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  1. Lil, Matt, and Anoop are history.. only mystery is who takes two weeks to get rid of.

    Still think Matt should not shave, lose the hat, and get behind the piano, and just turn out a bad ass Billy Joel, Only The Good Die Young performance, with the band in his face. But the chicks want the soul ballad..

  2. Alexis picked the wrong Dolly song, Jolene, too dusty, she should have put a rock and roll treatment on 9-5.

    Allison is a scary threat, all over the map, if she ever clicks on song choice, outfit, and vibe.. she's capable of a home run. She needs to find another Heart type song. Me thinks with a little leather, she could out Joan Jett, Joan, how 'bout I Hate Myself? (Where's that white guitar?)

    Disco. Remember when what his face "rearranged" Billy Jean", basically took Pearl Jams version, but it sounded like a different song? Look for Adam to turn cheese into gold.

    Kris and Danny keep hitting doubles and triples, safe, but eventually need a breakout, unless they are cool with a red ribbon.

    Unless Adam burps, it's still a race for second place.

    Disclaimer: The above represents my predictions, not musical interests

  3. I'd make a terrible ambassador on this subject, whatever I believe, and whatever you believe is cool.. it doesn't transcend or define me, or you, on all aspects of life, I have no urge to preach, judge, or convert you, and if we're still talking, you apparently feel the same way.

    See, I'm a terrible ambassador by not making you see the light..

  4. In the Raspberries section there is a thread about underrated songs and Nobody Knows came up a few times, also a question why it was never covered. Thought I'd start a new one.

    Eric and Dave wrote some killer harmonies in this gem, and it's very Beatlesque/Raspberriesish, and obviously very good live.

    Ironically former Raspberry Scott McCarl did cover it and did a great job. The story is that Eric once told Scott he wishes he was around at the time to sing it, as I think they were going for that Lennon "No Reply" vibe.

    Scott's 1998 album, Play On is essentially his solo greatest hits. Below is a link to the album on Amazon and if you click the audio samples link on the left you can hear 30 seconds of every song.

    Check out his take on Nobody Knows, but also listen to the totally powerpop should have been a single "I'm In Love Without a Girl. (Would have made a good 'berries song) There also is a demo of the song he mailed Eric that got him in the Raspberries, and even a short ode specifically to Eric for giving him his break.

    Plenty of other Beatles inspired tunes by this guy that does an eery Lennon when he wants to.

    I think Eric and Scott would have been quite the songwriting team had things been different..



  5. "Danny, Adam, and Allison..are my picks for the final 3.........to be honest, I wouldn't buy any of their CD's"

    My 3 too. For my taste, (and drama) I hope that we are done with Lil Rounds and Anoop next week.

    Disco week is a killer, could make a good singer look awful. Song choice/arrangement big factor. Look to see Adam totally rearrange something. I believe the beforementioned top 3 have built up enough credit to move on no matter what, everyone else on bubble.

    Chris has the best chance of making my cd player someday, but I just don't think has a chance unless as my daughter says his "hotness factor" has gravity. As they say in sports when you're down 0-3 in a 7 game series, he would have to "win out".

    Goodbye Lil and Anoop.

  6. Anybody else jonesing for a famous Eric post-game behind the scenes commentary like only Eric can do regarding the potentially significant HOF show? (thats officially a nudge ;)

  7. The best HOF strategy is to get the Raspberries in first.. essentially you need to combine commercial success with influential impact. Raspberries have the stronger influential card, and have been more exposed recently thus suddenly hipper. The iron is hotter on the group.

    Get them in first, THEN the next year, start campaigning for the guy that actually conceived and WROTE those songs, and had even greater solo commercial success, who at this point .. cannot logically be denied. Plus, at this point Wally, Dave, and Jim would be more likely ambassadors on Eric's behalf, with the group already in.


  8. Rumours are spreading about his 28 year old wife fooling around on the 60 year old BJ, and her living a quasi separate ringless life.

    Hope it's false, and if not, sure hope he's not pulling a Macca "what was I thinking". He obviously has extensive pre-she interests to protect.

    Hope it's not true for them.. Billy seems pretty cool to me, witty, funny, etc.

    Combining marrying a superstar with the age difference is a sticky wicket for many

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