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  1. Despite the occasional negative comments this is the kind of review that actually means more than a fan love letter that is preaching to the choir. I made a living converting people that thought they were a one hit K-Tel wonder to a fan by just playing the music at a party. Two mistakes I see in the review, hinting that the songs are cheesy, when in fact many are classically based, with impossible chord changes, quite sophisticated, not 3-chord cheesy. Also the reference to "piano based ballads" the first song is one of my favorite 'berries song, If You Change Your Mind. Is there even a piano on that song? Anyone notice Eric alone with his acoustic guitar opening this song? I Can Remember definately "piano based", but I never considered IYCYM that way. All things considered great review, from someone who has converted from what the 'berries fought through their whole career, preconceived opinions and image. I suspect their will be many more.
  2. I agree. I have maintained for a long time, that movies would be a great end around the funky music-business scene. It's worked before for Eric, transcend preconceived notions. S
  3. Wham Bam Shang A Lang? I thought I was the only one that knew of this song, let alone liked it. There's a lot of 70's one hit wonders where people bought the 45's but I went for the album.. Silver, Gunhill Road, Brewer and Shipley, Pilot, Looking Glass, Shocking Blue, Edison Lighthouse, Norman Greenbaum, Ides of March, Blues Image, King Harvest, David Essex, Climax, Tom Clay, etc. You're really old if you can associate the above with their single.
  4. I have it somewhere too.. it's incredible. Eric, how many vocal parts did you sing? SS
  5. Marv, regarding Stevie Nicks, you might be thinking of Iovine.
  6. Me thinks, the magic radio combo is Carmen-Ienner-Pitchford. Would like to see them go to the well one more time.. I'm sure the song is already written, but is stored in pieces, in 3 different notebooks. Steve
  7. I'm telling you, the stars are aligning again especially with the dvd release to sell at shows. Eric reserve some time at Beechwood and ring up your bandmates. They don't align forever. Live dvd, new material, and tour. It's not about age, it's about exposure. There are a niche of kids screaming for this music again in this vast techno/karaoke wasteland. My son is in 6th grade and there are far more AC/DC and Stones T-shirts being worn at soccer practice than 50 Cent or Timberlake. Just go to an Aerosmith concert, more people half the bands age than at age. Especially with that newspaper article... how many more signs are needed? The live dvd comes full circle and documents the legacy very well, but primarily it's preaching to the choir but needs more traction. This mine has been dug for 30 years and the 'berries are a couple feet away from punching through to daylight and a brand new audience,the fruit has never been lower, lets pick it!!!!!! Bon Jovi has a team that is a master at publicity. He loves the 'berries. Why not open for JBJ and sell live dvd's? "Hey Eric Won't you come out tonight The stars are dancin' Like diamonds in the moonlight And we could never find a better time To put the band back togeeeeether..." SS
  8. Except for some outside sheds, I think most of the tameness has come from the banning of "festival seating". In the 70's the entire arena floor would be GA, and they would sell reserved seats. Back then, I never understood why the cheapest seats, GA, were the closest to the stage. Always bought the cheapest ticket to enter the building. Now as I'm parking the car I prefer the lack of anxiety knowing that my row 8, seats 10/11 are waiting for me, whenever I get there.
  9. I'm sitting here at midnight in my home alone despite my family of 5, (hospital issue & teenagers) flipping channels and came across CMT doing yet another Bon Jovi new intimate concert, and while it was said on another thread the CMT Crossroads venue that put JBJ with Sugarland, was one of the best ever, that I totally agreed, this is JBJ unplugged, totally acoustic. Really cool. Love lead acoustic guitar..Ritchie can play. Picture Hanging With the Raspberries and Eric doing IWBWY acoustic with the band and dubs, or the 'berries doing the slowed Let's Pretend. Thats this whole JBJ gig Interesting they had All American Rejects play acoustic with them on Livin' on a Prayer, and they were great, lead acoustic and backing vocal. Now he's playing with Leanne Rhimes who reminds you of how insignificant AI is at times when young people like her have those chops, floating around. This show has an orchestra with cellos, accordians, violin, guys on stools with guitars, piano, etc. Cool. Eric..Severance hall baby (or your house on your grand with drink coasters) EC: Use your people... JBJ is a fan of YOURS!!!
