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  1. Agree with most. Jordan should easily win. Next week will be close between Blake and Melinda. I agree with Eric that AI does allow some pop in the scene but the show really is America's Best Vocalist so often they tend to pick the soaring songs to show off their voice, but after awhile I grow a little tired of all the shouting. Now a show for bands would be cool, as it would combine muscianship, vocals, song compositions, etc. BTW.. I wonder if someone was capable and wanted to, could a contesant sing with their own acoustic guitar, or sing from behind a piano or do the rules prohibit it? I will say the house band sounds pretty good, so did Barry last night.
  2. Speaking of BeeGees, I think Barry Gibb is a gifted songwriter and arranger. I love his voice, even his speaking voice, but I sure prefer the non-falsetto such as "Words" rather than the falsetto disco hits voice.
  3. Another BeeGees sound alike is The Raspberries, Don't Want To Say Goodbye, in fact I seem to recall (could be wrong) that the promo 45 was shipped to some radio stations without the group name so they may think it's the BeeGees, increasing the liklihood of getting played. BTW, most probably know, but the name BeeGees comes from the acronym to, Brothers Gibb.
  4. I don't want EC to go dark on his posts, it's happened before when hassled, he is very articulate and combined with his tremendous insight, it makes for a great read. Also IMHO I think he has a great sense of humor. Tip for Eric: Writing a long post? Start composing in Word. You can save, rearrange, etc. When done, THEN, highlight, right click, copy, and paste here. Allows you to write half a post, save and think about it, prior to submission. I often compose in Word, then move it, less accidents ;-) Steve
  5. Wow I had no idea it's been that long either. A decade ago, we gravitated over from the public AOL boards to Bernie's site and after the transition, it has been smooth sailing on an obviously exceptionally well done, professional, and cool site that, is actually alive.
  6. Oops, here is the Lennon link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA4BthqymzE
  7. Hey no right or wrong, better or worse, but I've tended to be more of Macca kind of fan, but have the utmost appreciation of Lennon. I like unplugged stuff, but this is a cool video I've never seen of Lennon singing the piano based Imagine with 3 acoustic guitars instead. Sometimes some of his bootleg, rehearsal cuts can come off unpolished but his live voice here sounds great to me on this alternative take on a song, that is probably more relevant today than when he wrote it. Cool rare live alternative version. Seattle Steve
  8. I have not read the book.. yet, but I know musicians, and hacks like me, tend to have a ton of half finished songs, licks, hooks, bridges, etc in a notebook or in their head. They remain unfinished because they are bored with completing the 2nd and 3rd verse, and it drives people crazy when you break out your guitar and keep playing just 45 seconds of a song you either wrote or just learned. Listeners want the full 3.5 minutes, even though the songs by nature are quite repetitive after the first minute musically. I always pictured Lennon having these great pieces of unfinished lyrics and licks sitting around in his head, and McCartney would push more to complete them, finish the song off, and use one of the endless melodies that float in his head to advance the point Lennon's song envisioned. I also pictured Macca being aware that the suits need a product/due date and Lennon saying, screw them. There is a long list of opposite musician tandems making musical sparks.. whereby the team is actually in a different and special zone than individually. S
  9. Great posts Eric. I love the behind the scenes scoop, which is probably obvious by the questions I post. Seattle Steve
  10. Bon Jovi sang live on Idol last night a song from his upcoming cd, a song called Make A Memory. It's a ballad, and I thought it was pretty good.
