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  1. I remember Clapton, Carmen, and Carpenters and Cars were all pretty close in the record bins
  2. You can tell Petty's pretty respected in the biz by the respect he has (see EC's post) compay he keeps such as all the Wilburys. Funny thing about how Petty got in the Wilburys. Jeff Lynne was producing Georges solo album and needed a b-side single filler, they had already talked about getting Orbison on it. They were to record in Dylans studio which explains his participation but Petty got involved because he left his guiatar at Georges and went to retrieve it. They knocked out a song with all 5, Handle Me With Care, and it was too good for a b-side. So a new group and albumn were born.
  3. I'm Through With Love is so heart wrenching that iI suspect can't be completely fictional.
  4. Great performance, great set list. Kind of hoping for Dont Do Me Like That, and realize that Refuge and Breakdown didn't fit the tempo. Like the fact that ever since the wardrobe malfunction they have gone back to classic rock.
  5. I posted before, same 4 Raspberries albums went from derivitive to influential. I love Cheap Trick, but they are rarely cited as influential.Perhaps in the genre of live albums, as just like in that period Kiss Alive, Frampton Comes Alive, and Cheap Trick at Budokan, and Wings Over America pretty much blew the roof of the theory that the fidelity of live albums suck.. those 4 , especially the first 3, were far better than their studio releases. 30 years later.. Raspberries have pulled it off.. Live Sunset Strip is better than the studio, IMHO.
  6. To take advantage of the 'berries harmonies I'd like to see them cover "If I Fell". Wally could sing the Lennon intro with an acoustic, then Eric kicks in with harmony on the first verse. Great harmonies on the bridge. Goosebumps. The 'dubs would help to put it over the top. Maybe this could be the acoustic break in the show on stools, go right into "If You Change Your Mind"
  7. The early years of the Beatles breakup didn't go well for John and Paul. Ironically Ringo comes out of nowhere with top 40 hits, and George bust loose with a triple album. John wrote a scathing song about Paul, "How Do You Sleep" where he didn't even try to hide it. I recently read something I never thought of.. do you think Pauls "Too Many People" had anything to do with John? That was your first mistake, Lucky break, broke it in two, preaching practices, it's not like me, etc...Words to both below. Me thinks they are related. Paul's version much more thinly veiled. How Do You Sleep? Lyrics Artist(Band):John Lennon Review The Song (33) Print the Lyrics So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise You better see right through that mother's eyes Those freaks was right when they said you was dead The one mistake you made was in your head Ah, how do you sleep? Ah, how do you sleep at night? You live with straights who tell you you was king Jump when your momma tell you anything The only thing you done was yesterday And since you're gone you're just another day Ah, how do you sleep? Ah, how do you sleep at night? Ah, how do you sleep? Ah, how do you sleep at night? A pretty face may last a year or two But pretty soon they'll see what you can do The sound you make is muzak to my ears You must have learned something in all those years Ah, how do you sleep? Ah, how do you sleep at night? Too Many People Lyrics Artist(Band):Paul McCartney Review The Song (0) Print the Lyrics by Paul McCartney Too Many People Going Underground Too Many Reaching For A Piece Of Cake Too Many People Pulled And Pushed Around Too Many Waiting For That Lucky Break That Was Your First Mistake You Took Your Lucky Break And Broke It In Two Now What Can Be Done For You You Broke It In Two Too Many People Sharing Party Lines Too Many People Never Sleeping Late Too Many People Paying Parking Fines Too Many Hungry People Losing Weight That Was Your First Mistake You Took Your Lucky Break And Broke It In Two Now What Can Be Done For You You Broke It In Two Too Many People Preaching Practices Don't Let Them Tell You What You Wanna Be Too Many People Holding Back, This Is Crazy And Maybe It's Not Like Me That Was Your Last Mistake I Find My Love Awake And Waiting To Be Now What Can Be Done For You She's Waiting For Me
  8. Too many great compositions.. Desperado though is their All By Myself both in tone and theme. Show stopper.
  9. Eric and Wally changing lead vocal verses.. let me roll it Macca - If you change your mind ( would be great no doubt, but would cement Eric's legacy, even Macca can't top Eric on this one.
  10. Many obvious ones have been mentioned already. Springsteen is a clinic on stage presence, like his music or not. His band albeit incredible, don't afford him the opportunity to change lead vocals, he takes lead for 3 plus hours alone, and it's like a religious revival. My wifes only complaint is that not unlike Dylan, the song catalogue is so deep, that the setlist changes so much.. she wants to hear wall to wall greatest hits. An example of the opposite I'm told.. my sister in law is a huge George Strait fan, but says it's not an incredible performance, one man in levis just standing in front of a mike. Sounds good, but.. On the other hand, I think you'd have to say Garth Brooks has presence and puts on a show, just saw hime live on tv over the weekend, he's still got it if you like his music. Brian Setzer Orchestra live is quite a show. A Billy Joel concert is far from a piano bar crooner performance.. Back during the Thriller era, Michael Jackson had few stage equals. And of course.. Macca
  11. I have no idea what the current Carmen-Pitchford connection is, but if it exists, I'm surprised they don't go to the well again, best songs or not, those two together get songs on the radio. Pitchford not only wrote songs, but movies as well. He wrote the movie Footloose. Why not write a movie around Eric's song(s). It was rumoured a million years ago that there was going to be a film produced around the Eagles "Desperado" album, never happened. Eric has so many songs that tell a story or could be used in a film to advance the story line. What would you make a movie from? For starters, I'll throw out, that Pitchford should write a movie (or Cameron Crowe) about an aspiring solo songwriter/performer moving to LA and of course call it "Desperate Fools"
  12. ... jaded nonchalance" Too many other phrases to cite.. but I offer what makes the lyrics more special is Eric's unique vocal treatment. The reason you don't hear Boats covers like ABM, is it can't be done. It's been tried. No one can come close.
