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  1. Somehow this thread of the ultimate set list escaped me. If Eric had the luxury of a full band and all the equipment, it's like 3/4 of the set list would be so intuitive from an audience point of view. I was at the Hall of Fame show and it was great. Eric assembled what I thought was a great set of musicians. I can't remember the exact order of songs but I think Fooling Myself might have been the first complete song he played solo. I believe the first "band" song was "Make Me Lose Control" and it sounded absolutely awesome. Let me tell you, not a word was spoken in the building during Boats, and everyone was grinning ear to ear during "I Wanna Be With You" and "Go All The Way". You also have to remember they didn't have that much time to rehearse, which is why we got a great Beatles set at the end, everyone knows those chords. Anyway, a song nobody mentioned is "Spotlight". It sounds to me as if that was written to be played live as the opening song. Guitar starts, vocals kick in in the dark, and finally SPOTLIGHT. I also think it would be really cool during the last song of an acoustic set to see Eric sit on a stool with an acoustic guitar and play "If You Change Your Mind". It would be a great transition back to the band with the band coming in at the end of the song, and Eric ultimately leaving the stool and screaming into the mike "..baby please don't go..! I'd take a smokey piano bar too... or a VH1 storytellers... or a ... anything! Seattle Steve
  2. I have Preserved and don't care for it with exceptions. Scott McCarl is outstanding on Nobody Knows. I'm not sure but I thought I heard that Eric said if Scott was in the Raspberries when that song was conceived he would have had Scott sing it. I believe Eric realy liked his version. Rubinoos are great, and I didn't think Ken Sharpe was bad. Didn't Billy Burnett replace and tour with Fleetwood Mac prior to the reunion? A lot of people don't realize that the Mary Clayton that sang with Eric on Almost Paradise during the Dirty tour was that great background voice on the Stones Gimme Shelter. Marvin, don't forget another big Badfinger song, "Day after Day" Interesting story behind "Come and Get It". It was during the Abbey Road sessions and Paul got to the studio early. Within one hour he first layed down the piano/vocal part for the song that he had wrote in minutes, Come and Get It. Then he played and added a drum track, and the bass by himself. He took it to the then named Iveys, and helped produce it for them in the studio just 9 days later. They changed their name to Badfinger and the song became the main song in Peter Sellers movie "The Magic Christian", and a big hit. It is amazing how close Badfinger's version sounds compared to McCartney's demo which he played everyting on and made himself in less then an hour. Seattle Steve
  3. Mary Clayton, the background for "Gimmee Shlter" also sang with Eric on the Dirty Dancing tour, doing the duet on "Almost Paradise". Didn't Bily Burnett tour with Fleetwood Mac in Lindsey's place before the big reunion? You want to hear someone butcher one of Eric's songs, check out Olivia Newton John try to cover Boats. I'm actually a pretty big ONJ fan, but her doesn't have 10% of the passion Eric sings with. Seattle Steve
  4. Tony Burrows is great. Besides the three hits Billy K lists he also did The Pipkens "Gimmee dat ding" and Brotherhood of Man's "United We Stand". He has a CD compilation that was put together by Gordon Pagoda who conducted the interview with Eric that Bernie has up on the site. The CD even has Tony Burrows singing Eric's "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again"! Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes): The Voice of Tony Burrows is on the Varese Sarabande label, and came out around 1996. Great liner notes by Gordon too. A singer in the same vein was Ron Dante, who sang the Archie's "Sugar Sugar". In fact the same week Sugar Sugar was hitting #1, he was all the voices on another song hitting the top 10, "Tracy", by the Cufflinks. Lot of singers with ghost groups back then.
  5. Pick up a guitar and start strumming Neil Diamond's Cherry Cherry, then blend it in to Mellencamps Rockin in the USA, then the Romantics What I Like About You. They are all extremely similar. E-A-D
  6. Wow guys I mainly just wanted to find out if anyone else saw the concert. McCartney is larger than life, and their musical paths so different that it defies comparison. Regardless of extent of song library, it reminded that Eric could put himself together one tight and varied set, and would probably have more trouble figuring what to leave out then put in. I'm simply reminded of how talented both are in their own ways, and that age doesn't have to have anything to do with putting on a stellar show. Seattle Steve
  7. Help me out with what I just read. George Harrison, whose last album was Cloud 9, 15 years go, has a new disk coming out Nov 19th called "Braiwashed". His son and long time collaborator Jeff Lynn produced his final recorded works. Jeff Lynn said that the 11 origials and 1 cover knocked him out. The cover was stated as "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea". Could it be...? I went to ASCAP online and there is another published song by that name which appears to be an old standard having been sung by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, etc. Did Eric slip Ringo some sheet music with a twenty in it a couple years ago on tour to get it to George? Or is George singing a very old standard that at least I have never heard of? Jeff Lynn has a radio ear and track record, and I still think would be a cool producer for Eric for at least one cd. Seattle Steve PS: I seem to be on a Beatles kick here but it's strictly coincidental. Just read that article last night.
