. Like EC, the kids today don't get Billy.. the only ones that think he's just a piano balladeer, ain't ever seen him live. Also, how many covers can you find in his extensive library.. oh yeah one, some group called the Beatles.. Composers are the forgotten souls in the souless industry, let alone composer/artist. "If he want to have a hit, you got to make it fit, so I cut it down to 3:05" S
  19. I hope everyone appreciates the insider's candor we are afforded here on these boards.. special.
  20. YouTube Billy Joel and "The Entertainer" he figured out the biz a long time ago.
  21. Wow, there's even a discussion whether Brian Wilson knows his way around a melody? He's on my pop Mt. Rushmore.
  22. Well said E on the American Idol vocal strategy, though Fowler messed up on the lyrics twice in auditions, there was a connection when he was at the keyboards, when he grabbed the mike and it became evident he was going to cover Michael, it was like a train wreck in slow motion, that had no stop button. I pity the fool that tries to cover the divas.. or Sting, or Freddie..
  23. Nice tune, definately.. in my book though it's hard to beat "God Only Knows", perfectly crafted pop song and melody, close is , "Let's Pretend".
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