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  1. Many of the above mentioned so called mellow songs or ballads, would not sound so mellow with Jim's drums and Wallys guitar on them. Steve
  2. Man I sure wish I was going. I saw where the House of Blues is holding another party/dance in the restaurant portion. In other words there will a lot of people around the HOB that night that people may be able to sell their tickets too. BTW, anyone know how many have actually been sold? Seattle Steve
  3. Great article. Surprised EW picked it up before RS. RS probably to busy shooting Britney, Christina, and Jessica covers. SS
  4. I started a new solo thread as the previous was becoming fractured between should The Raspberries play any EC solo stuff vs. what would you want to see in a EC solo performance. My topic is should the current lineup, today, work EC’s solo stuff into the performance. My opinion, and I have to qualify it, is unless they are struggling to sell tickets in venues outside of Cleveland… no. The Raspberries stars are aligned at the moment, both personally and professionally. They are well rehearsed, and have assembled an ace band and production team, and have the best show in America going at the moment. Run with it. Don’t get me wrong. I’d fly in to see a two hour Eric Carmen show anytime. Hell I flew 4,000 miles round trip a couple years ago to hear a handful of solo songs. But after witnessing the reunion concert I realized how special these 4 people together are, how rare it is, and think that’s where the focus should be. I think they are going to reap the rewards of their previously under appreciated legacy in the next 12 months. It is possible that on an extended HOB tour Eric’s solo material played up in radio advertising in addition to the Raspberries may put more people in the venue, to witness the Raspberries show and benefit the entire band. Until that is proven or needed, I’d run with Raspberries only. Only Springsteen plays longer than they did, but the reunion show was tight, with no filler, and just killed. The trick is, to not keep preaching to the choir like everyone reading this post, but rather get all those people to come that come over to your house and ask about the great song you happen to be playing at the party from 1972. Keep in mind, they can’t play any longer. Put together a 30 minute EC set and you have to think about what do you drop. You might lose a Dave or Wally song that until you hear it live you don’t appreciate it. Also you are going to lose some non-single Raspberries songs that you may not want to give up. A promoter may never have heard of I Can Remember, Come Around and See Me, Don’t want To Say Goodbye, or If You Change Your Mind but I’m not willing to give those up. I also think even Eric Carmen fans need to see Dave sing Should I Wait or Wally do Might As Well. The point is that Eric can ring up Billy, Paul, and Jennifer and put together a solo tour whenever he feels like it. And it would be great. However the Raspberries stars are aligned and I say run with it, unless ticket sales are lacking, and the solo stuff would serve to benefit the entire band. There are many EC solo songs that I would like to hear a Raspberries treatment of. I think Jim’s drums, Wally’s guitar, and Dave’s harmonies could make Top Down Summer a hit THIS spring and greatly improve the production of a fine song..kind of has a Driving Around/Crusing Music feel (combine all three for a driving medley) I think Never Gonna Fall In Love Again would sound pretty much sound the same. The promoters, kind of like Ringo, just want the radio hits, and we all know the radio hits aren’t always the best songs. The irony is if the promoters push pressure to promote EC’s radio hit’s you’re not going to hear some of his best songs, let alone the ones that the band could add to. Everyone will clamor for Hungry Eyes before Boats Having said all of that, I think “No Hard Feelings†should be added to the encore list with Eric, Wally, and Dave each singing a verse so it’s not about Eric leaving the band but the entire band breaking up. Then in the chorus Eric could scream “We were rapedâ€, then Wally “reshapedâ€, and Dave “trying to escape†then all “ Caught in a rock n’ roll time warp…†Test it in Cleveland on NYE where everybody already knows the story. I suspect I’m not alone when I say this fan says that it would kill as an encore number and have special meaning with trading lead vocals by verse. As an Eric Carmen fan… it just feels like Raspberries to me right now. Regardless of anything I’ve wrote, I’d go with what the band wants. I hope you head west and wish for your collective prosperity and dues in 2005. That guy from Seattle with the long posts. SS
