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  1. I agree, the band is tight and perfect the way it is. With as infrequent as they play they need to just keep doing the same tight set list and share it around the country. Billy explained it perfectly. Seattle Steve
  2. Need to update the song "..Got the message like it came by broadband.." Seattle Steve
  3. The trouble with a multiple bill festival show, is that there is no way you are going to hear a 2 hour + set of Raspberries like we did at the solo reunions. Seattle Steve
  4. I'm sure my 3rd grade son is the only third grader in the state that can sing and knows the words to Top Down Summer Steve
  5. "Raspberries" or "The Raspberries" doesn't matter.. people in any decade just need to hear their music in a vacuum without social influences. My high school teenage daughters, who listen to the worst rap/crap/hip hop, but popular stuff, still when we get them away from their friends on the boat, love both the Raspberries and EC's solo stuff. I must be old, when I was their age, I liked what I liked, and didn't care who else did.. and btw in college I turned more people around by not presurring or influencing social pressure but by merely playing this music in the background at a party, and more people came up to me and said who the hell is this.. it's great. I sold more EC/Raspberries albums than Tower Records back then. Did nothing but said...listen. SS
  6. So many have already picked my picks, but speaking of Bette, it may be sacreligious, but her version of "Beast of Burden" rocks to me. Crank it up and take a second listen. Concur with Billy K on Hager-Springfield Think Brian Setzer pretty much nailed Louie Prima's "Jump, Jive and Wail" Though the arrangement is entirely different, Harry Nilsson did a pretty good version of "Without You" from another group I think you've heard of. Badfinger did a great version of "If You Want It" from McCartney though it was identical, but Macca was unreleased (BTW BF "No Matter What" is in my Raspberries littered top all time top 10) I've never heard a Beatles, Raspberries, or Eric Carmen remake I liked better than the original, but having said that... Scott McCarls "Nobody Knows" is right up there. In the same vein... remakes I'd like to hear is Raspberries featuring Eric singing Maybe I'm Amazed, and the same doing their take on "No Matter What" with those Raspberries harmonies, Wally's guitar, Jim's drums, and Dave holding down the rhythm section with that constant smile. I think both Wally and Billy do a great version of "No Reply" and Eric's harmonies kill. Jennifer Lee needs a spotlight song.. I'll come up with it.. I did this whole post in about 3 minutes, so haven't thought.. how about a jam of Gimmee Shelter and let her go nuts... Wally too.. Having said everything above, my fave is Raspberries doing Raspberries... Come west boys, throw us a bone.. Seattle Steve
  7. Billy K., We got get together. I have a Seattle and Tacoma office, and live 10 minutes from Gig Harbor on Fox Island. That's where we are shoving off for a Raspberries crusie of the Puget Sound when they eventually play here. ;-0 Seattle Steve
  8. Man I'd love to be there, how do we get mthem to play west of Cleveland? Seattle Steve
  9. The positive of an opening act is that it sells more tickets and gains more exposure for both acts, the downside is the main act may not be able to have as long a show as they did at the reunion concerts. I wouldn't want be the guy trying to figure what to cut out. Seattle Steve
  10. A reunion compilation DVD would be the hottest piece of merch sold at the tour. Don't forget to include the dvd extra chapters, scences from rehearsals, interviews, fan comments, old clips from the 70's, etc. Seattle Steve
  11. Looks even better and I had no problem with the old format. First class. Seattle Steve
  12. Love to see you guys, or even a dvd when available. BTW Paul, which Eagle part do you cover instrumentally and or vocally? Seattle Steve
  13. I have to post to a message with Seattle in the title. Moore and Showbox are probably the best place for the 'berries, as it really isn't about venue size as much as venue sound from what I can pick up from what Eric has said. 1,000 - 1,500 with great sound and lights. Paramount would be cool but it's at least 2,500 - 3,000. Billy K.: If there ever is a Seattle date, let's organize a band party where they won't forget Seattle. Come in the summer, and it's going to involve boating. BTW: I'm good friends and neighbors with Rockin' Ric Hansen, dj on KJR FM (classic rock, Pat O'Days old station) that I'm sure would help promote and do interviews, etc.) Seattle Steve
  14. I am so jealous. I am also thrilled that they packed them in outside of Cleveland, with minimal publicity. With a little buzz they should pack them in all over the country. Can't wait for more, get anywhere out west and I'll be there. What a perfect angle and timing for a behind the music on VH1 Seattle Steve
  15. Sure wish I was there. I think it's a very important show as the HOB must be watching carefully to the reaction outside of the bands home town. Just get them in the door, the band will take it from there and blow everyone away. Break a leg... Seattle Steve
  16. Boy do I remember those days, particularly the AOL board before and during Bernies beginning. Some people just didn't realize how good they had it with EC posting live. Bernies current set-up blows the old days away. As I've said many time before, I suspect Bernie started out to not only centralize fan appreciation but to record history, now he has altered history. SS
  17. I'm with you Billy K. on the Seattle market. Bremerton may be to far to pull though. HOB books many alternative venues here, however I suspect that Eric's concern isn't so much the HOB family of venues, but rather performing in acoustically superior halls. The new Emerald Queen is probably a natural, but I haven't been there yet to check it out for concert acoustics. The original was a barn. I understand the new is better. I live only about 20 minutes from it. Funny thing is I also only live 20 minutes from the Tacoma Dome where I saw McCartney, (which was great @ $250 a ticket even) but I enjoyed flying 2,000 miles each way to see the Raspberries even more. Just get to the Northwest boys, Billy K. and I will take care of you. ;-) Seattle Steve
  18. I think his best lyrics are his own lyrics, but it's well documented that while he can punch out a melody almost on demand, the perfectionist in him makes writing the lyrics very time consuming, working out each rhyme and syllable. It's a trade off. Some clamor for more EC material, and when he hooks up with a lyricist they can punch out songs quickly. Others like his own work, which takes much more time. One could hold up a collection of EC lyrics that definately hold their own with the above mentioned greats, IMHO. Steve
  19. Sounds great. If someone says he's Eric... believe him! SS
  20. Did they sing it like the Searchers "Needles and Pins..A"?
  21. I've was "drivin' around" yesterday listening to "Fresh" and it occurred to me how great "Nobody Knows" would sound live with the current line-up and HOB venues. I think it would rock and show off the harmonies. If you fiddle with the set list, NK is what I would slip in. Seattle Steve
  22. As I sit here reminiscing about the best concert I've ever seen (and hopefully not the last) it occurred to me that to my knowledge we've heard very little feedback from the bands perspective. In Cleveland I spoke with Billy, Paul, and Jennifer and got their take, but would love to hear from the boys. Come on you know they are lurking on this board. They got to read all about what the Raspberries meant to the fans growing up, our anticipation with the reunion, our reviews of the shows, etc. Everyday they get to log on and receive fan input. I'd love to hear/read some words from Eric, Wally, Dave, and Jim how it went from their point of view. Comments, emotions, expectations, surprises, mishaps, rehearsals, how they picked the setlist, song order, technical stuff, etc. I guess to start things off, consider this my request for the next "Ask Eric". Great show. Exceeding my highest of expectations. Too good not to keep it going. Seattle Steve
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