  8. Eric's vocals are perectly matched to his melodies. There is a compelling sense of urgency not often found today, that definately adds to the music. Seattle Steve
  9. Hey guys I wasn't trying to get into a who's more talented contest. A lot goes into being a star or legend, and unfortunately "talent" is an important ingredient but not the entire recipie. Timing and luck factor in, and let's not discount keeping your head on straight. Elvis and Michael Jackson obviously had extreme talent, but also some serious issues. That's what's impressive about Paul, still very down to earth, as is Eric. My point was that there are some amazing similarities between Paul and Eric, and that I consider them both in the same elite league. Music is too subjective to turn into a contest. With a little luck, and a foil to push him, Eric may have easily had the same commercial success. If I had the choice between a McCartney or Carmen concert today I too would choose Eric. He wrote the soundtrack of my life. I still though have a tremendous respect (as I suspect does Eric) for Macca. You can't discount his song library and he can still put on an amazing show. They are my two faves. Billy K: Paul had a tribute for both John and George, and prefaced both with stories. For John he sang his own "Here Today" and not only did he sing "Something" he did it acoustically solo on a ukelele as he mentioned that George was a huge fan of the instrument. He did an extensive set "all by himself" with just an acoustic guitar. Very insightful. I'm a lifelong fan and I learned things. I never knew the story behind Blackbird. They called women "birds" in England, and blackbird was about the problems in the south during the 60's. Learn something everyday. Seattle Steve
  10. Along the lines of Tony's Favorite riff topic, how about also finding out what your favorite bridge is, since Eric has a unique way of putting them together with the song. Without much thought yet, "If You Change Your Mind" and "Let's Pretend" come to my mind as a couple of my favorites. -Seattle Steve-
  11. Anyone else catch McCartneys latest tour? Last week we went to the Tacoma show (just outside Seattle) and were blown away. We were up front in row 13 on the floor where the sound was excellent. He sure didn't act 60. He was all over, and his voice was great. Tight 5 piece. 36 songs, 21 of them Beatles, over 2.5 hours. In the concert program McCartney lists his most memorable performances and he mentions the 1976 Kingdome in Seattle, since he sold 67,000 tickets and thought it finally validated Wings, as it was the biggest show he had played at to date, bigger than any Beatles show. I was there and outside of the crowd and excitement of it being his first tour, I thought this show was better. As I sat there and watched Paul move effortlesly from guitar, to bass, to piano, all while seamlessly blending ballads and rockers with an uncanny ear for a melody, who do you think comes to mind? I think Eric Carmen was just industry timing and a chance meeting away from meeting a John Lennon to be being just as big. Just as talented. Having see what a live show that 60 year can still put out, makes me long all the more to see our 50 year old guy hit the road with his arsenal of songs spanning almost as long. Seattle Steve PS: Funniest comment of the night came from his guitar player who was telling the audience from his experience in many bands, the various strategies involved regarding where in the set list to put "the hit". He said they really struggled where to put "the hit"...
  12. Speaking of Peter Beckett, if my memory serves me right, wasn't the in the band Paper Lace, of "The Night Chicago Died" fame in the early 70's?
  13. Cameron Crowe isn't really from Seattle, but his wife Nancy Wilson is the connection. I believe that one of their houses is still here. Ann and Nancy went to high school in a 'burb of Seattle, Bellevue, where I grew up. Cameron's originally from San Diego, and has made some big films, Fast Times, Jerry McGuire, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, etc. Singles was filmed in Seattle after Camerons research in the Pioneer Square bars. The Seattle band Alice in Chains was featured before they were famous. Steve
  14. There were a few Baby's/Waite songs that I thought would benefit from a Carmen/Raspberries treatment such as Isn't it Time, and Missing You, among others. Steve
  15. With all the plot twists and influences it would make a tremendous Behind the Music. The research and interviews, an interest generated thereof, could serve to be their "Hell Freezing Over", which it semed like Ken Sharpes book almost did. It could also blow up everything for good. Principal members involved would have to remember that a lot more years and albums came out of Erics solo career which would certainly have to be addressed in a show of this type, and not read anything into however the show is ultimately edited. BTM opened the door for Gary Richrath to possibly get back into REO, but after it played out it essntially closed it forever. Keep writing VH1. Seattle Steve BTW: Since we'e talking about them, was there ever a Guess Who BTM? Do you know they passed on Woodstock becase they had some studio booked that they couldn't afford to get out of?