  11. Bon Jovi is a big Raspberries/Carmen fan and was dancing in the aisle of a reunion show, and even took the time to check the setlist during the show as he had to leave early and didn't want to miss a fave. I have come full circle on Bon Jovi. In the 80's I kind of liked a couple songs like Runaway, and Living on a Prayer, but I admit I dismissed the band and put them in the category with Poisen, Ratt, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, etc. When I watched Crossroads and saw BJ play with Sugarland, and do many of the hits acoustically, I thought not only do they stand the test of the time, but they are just well crafted compostions, and he's a very good performer. I then went to the "Have A Nice Day" tour, and it was outstanding in every aspect. I then see him mentoring on American Idol last night and it's clear, he wasn't just a front man for a hair band, he knows what he'd doing, and it also shows that no matter how good some AI contestents are (BTW I predict Jordan) they are just Bambi in woods compared to the likes of a Bon Jovi. Eric what do you think of that other Jersey rocker? S
  12. I really enjoy FOW, and think they excel at what they set out to do. You can't be everything, to everyone, although the Raspberries almost were and that was probably a handful for the record execs, who need to have a label/define the acts assigned to their cubicle. FOW are not trying to write the next "Stairway to Heaven", but TTYD and SM are very Carmenesque. I think songs like Stacy's Mom they are actually poking fun at the business. The video starts with an obvious nod to the Cars. The melody and harmonies are strong and infectious, but I think when Adam writes "..you missed a spot over there, er, er, er,er,er) he's basically daring the suits at Clear Channel to play it. I was working on my roof a couple of years ago, listening to an alternative Seattle station, and Stacy's Mom came on for the first time to my ears. Too far away to even understand the lyrics, but it jumped out of the radio like IWTBWY did on my AM radio in my 65 Mustang. I'm afraid music is so fractured now that what we like is being condsidered a cult. My kids are 19, 17, and 11 and though they actually like "Dad's stuff" (Carmen, Springsteen, Eagles, Mellencamp, Macca, etc.) they also like what I call the third grade rhymes to a drum machine music, wasting space on their Ipod. I like FOW, but they don't stand a chance of being big. As EC said Country is really the only place left. Look at how many bands from the 70's and 80's we can still see at the HOB or casinos. Outside of country no one from today will still be touring 20 years from now. In fact my kids readily admit that outside of the acts who are essentially celebs more than musicians, their music is basically 5 year disposable. But I digress...
  13. I get it now.. cool and educational insight. I also appreciate that there is more to it than just the fact that the piano is more functional, the real talent is though the artist may be composing at the keyboard, the fact that someone has the ability in their mind to not just hear the melody, but to visualize the recorded song performed with different instruments in their head. There are artists that were born with a gift they can't explain, and there are artists that worked very hard (at their craft and the business side) to be where they are, either may do well. But there are also artists that are both... in sports we call that person Michael Jordan, here we call him EC. S
  14. It's well documented how most of Eric's songs he wrote on the piano, even if the final recording was heavy on guitar.. ala Go All The Way" Eric.. Did you write any recordings on guitar or were they all written on piano? EG: Hard to believe If You Change Your Mind was written on the piano, but I bet it was.
  15. You need to listen to Eric's unreleased.. "Cindy in the Wind" that he wrote as a kid. Every bit as good.
  16. Great thread. Wow. If the recordings and mixing were that disappointing, that's quite a tribute to some pretty fine compositions and performances, that still sound pretty good to me.
  17. No one at all, just a reflection on me stating the obvious.
  18. Being a perfectionist to me isn't as great a talent as being aware and recognizing exactly where the the critical point of diminishing return is, and balancing that with production responsibilities. Practically speaking for most, music or otherwise, it's often better to take an A- or B+ than an incomplete. I also believe that posting this sentiment to EC is preaching to the choir. I suspect he understands this balance as well as anyone.
  19. It seems to me that it is one thing for someones voice to have a nice tone, but another set of skills to recognize, sing, and stay in key.
  20. "Might As Well" is my favorite Wally song, (I know Party s Over is cool too) but it is kind of his version of If You Change Your Mind, one of my all time fave EC songs. I have a soft spot for hearing an acoustic guitar within a rock and roll band.
  21. Great suggestions.. I think Make Me Lose Control is in the same league.
  22. I have to wonder if the principlal in this kind of speculation/rumours/info aka Eric, learns about news quicker here than from the actual source.
  23. Marvin you're right. Just curious whose court the ball falls in, or who carries the power on the album title. The Byrds have an album called "untitled" due to a clerical error, on a memo indicating the album was yet to have a name. It's like the standing joke I do with my kids when I go by the drive-in in the winter and we see "Closed for the Season" on the reader board. "Lousy movie, he dies in the end.." Marv my point is that even you just called it the "Geffen Album" (not the Carmen album) and you are a hard core fan.. I don't know, even calling it "I wanna hear it from your lips" (or I'm through with love) might have made more sense at the time, at least to me. I say that with the complete awareness that I don't know how to market a multi-dimensional performer like EC, particularly in todays musical landscape.
  24. MMLC is a perfect pop song... It's a clinic, the answer sheet, in the school of pop. IMHO S
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