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  1. Gotta go with Eric and Burton. Similar backgrounds, genre's, audience, etc. Also maybe the most likely to realistically pull off. They like each other even. Guess you'd have to close with Marathon Man and Hey Deanie Seattle Steve
  2. "You're not understanding what I said? I heard the Berries many times before they had a contract and both of those songs were part of their repertoire at that time. Whether or not they were ever recorded, I have no idea. Bernie has the market on that!" I had heard years ago that indeed they do exist. Seattle Steve
  3. No grudge, no copyright insinuation, etc. just an interesting observation.. nothing more. Seattle Steve
  4. You've all probably heard Celines new single, "Have You Ever Been in Love". Listen to the first bar of the piano right when the beginning vocals start and tell me that isn't the opening of "All By Myself". Or is it just me? Seattle Steve
  5. Ironically the last Kirshner in my opinion showed a lot of comraderie. Watch the look Eric gives Wally as he intentionally mumbles the first line of "Starting Over". Saw Steve Miller live from about 10 ft at Seattles EMP last year and was floored. Appreciated his guitar playing but had under estimated his vocals. Very impressive. Seattle Steve
  6. "They did both of them & they nailed them dead on. Matter of fact, No Matter What was the first song I ever heard them play." Bernie? Seattle Steve
  7. Man, what a great clip. That's one of the covers I've been looking for. I knew it would sound great. My other potential favorites that I haven't heard would be Maybe I'm Amazed, and No Matter What. Think they would nail these. Seattle Steve
  8. I guess there really is a fountain store in Wayne, NJ, called..well you know. They seemed poised to break out, and I'm going to probably regret not making the taping for the VH1 special. For those that don't know, the "EMP" is the Experience Music Project, which former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen put together in Seattle, which is our interactive and eclectic version of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They recently signed a deal with VH1 to produce concerts for airing, featuring either big groups (or up and coming) in a very small venue (200-300). I screwed up and didn't jump on Seattle's own Heart (though I saw them at the local amphitheatre recently) and have a feeling I really screwed up on FOW, holding tickets but unavoidably couldn't make it. I'm a member of the emp though and we're supposed to get advanced notice for other stuff. Anyway keep your eyes peeled for the VH1 premiere, it may be their breakout. SS
  9. Anybody else heard of this group from Jersey? They write and perform infectious power pop, with soaring harminies, and great (and at times very humorous lyrics). They are led by the songwriting duo of Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood. Schlesinger wrote "Thant Thing You Do" for the movie. I just came across these guys after hearing their current single "Stacys Mom" which I thought was funny but the music was great. You can check out the video at mtv.com and do a search on their name. It's got kind of a "Cars" into. Seems to me many Raspberries fans would like them. I had tickets Sunday to see them at a very small performance at the EMP in Seattle as VH1 was filming a concert special with them, but something came up and couldn't attend and report. My experience with them is pretty new but they are on my radar. Seattle Steve
  10. I too am a big Olivia fan but I didn't care for her version of boats. To me it sounded really thin, compared to Eric's. Eric brings a much greater sense of urgency and expressiveness to the tune. Having said that, Olivia looks a lot better than Eric in skin tight black pants singing along side of Travolta.
  11. I loved "Play On". "I'm in love Without a Girl" should have been a radio blockbuster. I don't like many EC covers as well as the original, but he sure did a great job on "Nobody Knows". I also liked the way he thanked Eric on "Thanks for the Ride". It's kind of unfair to compare Winter Dreams to Play On. First they each set out to make a different kind of record, but secondly keep in mind that "Play On" is like the Best of Scott McCarl" spanning over 30 years. Eric's Greatest Hits makes a pretty darn good record too. Seattle Steve
  12. If I was anywhere near there, I'd be there. Break a leg Jim. Steve
  13. "All By Myself" was featured rather prominently during a bit with Jay Leno filling in for Katie Couric this morning on the Today Show. Seattle Steve
  14. I knew Bon Jovi was more than a hair band, when one day years ago, I saw him live on some tv show, and he had just cut his hair, and played piano (no idea he played piano too) and he sang "Bed of Roses" at the piano. Much more complete artist than I originally gave him credit for, and I also noted that with his hair cut he cleans up good and the women are going to take notice. Seattle Steve
  15. Man I just heard an awesome song ironically entitled "I Can't Remember" by a newly formed group called The Thorns, consisting of singer-songwriters Mathew Sweet, Pete Droge, and Shawn Mullins. All had solo careers and did this as an experiment. The harmonies are incredible, reminiscent of CSNY and the Eagles, and there is a little Fleetwood Mac to their songs too. The CD isn't out until next month but you can go to vh1.com, do a search for them and see the video or hear the song. I think it's excellent. Seattle Steve
  16. Eric has said that Tonight is is favorite Raspberries rocker. I believe that same show showed an interesting breakdown of the various tracks of Let's Pretend" too. Seattle Steve
  17. Bonnie Tyler had a song also on the Footloose soundtrack so I've always speculated how Almost Paradise would have sounded as a duet with Eric and Bonnie. Though Ann Wilson and Mike Reno did a fine job, Eric/Bonnie might give it a rawer more urgent feel to it.. Seattle Steve
  18. I like Springfield's cover of Sammy Hagars, "I've done everything for you". Saw him live in a 200 seat club about 10 years ago and he tore the place up. Seattle Steve
  19. gregkevinw: That would be my pick for a Raspberries cover SS
  20. Badfinger's "Day after Day" with a "Make Me Lose Control" production treatment. Though it's sacred, and the comparisons would be problematic, I'd like to also hear an EC version of "Maybe I'm Amazed". Seattle Steve
  21. Mr. Blue Sky is the original, not a soundalike. Talking about remixing songs from the seventies and how much better they would sound, makes you realy appreciate some of the songs the Beatles pulled off in the late 60's. I've said it before.. I still think, right or wrong, Jeff Lynne as a producer would get Erics songs on the radio.
  22. On the subject of a reunion, I remember many years ago Don Henley stating that the Eagles would reunite when "hell freezes over" Anything can happen, but it's highly unlikely. I, and I'm sure a few hundred thousand other people, would love to see a solo tour. Picture the lights dimming, the curtain being drawn, and the opening notes of "spotlight" being played. Enter the vocals in the dark, and when the words "spotlight" are first sung, the bright lights come on....
  23. Eric's unreleased song, "Hearts on Fire" would have been a great Stevie Nicks vehicle which it was intended to be. Perhaps a duet wih her is in order.
  24. Paul McCartney, Tacoma Dome, the most expensive concert I've attended by two fold, also the best
  25. There once was a man I believe Whose Mills Gate home he was reluctant to leave As he contemplated the road From his beautiful abode He said if I do I'll have choice tickets for Steve Seattle Steve
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