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  1. I think so, weren't they also interviewing Jimmy Ienner during it to. I think they also broke down the tracks of Let's Pretend which was kind of interesting. Seattle Steve
  2. Bernies picture of the EC book along with McCartney and Brian Wilson inspired me to order some books on Amazon. While I was browsing for other things I found this description on a certain DVD on Amazon, word for word, notice any similarities and who do you think it is? "For a few years in the early '70s, XXXXXXXXX rose from the shadow of the Beatles and emerged as pioneers of infectious power pop. Bridging the gap between the British invasion and American indie pop bands like Big Star, XXXXXXXXX crafted beautifully melodic tunes like XXXXXX"
  3. Man, I'm jealous, what I'd give to sit around with you guys and Eric over a beer and just shoot the breeze.... Seattle Steve
  4. Jim, If you're ever out here in Seattle, I'll give you a spectacular waterside tour of Seattle from my boat. In fact any of you guys, and btw, bring Eric along. Seattle Steve
  5. I think Eric can hit most of the high notes still. At the HOF show I didn't hear him miss any except for one, which he announced prior to the song that he probably would just avoid and would let the band cover for him, in the chorus of I Wanna Be With You... "Oh I Wanna Be With You So BAAAAD" He told me after the show that the hour long interview prior to the show, under the hot lights wiped him out, and dried out his throat. He might still be able to grab that one though with the benefit of better conditions and warming up. That reminds me, don't want to rub it in, but to be sitting just a few rows back on the piano side of the stage watching EC scream out the chorus of Boats Against the Current, I was literally mesmerized, and it paid for our airfare right there. (Thanks June for the help in getting tickets, and Ron for listening to your extensive stash of rare EC) Seattle Steve
  6. I'd be there in a heartbeat but you can't get a whole lot farther away than Seattle. Maybe we can organize a west coast version some day. Seattle Steve
  7. Bernie, What did you keep from the demo track, and how did you build it? I assumed you started with piano and vocals, and added the rhythm section then guitars. Or did you even keep piano for fidelity purposes? I'm assuming this demo was cut on the piano, but after hearing the current version, if Eric was to play it live and capture the current version, I picture him with an acoustic guitar in front of the band, particular for the chorus, ala Make Me Lose Control. Seattle Steve
  8. I may have a couple of contacts in radio too out here. How does it work? Is it OK for any station to play the file as long as it's unreleased to gauge release interest, and then if it subsequently officially released, all bootlegs have to cease and desist? Steve
  9. One other question for Bernie, When did Eric know you had the song. Did you tell him immediately of your discovery and plans to sweeten it, or wait until you had the new finished product and surprise him with it? Seattle Steve
  10. Wow. Been away for a week and just catching up on this board. Wow. Love his voice with real guitars and drums in addition to piano. Wish that was found before and played at the HOF show. NSD needs to get released. Seems like there may be enough connections on this board to pull in favors and get the right people interested. Wow. My only other comment is why do so many people think Eric is laying around the house, retired,changing diapers, doing the early 80's Lennon thing. We all talk about doing the same treatment to his other unreleased as Bernie/Tommy did to NSD, but I wouldn't be too quick to assume that his notebook is empty. My bet is that he has a bunch of new songs, and has been adding to them. Writing and playing is the fun stuff, the grind is the record companies, the politics, legal, etc. Love to see him come back though like Lennon's song Starting Over did. (Another great title for a comeback). Rather than lay tracks over the other old demos, I'd say just go record them again. It doesn't take that much extra time to rerecord vocals and piano. Having said that, my biggest fear is that they may be "given" to other artists who are already on the radio, potentially selling more copies and ironically bringing in more money, with less hassle, as opposed to a new EC CD. Perfect song to jump start a career. If there is going to be a CD right away, then the other way to go is that Never Say Die is a perfect theme song for about a million movies. McCartney made a little coin on "Live and Let Die" without putting it on a regular album. Eric think about it. The timing of this window of opportunity may never be better with the song, song lyrics, song story, book, etc. and btw, when was the last time you saw a bulletin board from a triple threat from the 70's have so many current posts? Wow. The intrest is there ... lets Go All the Way. Seattle Steve
