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  2. Wrote this as an "audition" for an online column. Does it suck?

    So predictable and merciful, Megan got voted off last night. If anyone close to her had took her aside and shook her about her dusty song choices, (Jolene and Bob Marley) and sang anything else, Anoop would be home playing cribbage with his Grandmother tonight. What is she thinking? Decent voice, eccentric , but cool attitude, she should have come out in a jump suit and out Shania Twained, herself and sang “I Feel Like a Womenâ€, with attitude dialed 11. We would be watching her next Tuesday.

    Not sure what’s going on with her teradactyl exit to the bottom 3 (caw), but it appears to be an inside joke, as the others in good spirit did the wingspan at the preface of her exit .

    The top 3 are obviously a testosterone trio of Kris, Adam, and Danny, and I think Allison may slip into there but the judges will have to save her. You only save someone that has a shot at winning. Allison needs to improve her song choices, and should come out and sing a denim Jack Daniels inspired Janis Joplin “Piece of my Heartâ€, and she will blow people away, otherwise, bottom 3.

    Coke must have paid big bucks for the big red cup product placement in front of the judges, but Bacardi is getting screwed without their logo on Paula’s cup. Has she put together a complete or comprehensive sentence yet this year?

    Who else is tired of Simon saying this is a “singing contest†and then ironically bitches about their wardrobe choices, or stage presence? It’s called “American Idol†not “America’s best vocalist†which is why this competition is Adam’s to lose. Danny is cool and consistent, but the math teacher vibe is good for second place, Kris is the guy whose disc would be in my car changer, but there is no denying the star factor of Adam. He’s combined Steven Tyler’s chops, with Elvis looks, and his gamble of totally rearranging familiar hits, is paying off in spades.

    Tuesday? Say goodnight Anoop. Scott deservingly scored on the stripped down Billy Joel with his Wedding Singer haircut, but needs to kill again to stay ahead of the elimination wave. We will see… sit down Paula.

  3. Got up 5:30 Seattle time, hungry for some news. Great set list. Eric spent a lot more time with a guitar strap than piano bench. Rock and roll, wall to wall, love it.. great report Marvin, dying for some inside perspective.

  4. Just actually read the article by John C.Hughes, nice cheap shot at the end that really added to the essence of the story, the breaking news, what a journalist wannabe.. you grew up in the 70's in Cleveland and never saw Eric or the Raspberries and now you see fit to write about him? And I'm sitting out here in practically Antartica (Seattle) and I know far more about the actual music than you do? Don't see you writing about some killer Agora performance no one saw, or the incredible bridge he wrote somewhere, but an article that my high school daughter could have picked off of Wikepedia, and googling the AP or Plains Dealer. Cheap shot.. sleep well tonight. Eric: I've said it before.. do us all a favor and blow the f****g roof off the place.

  5. Wow, the gravity of the event keeps getting more impressive.. rock the "f****g" house down Eric, and find some extra room in a song for a little of Wally's attitude via his guitar (I know he shares your love of the industry and press.) Don't take shots at the establishment (some vote) put everything into the music .. speaks for itself.

  6. Cool stuff Ron.. doesn't suck for a band to be associated with a high quality, classy, timeless auto maker, and guitar.

    Eric's head must be swimming... if you and I would have asked EC at his solo HOF show several years ago, do you think he would have predicted this? Funny thing is the fans gave it more of a chance than he did.. as Thin Lizzy once said about tonight.. the boys are back in town. I suspect tonight has the potential to knock Eric's Carnegie Hall memory out of first place, for the Raspberries best moment ever..

  7. Since anything can happen tonight, there has to be stage cameras, and I hope a roving one for the crowd. Does anyone know if it is going to be in their 162 seat movie style auditorioum or is there a more ballroom style hall at the Rock somewhere?

  8. Regarding Hall of Fame Inductees, 'Berries qualify under the 25 year tenure rule and certainly the below..

    "Criteria include the influence and significance of the artist's contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll."

    Tonight ought to erase all doubt. If Bruce is there, it's no time to be humble, someone needs to ask him to jump on stage and do a shout out and tell the story when he was writing the Born to Run album, he spent a summer driving around constantly listening to The Raspberries Greatest Hits, and was influenced..!

  9. I know you have to hit all the singles as even the HOF committee is going to have a bunch of "oh yeah" moments (be looking in the audience on your intros and watch them nudge each other and whisper "that was them?)

    If you did one non original single that shows off the band and your voice, I hope If You Change Your Mind is rehearsed.

    Can't wait for the feedback on the extended I'm a Rocker. Are you sticking with IWTBWY as the opening grabber. Tonight would be a good choice too.. (Lights down 1,2,3, 4!!!!!!!! lights)

    Seriously, any chance other Raspberries fans rockers who might find themselves in town for the ceremonies be at the show, and is there a threat to jump on stage for the Beatles jam? Bruce, Jon, Paul Stanley? Make sure your stage manager has extra plug ins in case.

    Wish someone would just set up their laptop camera and leave it streaming on backstage "accidently" and slip us the dial in.

    Glad your officially no longer one of Steves secrets. Finally others will understand why your on my rock and roll Mt Rushmore.

    Rock on man, the stars are aligned my friend..

  10. So if I'm not mistaken, when the label would through the band and crew a party in "appreciation" for their hard work, talents, and rising the charts, the suits would get all the credit for being so nice and generous, when in actuality Eric is the one buying all the shrimp and scotch.

  11. Regarding the setlist, for us speculators, how much time are they anticipated to have?

    Looking to be a flat out rock and roll show.

    If Wally's voice is even better, I expect some spine tingling Beatle harmonies in the inevitable second encore jam/medley

  12. Right now blackhawkpat those are my final 4. Kris is coming on like a house of fire, great reworking last night of Aint No Sunshine, especially the original boring "I know, I know, I know, etc. Danny is consistent. Adam is by far the most creative, with Steven Tyler chops, he's totally reworked every song, changes his looks each week, taking the most chances, and definately has star persona. It's his to lose so far.. lot of weeks left though.

    With the right song Allyson is amazing for her age, but America has already put here in the bottom 3 once. The judges should only use their "save" on someone who has a chance to win it. I predict they will have to save Allyson at some point to ensure that final 4.

    After Megan tonight, goodbye Anoop

    (btw) Megan is a dead ringer for my 18 year old daughter in looks and mannerisms, scary even to her)

  13. My guess is that most productive composers just crank them out while they are inspired, and worry about the details later. Thats why so many have way more songs than they need at any one time for an album, then sift through, look for themes, sequencing etc. Can always alter tempo, lyrics, production, later if needed.

    Bruce is known to always be carrying around his legendary notebook... Didn't Pitchford always have a notebook full of incomplete lyrics, phrases, titles,words, etc. hungry for a melody?

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