  16. As a boat owner I can attest that motorhomes are not the ONLY money pit, but I love them. Interestingly two of the first names my wife considered for the boat were Make Me Lose Control (too long?) and Top Down Summer (but my wife thought everyone would expect her to flash them). Seattle Steve
  17. Interesting poll but you probably should have reworded it. Everyone on this board will buy Eric's next CD sight unseen (unheard?) so the question is what would be your preference? Also we have to factor in release time. I prefer all live instruments but it depends how much longer it adds to a release date.
  18. I saw the Guess Who about a year ago or so at Key Arena and they did put on a good show, this year I missed it but they played at the Emerald Queen casino which must only hold 1000-2000 at the most. If Randy and Burton are commiting to the group, and promoters are obviously backing them, then putting a reformed Raspberries on the bill would certainly only serve to enhance the mutual interest of the similar fan base. Allowing combinations of solo materials would make for a great concert with wall to wall hits.Burton did some solo, and Randy went to the vault for the BTO hits at the Guess Who show, so why couldn't Eric do some solo too, etc. and they all could jam togeter at the end. Seems like a better pairing than the ill-fated Knack tour. Of course I understand the more involved, the more details, roadblocks, disagreements,contracts, etc. More can go wrong, but if the acts were into it, I think it would sell. Still the easiest thing for Eric to do is pack up his piano and do some clubs to work out an act, and build interest, make all the decisions and not have splitting the money isues. Many that were big once, had a comeback after playng very small clubs.. ones that come to mind are Meat Loaf, Tina Turner, Eric's friend David Cassidy etc. ..Course others that I saw I also saw at clubs that didn't turn their career around were Romantics, Randy Meisner, Johnny Rivers, and Stray Cats. take that back, Setzer did pretty well when he shifted gears to swing. I've also seen Joan Jett and Rick Springfield at very small clubs, and they seem like they are kind of in between, drawing well,slowly playing bigger venus, and who knows may punch through with a hit record again. Without a major commitment to touring my guess is the breakthrough will once again come through with song placement in a movie, possibly a commercial. I know Seattle's Cameron Crowe is a fan so let's hope he gives Eric bigger placement in an upcoming movie. ..but I digress. What a crazy industry. Here we all speculate with about 5% of the inside info and circumstances that Eric probably knows. Guilty as charged.
  19. Craig, Speaking of the Guess Who,I always thought that Eric touring solo with Burton Cummings would be a good pair. Burton did this solo with just his piano and told stories about the songs between the songs. Cool to see Burton then Eric, then a few together. Kind of ala Billy and Elton unplugged. Burton played on Marathon Man and Hey Deanie tracks so why not? Solo without bands and roadies to pay they could play clubs, play any song they want, complete control, etc. Then do what Burton did, cut a live album out of it.
  20. I got an import, but it didn't have the cover art
  21. Jim... Eric.. you both know the way to Beachwood Studios. ..and bring some of that new stuff with you too
  22. Now if you could get this new version of Top Down into an early summer movie it would be HUGE. My god how many teen or even adult movies have people having fun driving around in a convertible..tons! You'd have people staying after for the credits to find out who did the song. In fact I bet you could go back and review hit movies from the last two years and find many places the song would have worked. What a story that would be if it ever did happen..
  23. He takes the time to respond to "Ask Eric" and his answers are pretty insightful.
  24. Wouldn't that be funny if one of you is Eric using a fake name. -Dexter Green-
  25. My Heart Stops was released before, but this wasn't: (picture kind of a Charlie Rich intro) (Here I go.. Bernie and Ron come in on the chorus) The High Cost Of Loving I call you up You put me down I come on by You ain't around When we love I've got to say It's worth the price I've got to pay (chorus) It's the high cost of loving All those things you put me through It's the high cost of loving The high cost of loving you I ask you out You tell me no And when you're here You want to go When we kiss I must confess It's worth the time that I invest (chorus) (bridge) I send flowers to your door But you don't live there anymore It don't matter "cause in the end You were always worth the time I'd spend (chorus) (chorus) Great song. Wish Eric would cut it but if not it would jump start Garth Brooks career . Maybe Trisha could sing with him. Seattle Steve
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