  11. It's a catch 22. Do you wait for the interest, or barnstorm around and create it?
  12. I'm all over a hard cover like white on rice. Seattle Steve
  13. "When I Need You", nice guess but... it was about a year later, wrestling with Stevies "Sir Duke" and finally Leo did hit it did hit number one the week of May 14th, 1977. If it's any consolation for Eric, Hotel California spent a lot more time at number 2 behind the two mentioned above then they did for the one week they hit #1... and that's a great song. There is a lot of luck in the timing, though I'm quoting them, the charts don't mean much to me. Seattle Steve
  14. As I sit here and type this I am listening live to a Seattle classic rock station that I advertise on, KJR (remember Pat O' Day in the good ol days?) and here is their big call in question. They play ABM, talk about how it reached #2, then asked for his former band. Duh.. then they ripped into GATW. I have a more interesting question. Eric reached #2 the first week of March in 76. He stayed there for 3 weeks. The first week he crept up to number 2 right behind The Miracles "Love Machine Part 2". Then the next week Love Machine dropped to number 3, seemingly paving the way for Eric to take the number one slot. But number three leaped past both to hold the number one slot for the last three weeks of March, denying Eric his number one positon. What group and song was this? It's actually a decent song but why couldn't they wait one extra week... A parallel. Gary Wrights Dream Weaver pulled into number 3 behind Eric, then also held the number two slot for three weeks behind the same group that kept Eric out during the same month. Seattle Steve
  15. Bernie, You da man. I'm in! Seattle Steve
  16. I just want to clarify my point. The bulletin board doesn't have to be a shrine to Eric, if someone thinks a certain song sucks that's cool, he's a big boy he can take it. But taking a shot at his kids... that's cold. Seattle Steve
  17. Joanne, "Spoiled rotten brat including the family"? Unless you are commenting from personal experience, it's kind of a good example of why Eric doesn't post. How does he respond to that from someone who he's never met (I'm assuming here, correct me if I'm wrong) and the part about the family, ouch. I don't blame him to sit back, observe all the posts, resist the temptation, and keep perspective. Seattle Steve
  18. I like Kyles version of Eric's "On the Beach" Seattle Steve
  19. This board represents a great communication tool, and I wouldn't leap to the wordw "snub" because Eric doesn't personally post. I know he reads it so it's a great way to stay connected to his fans. Imagine if an Eric Carmen board didn't exist anywhere how much further removed he, or anyone would be. The Ask Eric feature is a great way for him to respond in detail to the most popular and/or interesting questions. Over time responding to all individual posters can also become pretty repetitive. ("Hey Eric, I'm new to the site, are the Raspberries getting together ever again") I'm sure the dialogue on the board has in some way even impacted the book coming out. The board, as is, is the best thing out there and sure beats the alternative. Seattle Steve
  20. Sitting on my boat in the sun, eating rare steak and crab, with an ice cold beer, listening to Eric Carmen (Jimmy Buffett works too)... hard to beat. Seattle Steve
  21. Most of the unreleased I've heard are just demos, and never were intended to be release quality. Proper production, live drums, etc. would make a huge difference. In most cases though, the melody and lyrics are good to go. I like Cindy in the Wind a lot too. Do you hear any Rene ala Left Bank in it too? Seattle Steve
  22. Wow, I thought some of these lost 45's I only remembered and loved like Brandy, Love Grows,Beach Baby, and Back when My Hair was short.. Most of my faves have alteady been listed but here's a few others I liked that I don't think were mentioned ... Cruel to be Kind - Nick Lowe (only a one hit wonder in terms of charting) Shake it - Ian Mathews Whan Bam - Silver Welcome Back - John Sebastian I Can Help - Billy Swan (Sounds just like Ringo to me) The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace Bang a Gong - T. Rex Sunshine - Jonathan Edwards What The World Needs Now - Tom Clay In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry In the Year 2525 - Zager and Evans Na Na Hey Hey - Steam Tracy - Cuff Links Sugar Sugar - Archies (Both sung by Ron Dante and charted at the same time) Angel of the Morning - Seattles own Merrilee Rush Chick a Boom - Daddy Dewdrop Friday On My Mind - Easy Beats (check out the Raspberries unreleased "Oh Tonight" for comparison Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudville Band Not sure if it ever charted much but anyone remember "Saturday Morning Confusion" by Bobby Russell Seattle Steve
  23. Billy K: Do you remember the Summer Jam in I believe around 75 at Memorial Stadium here in Seattle. 3 largely unknown bands opened for the then hot BTO, then all went on to eventually be as big or bigger in their heyday.. Bob Seger, J. Geils, and Charlie Daniels Seattle Steve
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