  10. I agree with everthing said including Eric's comments. Might not improve but different. Eric's vocal range and sense of melody, piano, (not mellotran, I'd try it on the grand, add Eric's attitude and tribute, I think GOK by Eric in some format should be considered, at the minimum as a tribute, but possibly as a really cool cover. Sorry... I think Eric could nail this, perhaps a little less sweet with a little more edge.
  11. "Bon Jovi: The "Crossroads" with Sugarland on CMT was one of the best "concert videos" I've ever seen. The cross-pollination will between the two bands was electric. I've seen a couple of other interesting mixes on that series, but not one that "grabbed" me like BJ/SL." -Pauliemissippi.com- Couldn't agree more. Watched it 20 times. I like both their songs together better than solo, and I love them solo. Totally see Eric doing that, since that is where "pop" is going. He did it first with "Maybe My Baby", and "We've Got Each Other" ERIC!!! If you don't think you and Carrie Underwood could rock out on your "High Cost of Loving You" you got to get out more. Cross both charts. You heard it here first on 6/30/07 from Seattle Steve. Come on you got people, Fred, that can make that happen. If not... sell it to Garth/Trisha or Tim/Faith.. that unreleased gem HAS to see the light of the country/pop day, and find some ears. IMHO.. love that song and Erics vocals. I've been around for ever but never heard Eric comment on his thoughts on that song... ??? SS
  12. I don't always disagree with her, but her delivery is pompous, arrogant, and I believe calculated. Let's just say her personality, regardless of politcal opinion, is not who I would look forward to meeting for a beer Friday happy hour at the pub.
  13. Speaking of the Cars, FOW must have some connection with them as the intro to Stacy's Mom is reminiscent and the video has the kid looking like Rik Ocasek.
  14. And then, I believe Eric nicked himself also with grabbing a bit of Let's Pretend, for the world famous ballard standard, ABM. Two incredible songs by any standard, but put through the stratosphere with the lead vocal performance.
  15. Since musically it is reminiscent of Go All The Way, I think if the song was more lyrically different, it might have stood out more on it's own.
  16. "Heck many of the songs that I love are ridiculed on this Message Board!" -Marvin- Marv, Come on, we all love Muskrat Love. ;-) S
  17. I Think he already did, EC just called it "She Did It" I know this belongs in another thread, but speaking of "God Only Knows", check out this clip of BRIAN WILSON and GEORGE MARTIN at the mixer on God Only Knows. George breaks down the song as a "musical detective" much the way Eric did when Pet Sounds came out. George and Brian... tell me Eric wouldn't give his eye teeth to be in that room breaking down that song with those guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP1U3vhG4o4
  18. God Only Know Is perfect by Carl, (Like Let's Pretend) like EC said. You don't have to top it but be a little different, . I wasn'thinking of a release but rather a great time to be in the room on a sound check.
  19. When John chooses to smile, he lights up the world. Nice to see him have fun, as he became somewhat jaded in later years. I think John would have loved EC's "Desperate Fools" and would wish he had wrote it. I think EC nailed their collective sentiments.
  20. Wow, Carl Wilson would have killed on Shannon, and the BB's on Someday would have been great, althought I think EC nailed it well out of the chute.
  21. OK, picture this, Eric has covered Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson is a handful with that high voice, but one only needs to look IWBWY or LP, to know Eric has the same range. God Only Knows is right up there as one of the most perfect pop songs ever. I don't know about you, but my perfect afternoon would be story telling in EC's Gate Mills backyard, then moving to the piano with a drink and a coaster, and Eric starts playing piano acoustic hits, mostly his, but my two EC piano acoustic covers would be God Only Knows and Maybe I'm Amazed. Not to mention EC's solo material. I've died and gone to heaven. Steve
  22. Like to revist Clive's marketing strategy for Boats or Hurts. The guy is accomplished, and he's good, but boy there are two he sure dropped the ball on.
  23. Hands down, EC at the piano singing God Only Knows. This sonic dinasauer says it would chart again. Second? 'berries doing Don't Worry Baby.
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