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  1. Great review, my god, if there ever was a time to announce a reunion tour with some dates, with the current editorial momentum and merch to sell...
  2. Only two profane syllables recorded over a 30 year period isn't much. The whole point is to add occasional emphasis, the rappers that swear in every line make you numb, and ironically no longer has any meaning or emphasis.
  3. Too bad The Eagles took the best title, "Hell Freezes Over".
  4. Thought maybe the Springsteen - Max Weinberg - Conan connection may kick in. Guest spot way more valuable then infospecial, and for a perishable time period.. newsworthy.
  5. I still say work your way onto 3 1/2 minutes of a late night talk show while the release is still fresh and newsworthy
  6. They figured out the music business landscape.. get back to country rock to get charted, and distribute through Wal-Mart. Makes sense to me. I like the song, would fit on their early albums, ironic that I always thought it was Joe who pushed them from country to more rock/electric.
  7. I would think Eric would relate to some of their plight... mgt issues, "critics love us but we're making 50 cents" as well as bring me son of "Happy Together" (GATW). Thought it was cool that the Turtles could give the label musically what they wanted in "Elenore", but could slip in their parody lyrics that the suits probably never got ("You're my pride, enjoy, etc.") All the Elenore tags, "Elenore really", "Elenore near me" any chance inspired by Elenor Rigby.?
  8. I'm wrong, I was thinking of I Don't Know What I Want
  9. I was under the impression that ATTN was all Erics and not a collaboration.
  10. I understand why TH didn't show up on Boats as they could find all the right master tracks and were under financial and budget pressure, but once boats was released, and there was plenty of time again, why not take the discovered tracks that were good, and re-record the missing tracks for Change of Heart, which was less thematic, and contained stuff recorded during Boats as well?
  11. I'd like to learn of Ienners opinion and comments of the Sunset Strip show
  12. Surprised everyone picked Dick Van Dyke Show, always has been a fave of mine.
  13. "what ruins it for me, too is Jon's voice... and the dreadful keyboards... there's a lot of pop faux-pas' in there... I believe on Bon Jovi's "Runaway" the legendary Professor, Roy Bittan was on keyboards, who to this day Springsteen seems to still like.
  14. Great find, but there's a rare video of Eric singing duet with her..
  15. Steve, OK, so you wrote me a question in "Ask Eric", I'll check it out..
  16. Had some time late tonight, and went through the various sites with press coverage on the live cd/dvd. Ironically the thought that came to my mind was that now 99% of the critics are now saying in 2007 exactley what you were trying to describe what the Raspberries were trying to be about in the early 70's. Their Reviews NOW say almost quotes from your early 70's quotes. I find the entire dilemna of were the Raspberries reactionary or influential intriguing. What fooled them all was you were BOTH! Best of both worlds, mixed together, rocked their boats, with your personal touch, talent, and unique vocals and arranging (and a pretty hot little quartet) Eric, throw us a bone for those that could not attend your birthday at Bernies (and would have loved to).. What is your reaction of the current positive press on Sunset Strip, and did you predict it, or are you surprised by it? I'm sure I'm not the only person here that would love to learn of your thoughts. Thanks man. SS
  17. Steve?! Hey, yeah, it's up to the promoter, but I got to tell you, I'm not even sure where Seattle is.
  18. Watched the full concert DVD completely for the third time last night.. keeps getting better. It occured to me that the quality of the sound and performance on this reunion series of shows has to be by all accounts the best they have ever done, and one of the best live performances ever.. also how perfect "Starting Over" would have been strategically sequenced in a reunion performance. If I Can Remember, EC indicated that it was omitted purely on technical fidelity reasons, and would have been included. Is that right?
  19. "hip" was probably the wrong word.. I just like the song, and think the 'berries could do a great version of a Boston song, most are not familiar with. I agree on the EC cover notion.. I still think "No Hard Feelings" with revolving lead vocals, and an extended guitar solo, would fit perfect in an encore medley, musically and of course lyrically.
  20. Makes sense. Watch the dvd and EC definately takes advantage of microphone proxemity, the same song has mellow and screams.. When you see him turn his head to the right and leans back, you got yourself a scream or an incredible high note. I also don't see Eric needing the freedom to run up and down the aisle or jump on top of a speaker during a performance. The music speaks for itself.
  21. Regarding Farrar, It's hard to write about the arts becuase it's opinions, not right or wrong, it's what you like, but he could at least acknowledge that like it or not, it's the highest quality live recording I have in my collection... or his.
  22. Irregardless of personal opinion, I found the article inarticulate and uniformered and designed to raise an inconsequential hype over a middle school book report review.
  23. Bernie, Your interpretation of Boats is word for word mine. I heard that song, and I felt like at the time when Muhammed Ali did rope a dope on George Foremen, he kept getting knocked down but kept coming back... I love the silver lining angle, and frankly always felt it. Anytime you say tomorrow, it's a silver lining. Eric has tons of songs with lyrical and vocal urgency and the words "Tonight" in them, a one day exercise, not a commitment, "Tomorrow" was a maturation process, that I took positively, and unveiled a world with more gravity and commitment than "Tonight".. It just hit me at the right time.. but I still say would be a hit song today. Great blog. Like to se what EC thinks.
  24. After further review, the above song would be an incredible cover for the Raspberries. Eric on the opening piano solo, guitar solo windows for Wally and Billy, Paul/Jen on organ, possible vocal window for Jennifer, Jennifer sweetining the vocals, very piano based "If You Change Your Mindish".. What the heck, a covers update from the 80's. Broaden appeal. Dedicate to Delp. 2008 tour, drop Neadles cover, and add Boston, more hip Eric, check it out, it has you written all over it, acoustic piano turning into full band..you know your way around this scenario. Words are cool too.
  25. Sorry, done this before, heres the Brad Delp song link I meant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V46Wl8Enkt8
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