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  1. I'm assuming a new CD would be available if he hit the road. Economically it makes sense to be promoting/selling something while you're out there. Love to peek at some of the new stuff that's been written since WD. Seattle Steve
  2. I'd simply thank him for writing the soundtrack to my life. Seattle Steve
  3. "Young Hearts on Fire" was originally written with Stevie Nicks in mind, but it's definately uptempo and should be considered. Also there is "It Should Have Been Me". I don't know why but I love "High Cost of Loving You" The way country has crossed-over over the years, to me it's a more marketable song then it ever was. If Eric's not going to record it with Shania Twain (;-)) then give it to Tim and Faith. Or hook up again with Mandrell ala "Maybe My Baby". Actually I can hear Garth doing it, with a little help from Trisha. Replace the drum track on Top Down Summer with Bonfanti live, and we can still get the "Unreleased and Reissue" CD out for summer as the first single. Seattle Steve
  4. Devil is the best song Jim Steinman didn't write, I think it's great, but if he has any doubts, it's the perfect vehicle for Meatloaf. I don't mean that negatively. I saw Meat on his comeback tour and left impressed. Seattle Steve
  5. Keep in mind there is more involved than Eric simply saying yes or no to touring. The business side of music is not pretty. I'm sure he is not sitting in his den turning down some promoter who wants to put him in a 30 city basketball arena tour. If YOU were the promoter, and it was YOUR money on the line, what would you do? The economics would probably boil down to either Eric on a multiple bill tour, or doing clubs and/or casinos. Also it takes almost as much time to rehearse for a single show (like the HOF) as it does for a extended tour. If he puts together a band, they got a life too. Eric killed at the Hall of Fame show, and no one can deny by the end of it he was digging it too. I think a club tour would do wonders for his career, as well as be an enjoyable experience. No one is above the addictive allure of applause following a self-penned melody, while pouring your guts out. There is one caveat... for once, get a promotor who will actually promote. This best kept secret thing doesn't cut it. I still think one of his best albums ever has yet to see the light, but has already been written, yet remains unproduced... it lies within the vault of unreleased material. I'm OK with the exisiting legacy, but wouldn't a tour be cool? Come on Eric, most regrets in life are things you didn't do as opposed to did. What the heck, wouldn't it be fun even if you didn't make much? Hang in there man, do what makes sense, we'll back you either way.. Seattle Steve
  6. He also has a great sense of humor. Seattle Steve
  7. Here's what I'd do. Low cost, small clubs. Ring Burton Cummings up and put together a double bill touring clubs (ala John-Joel), and have a couple of pianos waiting for you. Solo Burton, solo Eric, finish together (Marathon Man, Hey Deanie,etc.)Story telling about the songs in between. Let's test the concept at Seattle's eclectic EMP. I'll handle the marketing and we'll fill the joint and film it. Sell the video on this website, jump start both careers. Of course both will be introducing a new single. Eric, what do you say? You know how to reach me. ;-) Seattle Steve
  8. Top Down Summer is a great song. The only thing it is missing is Bonfanti's live drums. Ring up Jim, add those to the track, and you have a top 40 summer single. Imho Eric's voice is distinctively unique and awesome, and is the main reason for me that other people covering his material just doesn't cut it. Seattle Steve
  9. I'll wait as long as it takes.. take your time, do it right. Kind of like an EC album ;-) If you need fan quotes, you know where to come.. Seatle Steve
  10. Those influences were cited in many EC interviews during the 'berries heyday. My favorite quote on the matter was when Eric said he wanted a sound more British than the Beach Boys and more American than the Beatles. I think he nailed it. Eric and Jim new what they were doing in assembling the band that could achieve this. Seattle Steve
  11. The book I referred to June, was my anticipation of Bernie and Kens EC book. Seattle Steve
  12. Go easy on me, I just discovered this thread, and breezed through it. For me, Great "not well known guitarist", one comes immediately to mind that I just love, Brian Setzer. Originally from the Stray Cats, and of course now with the BSO. Saw him here in Seattle with the cats a few years ago, and recently around Christmas with the BSO. Both times at the stage, .. in..f'in..incredible. I tell people I went home and threw my guitar out the window. I was in disbelief what he can do, and he's pretty handy writing a melody or horn charts. Most folks around here don't recognize the name, just like EC, I have to mention the big top 40 hit, to begin the "Oh yeah" conversation. BTW, saw Rick Springfield a couple of times at some really small, now defunct Seattle bars, and he's the real deal on guitar too. Billy K, remember the Backstage in Seattle? Beleive it or not, I saw David Cassidy there in the mid-90's when he was down, and he's a very competent rockin' guitarist too. Seattle Steve
  13. First, welcome aboard Beachberry, Had one othe thought regarding a previous post on similarities to a BeeGees song. I always though their first single, "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" was the most BeeGee sounding song they did. Seattle Steve