  5. I thought the light up pins were real cool too. Where did you get them at?
  6. Ted, Should have asked Paul Schaefer if he went to the show though the HOF had assigned a security guard shadow to him. Now that I think about it, it wasn't Saturday but Sunday we saw him (took in a Cavalier game Saturday) and he was in town as he is part of the Blue Brothers (Dan Ackroyd-John Belushi act) that played at the HOB Sunday night. At first I was kicking myself for not getting tickets to that show too since I didn't leave until Monday morning but found out that the entire sold out show was private party-invite only. BTW.. Eric played on Letterman with Ringo so I'm assuming he has met Paul. Letterman would be a great promo, better than the housewives who sat around watching Mike Douglas in the afternoon in the 70's. Seattle Steve
  7. The great news to me isn't so much Chicago as it indicates that the HOB believes in them outside of Cleveland, and the boys are willing to tour. I know there was a lot of HOB execs there at the last show. I can smell some more dates being added from all the way out here in Seattle. If they can sell out Chicago we are home free. Which brings me to the marketing of the Raspberries outside of Cleveland.. which I'll save for another post.
  8. Well Eric must have been feeling quite feisty at the HOB concert... it was quite clear. Seattle Steve
  9. Hall of Fame The day after the concert Cindy and I went throught the museum (where she literally bumped into Paul Schaefer)and I got a kick out of the Raspberries section. There was a drum head and Wallys patchwork jeans, but I had to chuckle when I saw the bare spot and the sign for Wally's famous flying V guitar. He got it out for the show. Seattle Steve
  10. With the players that will undoubtedly be involved, you can bet it will be done first class as a collectable whenever it's done.
  11. Annie, I'm sure we'll cross paths again. Thanks for the ribbons that was a great idea and nice touch
  12. Marvin, Yes regarding post-reflections. Believe it or not, in a 3 page post I did leave out one point. Eric's vocals. Perfect. Best voice in rock for my money, and uniquely distinctive. No one else can convey the same urgency. Ted, enjoyed meeting you too. The night went so fast. I will not be attending New Years but sure would like to for two reasons. One,the Raspberries seem to like these holiday perfomances which makes travel more difficult for those of us coming 2,000 miles as well as conflicting schedules. 2, I can't keep dropping $1,500 to see concerts, my friends already think I'm nut's. I did feel I got my moneys worth and more though. I am really pulling for tour with a string of HOB shows. Great venue. Vegas or Vancouver probably closest for me. I'll hit everything out here. I assume those pesky day jobs will mean mostly weekend shows. Seattle Steve
  13. I have been absent from the boards for a while for various reasons, not the least that I was so blown away Friday that I needed some time to absorb what I just saw. As Bernie stated on the home page, I too have seen everybody, and I was a witness to the best damn concert I have ever seen. Urban legend indicated that the boys themselves always thought Carnegie Hall was the high point of their live career. I’m sure the band has already reviewed the film to see it from a fans perspective, but you can’t tell me even they have to realize that they just put on the best performance in their collective lifetimes. The song selection and order, pacing, sound system (the mixing was perfect) and performance was simply incredible. It sounded better than any video/audio performance I own, and it’s not just due to technology. The boys got game. High point? There were so many. It’s the little things though. Probably something as little as Eric and Jim actually remembering me would be it. I’m easy to please. Right up there though since I was about 10 feet away, I never dreamed in my life I would hear “If You Change Your Mind†live. I say re-release that bad boy. Let me get one thing out of the way. I have always been an unabashed fan of Eric Carmen. I think I have sold more EC/Raspberries albums over the years then Tower Records. All it took was somebody actually hearing the music. (“Oh yeah, I love this song who does it? You’re kidding .. The Raspberriesâ€) Years ago, when the boards were wild, it was almost like you had to pick, are you an Eric Carmen fan or Raspberries fan. I thought it was