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  1. This doesn't smell good, it's only a hunch, but to me it's appearing like at best, Eric will be playing only when Todd isn't, which wipes out a lot of shows, and the one I was going to. Hopefully it will sort itself out, and Eric's message indicates his appreciation of his fans. Eric, there is only one way to avoid this. Do a solo tour and take complete control. I'd rather hear 20 of YOUR songs anyway. ("The place you got to visit" Steve)
  2. Great reviews, gets me pumped for next month. Since it sounds like there isn't much piano based songs, I'm surprised Eric doesn't do something like "Let it Be".. his voice would be perfect and he undoubtedly has worked up some additonal piano work for it over the years. Seattle Steve
  3. So how did the concert go? Anybody here attend? Throw us a bone with the set list..
  4. I'm sure Eric himself has strong opinions about the music biz himself, which he has vented in song (EG: Overnight Sensation). Another good song about the biz is from Billy Joels early stuff.. check out the biting lyrics of "The Entertainer". Seattle Steve
  5. Beth, Don't get too hung up on the venue's posting of archaic press releases. Read my notes on the other Eric tour posting. Bernie has the scoop ahead of even the venues.. If it says Eric on Bernie's site, Eric's there, at least that's the best inside information available at the time, but come on, it is show biz and anything can happen... Seattle Steve
  6. Bernie already was going to several shows, now they added the "Joisy" date. Going to be a busy July for the Hogya's
  7. Moving melodies and expressive vocals with a sense of urgency are a winning combination.
  8. Having said the above, another obvious choice is revealing itself... Alan Parsons
  9. What about Jeff Lynne? Like Eric, has an appreciation and connections with the Beatles, jump started George Harrison and Roy Orbisons career, Tom Petty, etc. The downside though is Jeff Lynne productions are immediately recognizeable as Jeff Lynne productions and would certainly have an affect on Erics sound. Right or wrong, he gets you on the radio though.. Mutt has an incredible ear for radio hits, but I would be most intrigued by Ienner.
  10. Let me give you guys an idea just how on top of this tour Bernie is. He posted last week the Toronto date, and when I called the venue they didn't even know anything about it. Sure enough a week later it popped up on their website and after the "members" presale I was still able to score row 5 tickets. Couldn't have done it without Bernie's heads up. Thanks man. This site has THE most up to date info on the tour anywhere. I think even Eric checks here first to see where he's going. Seattle Steve Now if he comes anywhere near Seattle I'm on those too.
  11. I know this is a long shot but I wonder if anyone knows how the lineup will take the stage. From the audience perspective will Eric take his normal spot on the left? Just trying to get the perfect tickets...
  12. Amen Gary. After putting out albums for over 30 years, it would be interesting to get a compilation of remixes that Eric would like to do, with ERIC at the controls today. What songs over the years would he tweak today knowing everything he knows, benefit of hindsight, no label pressure, etc. along with the advances in technology. The key is to have the composer at the helm, not the label. Seattle Steve Having said that, let's dust off all those demos that have yet to see the light and produce them. There is more than enough quality compositions for an incredible CD.
  13. I agree with all, the best track is without back-up. However I didn't hate the version, I think just because it was something new and different, like many of Bernie's music post clips. Repeated listening though reveals the bg's kind of step over Eric's voice, and thus an element of emotion is diluted. In some cases bacgrounds can add to a song. I loved tha stripped down demo of "That's Rock and Roll" or "My Girl" where the bg's really shine.
  14. Just noticed that Bernie has posted that Eric will be playing July 16th in Toronto which just happens to be the day I fly into Toronto for a week long conference. One is Eric confirmed, and two, does anybody have any idea when ticekts are available, ideally in a pre-sale capacity? Got to be in the first few rows, you understand... Seattle Steve
  15. I thought I read/heard somewhere that Wally actually had a 4 track with him all hooked up, and just needed to hit start, bu the powers to be wouldn't let him.
  16. Hey Gary, long time no hear.. Good to hear from one of the orignal posters back when things got a little crazy on AOL.
  17. Getting closer, I see the added a fourth of July concert in Denver. I'm assuming Eric will join by then.. you know Seattle's beautiful in July Eric..
  18. Been in Washington State all my life and would love to get Eric on the West Coast. Judging by the other dates, I think the Ste. Michelle winery would be a good spot, good enough for the Ericless Ringo last summer. Bernie: I know you don't have all the info on tour dates, but do you know the extent of the tour? In other words, is this going to be a short 6 city tour, or all summer? Do you know approximate length by either dates or weeks? Seattle Steve
  19. How about Eric and the boys singing "Let it Be", "Maybe I'm Amazed", or "No Matter What". I understand all of those may have been part of the set at one time or another.
  20. I Want To Be With You intro has some "One Fine Day" aspects to it, and the Boss's "Born to Run" intro has some IWTBWY in it.
  21. This may be what you mean, but to clarify, it's not the single "Tonight" that sounds like "Friday on my mind" nearly so much as does the unreleased "Oh Tonight".
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    I thik the new format is great and didn't have any problems. Nice Job.
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