  14. Beachberry, Are you thinking of the intro similarities between Starting Over and Tiny Dancer? It's funny to observe the fine line(s) between "influenced by", "stole", or outright "sampled". There are few bigger Beatle fans than myself, though they are now the architect of what everyone else either was influenced by or ripped of, they too were very much influenced by their elders. There very name was a play on Buddy Holly and the Crickets, who the band deeply admired, and Paul now owns all the music. People forget how many covers were on the early Beatle albums of the people they admired, yet the Raspberries were all orignal compositions. "Hide your Love Away" is pure Lennon doing Dylan, better than Dylan. "Back in the USSR" is Beach Boys. Paul covered Little Richard with his covers and his own tribute orignals, such as "I'm Down" George even got sued over "My Sweet Lord" as it relates to the Chiffons "He's so Fine" Personally I love hearing this stuff, but the worlds not fair.. My point is, the Beatles were the greatest but there popularity at that moment in time caught them a free break on the whole issue of "influenced by". After covering thier idols they went on to write the most orignal and influential compositons of their time. The Raspberries couldn't catch a break. If the worlds were the same, Eric would be singing "Let it Be" on their first album. He got tagged for "sounding" like, or as good as, Paul McCartney, on his own orginal songs! They never covered their influences on main stream releases, choosing to go all original, yet they get tagged with the influenced, ripped off, derivitive label, while the Beatles record Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Isley Bros., etc. In my book, most all big acts that were influenced by their idols, covered their idols in recordings for obvious reasons in the early years. The Raspberries obviously did it in concert but went with all original compositons on their albums, a gutsy move. Can you imagine if Eric Carmen wondered on to the fair grounds and saw John Lennon and Quarrymen perform, met him, and said I play a little piano like Little Richard, and oh by the way, guitar is no problem either, let me lay this riff on you (McCartney's "audition" was 20 flight rock.) I digress, the Beatles are the best and Paul is my favorite. My whole point is I can't beleive how fine a line there is between rip off band and influneced by, or superstar and underrated. Eric caught this weired "rock and roll time warp" and got "lost in the shuffle", but in my book he's right up there, and for me, he's the man, musically with only a handful of peers.His voice is equisitively unique. As Clive said something to the effect of a million years ago on Merv Griffin, "Eric Carmen is one of the few triple threats around".. This post has gotten a little wordy, I better cut her off. Can't wait for the book. So busy right now, but see you on the boards. Seattle Steve
  15. Mutt, great call Marvin. That would also get the duet with Shania. There's a great cross over single, Shania singing Eric's "High Cost of Loving You" Always pictured it with a male singer, but what the hey, Shania could make it work. Great song IMHO. Seattle Steve
  16. You may be surprised how Elvis Costello can hit those John Lennon harmonies, could be some interesting tunes with the two of them. Along the same vein, would it be crazy to reunite with kindered soul Scott McCarl, and see where their growing songwriting partnership would have taken them? Right or wrong, I still think that Jeff Lynne as producer would get Eric on the radio. Seattle Steve
  17. My family was kind of surprised the uniform girl rated so poorly. It looked like she was from about 90 minutes from me. She seemed kind of ditzy but when she finally started singing the judges looked like they were in to it. She seemed right for a dramatic change/makeover had she stayed in for a few rounds. Seattle Steve
  18. Great version. I think Eric's voice sounds awesome, live and untouched on that version. Scott McCarl wrote in his liner notes of "Play On" that Eric once mentioned to him that he wishes he was around on that song to sing "Nobody Knows" He does a great job of it too on that album. I like the song, has some Beatles "No Reply" to it. Seattle Steve
  19. I have the 12" remix of "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and it's kind of cool. To my knowledge that's the only EC remix out there. Seattle Steve
  20. In terms of a "second chance" I'm assumming it means re-releasing a song that was originally released as a single. I think "Hurts To Much" is the perfect choice. Would help to reconnect with the last singles Make Me Lose Control, and Hungry Eyes. I simply would release a non-ballad first, then maybe follow up with a ballad. In terms of releasing a song that never was a single, I say cut a solo updated version of "If You Change Your Mind". You still got that scream in ya Eric? Seattle Steve
  21. Don, That character in La Bamba was Eddie Cochran played by none other than the great Brian Setzer. Got tickets for Setzer's Christmas bash with his orchestra in Seattle on the 18th. Can't wait. Seattle Steve
  22. Hey guys, As Tony concurred teaming Burton with Eric is much more feasible than Billy, Elton or Mac given the economic climate of the music business. Check out Burton Cummings "Up Close and Alone" cd. It is exactly what I'd like to see Eric do, with Burton or alone. It's Burton in a small joint, with just his piano, and between songs he tells the stories behind them. It's worth it just to hear Burton doing his rendition of Gordon Lightfoot singing Rod Stewart's "Maggie May". The fun part of going together is participating in the others songs. For instance I think Eric's voice would be really cool doing a verse of "These Eyes". Or an acoustic "Stand Tall" meld into "Boats" Or Albert Flasher blending into Hey Deanie No band, no hassles, no issues, no equipment, just fly around and have someone arrange for a grand piano or two at each venue... and oh yeah, video a show or two for sale on the internet, and an extra day in Seattle so I can give him a tour by boat (You can come too Billy K.) Seattle Steve "I was a dreamer.."
  23. Today on the Today show they had both All By Myself, and Almost Paradise. I have nothing against Celine at all, but it sounds weird when they say "..and performing Celine Dion's All By Myself.." or Ann Wilson's Almost Paradise.. Despite the mention or lack thereof, that check is just as good, right? I'm sure this is just par for the course for many a great songwriter. We know where the credit belongs Eric. Seattle Steve
  24. Noticed on the Today show this morning All By Myself was featured by their version of American Idol. Contestants spun the wheel for song selection, and one came up with ABM. Royalty check? Seattle Steve
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