insane. Why can’t you be both? Then it was is Eric a rocker or a balladeer? Again, why can’t he be both? Friday it all came together. In fact, there are so many Raspberries songs that start off as ballads and end up rocking, in the same song. The versatility is amazing to me. I always speculated that Eric doesn’t necessarily write in a vacuum, but rather to the strengths of the band he is currently with. When you have Wally Bryson in the band you write rockers. When you don’t have Wally, and you’re a piano virtuoso, what do you think you do? Having seen every super group in the world, it’s been really weird over 30 years to never see my favorite act. Hadn’t even seen Eric live until the HOF show. Having said I’m an EC fan, I am so impressed with the talents of the BAND. It is a special quartet. My concert observations. Until Friday, I underestimated Dave and Wallys’s vocal ability. It was cool to sing a couple Choir songs. I’m not from Cleveland, but when Dave sang It’s Cold Outside†I thought it sounded great, but the locals around me we’re practically in tears, constantly saying “Oh My God…â€. Dave had a non-stop smile on his face for 2 ½ hours. He obviously was the lead singer of Cleveland’s hottest band at one time for a reason. The harmonies were excellent. Eric and Wally got something special going on, and it shows in songs like “Don’t Want To Say Goodbye†and any Beatles cover. I already was a fan of Wally’s guitar work, and now I’m even a bigger fan. I told Billy Sullivan a while back that I thought he did a terrific version of No Reply at Eric’s HOF show, and then I heard Wally’s take. They both rock. You guys both just nail it, and I think Eric gets a kick out of harmonizing instead of taking the lead once in a while. Wally. Never met him before. He’s a crack up. The way he took the mike to kill some time during the technical difficulties was great. He’s cool. When Eric was doing the countdown for the intro to a song, like Ecstasy, where the guitar comes in right away, you would see Billy and Paul watching Eric like a hawk for the timing, and Wally is calmly putting his drink or cigarette away as late as the 3 count, calmly turning toward the mike and nailing the opening chords like nothing. He’s got it down. Wally’s hits are obvious like Partys Over and Last Dance, but I was particularly hopeful to hear a song nobody talks about, “Might as Well†and it was great. Cindy and I were up front with Wally’s brother in law (or maybe cousin) who was cool too. Marvin told me a funny story when he mentioned he told Wally that he was his second favorite guitarist, and Wally said who is first, and Marvin said Don Felder and he was cool with that. I’d put Wally right up their on my list too and the other guy I have there plays such a different style you really can’t compare.. Mr. Brian Setzer. Wally doesn’t know my wife Cindy or I from a load of coal, but when he heard we came from as far as Seattle he was very gracious and generous with his time at the M&G. Jim. On Ecstasy and Overnight Sensation it sounded like there was two drum sets out there. We’re going to hook up boating. Come down here and we’ll have drinks, melt butter, and pull up crab from the pristine Puget Sound. Eric. My kindred and far more talented soul. For some reason, I feel like I can weigh information, put two and two together and at least feel like I know what’s going through your head. Your professionalism, musicianship, and personality were on display Friday. You aced it. I have NEVER EVER seen anything like it, and I’m a huge Paul McCartney fan. Again the hits are obvious. Eric on acoustic guitar singing If You Change Your Mind, just ruined all my future concert going experiences. Nothing will ever compare. Don’t underestimate the work in the arrangements either. I think Eric is the master at this. A lot of people don’t even realize when you go live with songs that aren’t singles, so many of them simply fade on the album, and the live rendition needs to come up with an ending. The Overdubs. I was blown away at how well they sounded at Eric’s HOF show, and they were THE band. My anticipation at them backing the band with Dave, Wally, and Jim was incredible. Billy, Paul, and Jennifer are also a class act. I noticed a lot of stuff. The only one that rivaled Dave’s constant smile, was Paul, his talents were obvious and it was clear he had a handle on what he was experiencing that night. Billy. He’s got a tough job. He’s playing