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  1. The hits, singles, and performance of your favorite bands are obvious.. I like picking the favorite song that wasn't released (If You Change Your Mind) for my favorite bands. Boston was dead on in my opinion with their single releases, but this song to me is the shoulda woulda coulda been a contenda and fits a Brad Delp tribute Piano song, tenor vocals, check it out (EC?) Click here: YouTube - Boston-A man I'll never be
  2. Should be... easy for the exponetial fan email forwarding.
  3. "I should have been born in New jersey." EC Can you imagine in 1970 a young 21 year old Eric Carmen wandering of the shore in Jersey to a little club called Stone Pony for a beer and meeting another kid, the same age by a month, named Bruce, who is need of a keyboard player tonight, to work out some new songs he has written on a cocktail napkin... oh and by the way Bruce explains to his new found friend, that intimidating guy shooting pool over there, that's not the bouncer, he's my sax player. Wanna jam tonight..? Meanwhile an 8 year old kid named Jon peers in the window and dreams of playing there someday.
  4. You would think even a would be journalist kid out of college would think to use spell check, and most wouldn't even need it.
  5. If the timing isn't at least close to being right, it never will be. Extremely positive reviews and famous liner notes can be used for promotion, actual new merchandise to sell, a LIVE dvd even. HOB circuit, local radio promo interviews, and for god sakes, with these reviews and Springtsteens endorsement can't anyone get them booked on a late night national talk show?
  6. 2 questions, did Robinson (or anyone in the Secret) pen many original tunes that were fan favorites, but just didn't break through out of Mentor, or were they basically covers? 2, I seem to remember seeing a picture of Eric on stage with the Secret wearing a hat, playing a guitar. Any clips of that floating around?
  7. Also, at the very first reunion show (and probably the first official performance of the song with EC on lead vocals) Eric acknowledged and dedicated the song to Scott.
  8. Scott, Wally, and Billy can all channel a pretty mean John Lennon. Wally and Billy both can sing a great lead on No Reply. No question Eric can shift gears vocally as well as anyone.
  9. It's OK to not like the Raspberries, but to sit in a cubicle and comment on the state of the industry, influences, discount the factual influences, discount the sophistication of the song structure and arrangement, etc. It's uniformed, poorly written, illogical, and inaccurate. This is probably the most response this hack has ever had for a $50 article.
  10. "While Springsteen doesn't use opening acts, he's been known to bring musical guests on stage with him when he's using the E Street Band. Rumored Cleveland date Nov. 4. I wouldn't miss it. I wonder if Eric is memorizing the 2nd verse of "Hungry Heart"." There is a youtube clip of Bon Jovi singing this song live with Bruce. Eric in Cleveland..perfect.
  11. These reviews that are pouring in must remove the last bit of hesitation, as well as firmly cementing a musical influence and legacy that will endure beyond the group on this forum.
  12. There was no way I wasn't getting the whole show DVD. I agree on rehearsal footage, there are clips from their last rehearsal, but the fly on the wall moments would be the early rehearsals.
  13. This morning I received an unsolicited email from Amazon announcing the availability of Sunset Strip. It must because of my buying habits, but it's cool that they have a proactive marketing effort. The reviews on Amazon are over the top. "Coupled with the sheer talent of each band member at their craft, spilling over this record in bucketfuls, this is perhaps the greatest live power pop record ever made. If Cheap Trick's "Live At Budokan" has an older brother, this is it." Now THAT's a memorable quote.
  14. Should I Wait, is performed and recorded flawlessly, and is far superior to the album cut. Of course if I sang Twinkle Twinkle with pipes of Eric, Wally, and Jennifer behind me it would sound good. Great Song, Great performance..cool to see Dave get recognition.. it also looks like he had more fun than anyone. He's the fifth Eagle. Wally did great on his songs too. Would have liked to see "Might As Well" in the cut, my favorite Wally song. IMHO, Eric killed from start to finish. Incredible video. Sweet.
  15. Did everyone notice that the autographs were signed in the position the band plays on stage, and a particular nice touch was the positioning of Wally's flying V on the right side of the picture where he plays and autographed. Was this intentional? And is there a story to the cover alley scene? It's a cool picture, just curious
  16. Autographed #46 showed up in Seattle today.
  17. You da man EC. On your day, kick back, pour a cold one, and research Northwest venues.
  18. I suspect the boys are waiting to see how the live cd sells, to gauge interest for live dates (as would promoters)
  19. No question there is a different mojo going on when the 4 play together, vs solo. Amazing the songwriting production and legacy that was left for being together such a short time. Great to finally have it documented on disk.
  20. Someone must have the audio file... I missed it.
  21. On EC's cover, I particularly like the way the chorus starts out simple, and builds each time.
  22. A charecteristic of any long time Eric Carmen fan, is patience, almost by definition. I'm cool with it. Take your time, put it out when it's right, and I'll savor the moment when it arrives. Seattle Steve
  23. Goldmine's review was very articulate and it's clear the author gets it.
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