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  1. The good ones are already taken, but how about these... Alone Again Naturaly - Gilbert O'Sullivan Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire Knickerbockers - Lies (Beatle sound alike) Friday On My Mind - Easybeats (think Raspberries Oh Tonight") Angel of the Morning - Seattle's own Merilee Rush More Today than Yesterday - Spiral Staircase In the year 2525 - Zager and Evans Smile a Little Smile For Me - Flying Machine Venus - Shocking Blue Vehicle - Ides of March In The Summertime - Mungo Jerry One Toke Over the Line - Brewer and Shipley Sunshine - Jonathon Edwards Precious and Few - Climax (Clevland!) Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest Hocus Pocus - Focus Brother Louie - Stories The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace I Can Help - Billy Swann Wham Bam - Silver I could go on forever in the 70's David Soul, Peter McCan, Alan O'Day, Debbie Boone, Santa Esmerelda, Dan Hill, Toby Beau, Chris Rea, Nick Gilder, Ian Mathews, Nick Van Warmer, Nick Lowe, etc
  2. Heaven Can Wait and Somewhere In Time I liked, even my kids like On Golden Pond, and formula comedy I still like "Seems Like Old Times" I like Grodin's dry humor, he was the original Heartbreak Kid, and orignially slated to play the lead in "The Graduate" before Dustin.
  3. Billy, I too have over the years become impressed with Bruce's guitar chops.. his presence and singing are so strong I tended to watch him, not the frets, and figured Stevie and Niles were holding down the fort capabley. Heres a rare clip that Marvin and I have shared, circa 1978, with an extended prelude to "Prove It All Night". Bruce wanders on the stage and looks like he just woke up, then plays some mean guitar intro. When it comes to a rock show, he gets it.
  4. Marvin, is it just me or do you hear bits of the Who's "The Kids Are Alright", in Bruce's "Girls In Their Summer Clothes"? BTW I know I'm a broken record but I'd love to hear a Raspberries/Overdub harmony laden treatment of that Who cover.
  5. Eric, He plays a very different piano style than you, what do you thing of The Professor's, Roy Bittan (Mr. Apreggio)piano style. Seems to really fit well with Bruce's compositions, slow ala Jungle Land or uptempo ala Prove it all Night. Not sure which is chicken or egg.
  6. It occurred to me the last time I saw Bruce that instead of a concert, it was more of a rock and roll revival, or church, featuring pastor Springsteen. It's something else. Not unlike Dylan, or The Grateful Dead, you can go to back to back Springsteen concerts and you have a radically different set list. I assume that's still the case. Billy, who were you most impressed with guitar wise?
  7. I thought Rob Thomas really ran with Santanas licks in Smooth (1999?)Great song. Country wise, Shania and Garth sure put out some good hits, and I think the two changed "country" music, taking it from George Strait, Randy Travis, etc and are the two most responsible for the crossover to pop, all during the 90's.
  8. I've never seen the show, but the title is ironic for us long time posters. ;-)
  9. Good question. It's fascinating in the movie world the roles that actors passed on that became hits. It didn't hurt Travolta's career but Richard Gere's biggest movies were roles Travolta turned down, American Gigalo, Officer and a Gentleman, Chicago, etc.
  10. I think the confusion lies in the fact that it is not called "The Music Hall of Fame", but rather the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" I think they are gravitating to the former, as many nominees/members have nothing to do with Rock and Roll. Disco and Rap should get their own Hall.
  11. That has become part of my concert attending wardrobe..rather than preach the word, I like people coming up to me. Several people at a Bon Jovi concert commented positively, and I was recently at a REO Speedwagon concert going down the escalator at the Emerald Queen Casino, and someone going up said how cool my shirt was. Small world, I was at a home tv football party a week ago, as we watched Sunset Strip afterwards, and a yacht broker aquaintance of mine, saw my shirt, from cleveland area, saw many shows in the day, knows many people in Gate Mills, and I don't recall the circumstances, but he's been at Eric's front door for some reason. The shirt is cool, black goes with everything.. I'd make more.
  12. Doesn't Michael Jackson still control most the Beatles stuff? or did he sell it back to Sony?
  13. Clive was write on his triple threat quote.. perform, write, and sing like about no other.
  14. Very well said Eric.... Eric , Bruce, Billy, Paul, and Brian I think are my top 5.
  15. well if Springsteen likes the Raspberries, then I assume Max does.. so lets get on Conan And if Schaffer likes them, and they booked Ringo with Eric before.. should be able to get Letterman too.
  16. Sure be cool if you're playing in NY on Sat to do Lettermen or someother NY based show on Fri.
  17. "Do you think this is the end of her career?" America likes controversy and to watch train wrecks. If she put out a release that says she is going to be on Letterman next week with a big surprise, ratings would go up.
  18. Elvis, "If I Can Dream" live is reminiscent of the heartfelt passion of Eric doing "Boats" live. Re: Burton Cummings. He is known as "the voice". I don't think anyone could do justice covering his material vocally.
  19. Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction Not an incredible song, but the vocals express an escalating pent up anger coming through more and more through each verse. Del Shannon - Runaway Again, the vocals take an average song and put it over the top. I believe both were done in one take. But there is one vocal perfomance that blows everything I've seen posted. Everyone know what is referred to as Elvis's 68 comeback special, black leather etc. Well in between the first takes and preparation for the show, and the final airing around Christmas.. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Lutheran King were shot. Colonol Parker and the network wanted Elvis to close with a Christmas song. Elvis wanted to acknowledge the assasinations and commisioned for a song to be written that he could close with. I don't recall if Elvis co-wrote it or not but it's called "If I Can Dream", and he's in a white suite. It's also an escalating vocal performance, but by the end it's an out of the park vocal home run. Check it out. Eric what do you think?
  20. It makes more sense than it even did before to tour
  21. Marvin, You'll be all over this reply post in seconds....
  22. I could go into so much detail, but EC writes for his current band,obviously at times for Wally's guitar. I'm not sure EC every really got it, and thought his vocal soundtrack on a demo was exactly that, a demo track. In reality, second only to the wonderful melody he just wrote, he didn't realize how special his vocals were, and are, special, and quite unique. I know it's sacreligious to say this, but they have proved they can find another Steve Perry, and I can't believe they can find another Dennis DeYoung (who I thought also had the goods), but you will never find another Eric Carmen, Burton Cummings, John Fogerty, or Kevin Cronin fronting their 70's rock and roll band that is close to the truth. Springsteen, Mellencamp, Joel, McCartney, John, excluded as they weren't "the band". Anybody agree with my take on the vocals of the Raspberries, The Guess Who, Creedence, or REO?
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