around Eric and Wally, depending on the song, and anything can happen. If Wally had technical problems they would exchange glances and Billy would fill. Same with Jennifer and Eric. You could see the glances, do I take this note or do you. Jennifer has a beautiful voice ( EG: HOF show) and really added to the background. Yes Jennifer you were noticed. Speaking of glances. When Eric had a little problem with his keyboard, he was cool and said to the roadie it would take too long to fix, let’s just do it, and Wally covered the outro of the song on guitar instead… I think it was Starting Over. Maybe I’m just an idiot fan, but I observed camaraderie and what I thought were 7 people really enjoying the event, not faking it. I thank Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave for putting up with the M&G because I know after nearly a 2 ½ hour show you guys wanted nothing more to sit back, have a beer, relax and talk about the show and you had to deal with us for longer than the concert itself and probably felt like you were in a zoo. Here’s my take on fate. In music it’s half luck, and if fate was different this is what could have happened, depending on where you live. If Dave had gone to high school with Don Henley, you would still have the Eagles with a different lineup but the same success. If Wally had gone to high school with Mick Jagger, you would still have the Stones with the same success, but a different lead guitarist. If Dave ran into Pete and Roger in a bar at the right time, you would still have the Who. And of course, if Eric had stumbled across the Quarrymen at a county fair and auditioned for John Lennon, I think you still would have had the Ed Sullivan Show. My point? Our boys are in that league. Together, there is no question, no argument, they are special. If the stars were aligned differently back in the early 70’s they might have put together 10 or 15 years and a legacy. The concert for me, and I think others, just cemented the legacy. They are at that level, and for me, they are my Beatles. For playing together for just a few short years, they put together a 2 ½ hour concert with no filler. Most 20-year bands can’t do that. It’s the best band in America that no one knows about. Remember the Beatles first couple albums were littered with covers; our boy’s albums were all original. I hope this reunion plays out. I know ¾ of you have day jobs, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take it. In life, when you weigh in with all your regrets, typically most are what you DIDN’T do as opposed to what you DID. And if you are ever in a west coast concert and see somebody hold up a sign that say’s “Greetings From Seattle†it’s Steve and Cindy from Seattle. Eric doesn’t need the money and a weekend tour schedule is a pain in the butt for Dave, Wally, and Jim with their day jobs, but the Raspberries stars are aligned at the moment, make at least 2005 special, cruise the HOB circuit. You can’t tell me that all aren’t more accomplished musicians than they were at 22, and you combine the band with the Overdubs and the HOB acoustics you have a concert that rivals anything I’ve seen, ever. Anything can happen. Hey they wrote off Aerosmith at one point too. Bernie. What else can be said that hasn’t been said? Your hard word work and Kathy’s patience haven’t just documented history, but altered it. That concert film intro needs to stay with the band on a tour. Lastly I'm amzaed at how nice all the fans are and enjoyed meeting everyone. Hanging out on internet chat sites and meeting people later is really not my thing but it sure has been fun on this site. This post is way too long. My point in a nutshell is, I’m a big boy, I’ve seen a lot of things, and I remain blown away. Thank you Raspberries for the concert of my lifetime, and thank you Eric for writing the soundtrack of my life. That guy from Seattle… Steve
  14. Hey Ron where have you been? I've been dark on the boards for a couple of weeks due to travel and computer viruses that have struck my whole house. Kids dial up computer only source, and I can't get on it, and when I do, it's way too slow. Can't wait to post my experiences in Cleveland, and will very shortly. If you have GA tickets (which are great)get the preshow package. It's worth it just for the advance entrance. Seattle Steve
  15. I'm having some computer problems and have people showing up within the hour for turkey, then were taking off in the early evening to catch a 11:30 Pm flight and arrive in Cleveland at 6:30 AM. We will be in town all weekend, and fly back early Monday. Once we leave if there is anything going on that my wife and I should know about, anytime, we're staying at the Holiday Inn Express and my cell phone is 253-224-6671. You know impromptu bar meet, or perhaps someone in the band wants to have us over for drinks ;-), etc. that's how you can reach us. I've been to so many concerts because I'm a music fan, but it's so weird to wait 31 years to see your favorite. I had the same feeling seeing Eric at the HOF show, and this is every bit as special. BTW, we're just normal guys, this is the only Internet forum/bulletin board I participate in. Born and raised in Seattle, own my own business, also national marketing manager, and still am on the first wife after over 18 years. 2 teenage daughters, and a 9 year old boy who I coach in soccer. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Eric, Dave, Wally, and Jim.. can't wait to shake your hand and thank you for the memories you had no idea you've been providing over the years. The trip will be worth it. We're coming just for the show, what else should we be doing in Cleveland over the weekend guys? Seattle Steve aka Steve Rychard cell 253-224-6671
  16. One more note, we have GA tickets, and reservations for the pre and post activities. SS
  17. Name tags are a great idea, if someone is so inclined put me down for these two... "Seattle Steve" (Steve Rychard) and "Seattle Steve's Wife" (Cindy Rychard)
  18. We're moving up our Thanksgiving dinner to 1:00 PM and flying out of Seattle around 11:00PM on Thanksgiving and getting in around 6:30 AM Hope we can sleep on the plane! One of the few direct Seattle - Clevland flights. Too risky to fly in day of show that far with a layover and get in a couple hours before the show. Too many things could go wrong. At Eric's HOF show my wife cut her chin open and was in the hosital getting stiches just before the show. We made it but it was cutting it close. Take no chances this time. Seattle Steve
  19. LostControl: Nothing wrong with "Michelle" you could have been "lovely Rita"
  20. Covers Billy Sullivan did a fantastic rendition of "No Reply" at the HOF show with EC doing harmonies (Billy: Fred and Laura say hi) I think their bigger problem is going to be filtering down their own songs rather than filling in with covers. But if they did I w ould like to hear their take on "No Matter What" and Eric screaming on Maybe I'm Amazed. Having said that, I predict, and am happy to see, wall to wall Raspberries on the first show. Work in the covers and the solo stuff down the road. SS
  21. 8 bars of Ticket and IWBWU
  22. I'll be there. Laura Ann Miller confirmed my pre and Jim confirmed my post. I'll be wearing Annies ribbon (thanks Annie!) and I'll have something on that says Seattle Steve. I'll also have the most beautiful women in the room, my wife Cindy, with me. Come up and say hi. We'd love it. Seattle Steve
  23. It is probably likely that more shows will materialize, even on the west coast that would be a lot closer for me, but still I think it will be special to see the FIRST reunion show in three decades. Just to witness the smiles on their faces will be worth the cost of the plane and hotel.. Seattle Steve
  24. I have not received a confirmation. For all those in charge, I am definately down for two for both pre-show and post show for two. Questions contact me at srychard@aol.com or 253-549-7007 Seattle Steve
  25. DougJack, That is not Eric's exact guitar, but the same model. I met and spoke with Joan Jett a few years ago when she played at the now non-existent Backstage tavern in Seattle. Probably sat less than 400, great show. I asked her about it and she said it was like her spare that she takes on tour. She told me (I even got a picture of us) that she still records with it, and it is featured on many an album cover, but she doesn't take it on the road because she doesn't "want to f**k it up", her exact words. It still exists in pristine condition in her house, as she charecterized it. BTW, she asked about Eric, and said you were cool and she likes the music. Both Joan and Eric are sketchy on how the guitar changed camps, but the best info I have put together is that a couple of respective roadies put the deal together. Be cool if JJ showed up to watch the reunion show. Seattle Steve
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