  13. Would be a great show but the only reason to share a bill would be to sell more tickets since your splitting the gate. Not sure how many more would come as opposed to a Raspberries solo performance..
  14. Special would be photos with Eric that I have. As far as collectibles, I have a lot of stuff, but couple things I haven't seen anywhere that I have.. is a red satin softball jacket with Arista logo on the front and Change of Heart/Eric Carmen on the back, and an lp of All By Myself where Eric has a voice over during the extended piano break thanks everyone that worked on the record. Best moment? Before the recent success, and when Eric was still in the witness protection program and he did his first solo performance at the HOF.. he recognized me for backing him up on the aol wars before Bernies website was up. Cool. I'm curious what's ERIC'S most prized possession?
  15. Marv.. I believe we are on the identical page -Steve-
  16. I just wrote that headline to make Eric look..:-) Eric was quite articulate in another thread about the distinction between the Raspberries and himself... it was also pretty cool. The Raspberries legacy is now documented and acknowledged forever by the recent killer peformances. Funny they have just 4 albums and mull over what song to drop, and others with 20 albums mull over what to include. I have two Raspberries comments. 1. Legacy. They were first called derivitive, and now they are cited as influential. Same 4 albums. Cool. Love it. Ironic 2. Commercial. As Eric said, if I was them, I'd balance my life and play a handful of dates each year around the country and grab 1,000 of the 10,000 hardcore fans each night and be pleased. I could have made a living though at exposing the Raspberries biggest flaw... the only people that don't like them, are pretty much the people that were unaware of them. I have increased the fan base by 20 fold in Seattle by simply playing their music at parties. "You're kidding, that's the same guy that sang ABM"" My point.. don't rule out double bill. Sure you're dwarfed by Bruce or Jovi, BUT, it is proved you can succesfully CO-bill. REO and Styx are in the same boat...yesterdays news, still have a large following , family more important than music.... I've spoke with Kevin Cronin, the seemingly competing groups get along famously, they co-bill, they alternate headliners, they sell new albums and merch, they help each other... They basically only go out on weekends, mostly summer weekends. Diapers during the week, rockstar on Saturday. (I think Lennon was headed this way) Again, legacy.. done... handful of dates a year since you're rehearsed..for fun Commercial... commercial co bill to broaden the audience.. who? Guess Who, and Knack come to mind... Bruce and Jon may overshadow, and you're playing to a lot of people trying to find their seats and get their first beer .. but it's a numbers game and I would return their call if received. Same if your ID shows a call from B. Joel. I'm happy and at peace, if the 'berries and the dubs play just a few dates a year, and just preach to the choir. It's our little collective secret... but if THEY want more, there are decisions to make. Eric, thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on Bernies forum. It keeps the site alive. Seattle Steve Harmony and balance.. works in music.. works in life. (btw, my boats for sale, and unless you and Jim no longer care for fresh dugeness crab, then I guess it won't matter.)
  17. Lennon obviously was more political than McCartney and once dismissed his solo work as .. if all you want to do is write silly love songs' and another Wings hit single was born from that comment.
  18. Glad Billys a fan too.. but I would say about anything from Brian Setzer... he is simply an amzing guitar god live.. and he writes, and he sings, he even writes all the charts.. I know I'm crossing over from licks to solos, but Gary Richrath from REO use to steal the show live in the day with his solo from the middle of "Take it On The Run" Could almost have a thread on "intros" and of course Eric/Wally GATW would be the gold standard... but I do echo someone else who said Long Cool Women... not incredible, I just like it
  19. Both have incredible voices, but performance wise, Eric is a much better front man. I saw the Guess Who a few years ago and while it was very good, Burton just sat on a stool in front of his keyboard. The CD to buy is Burton's Up Close and Alone, where he is in an intimate setting with just his piano, and tells stories about every song. Exactly what would make a cool EC CD.
  20. I have initiated this post many times over the years. One of the things they have in common are vocals that jump out of the radio, and are very different then anything else out there. Still think solo or even with the band, Guess Who Raspberries or Carmen/Cummings would make great double bills. Guess Who had more hits then the 'berries, and Eric had more solo hits than Burton. Similar careers, uniquie voices, but different piano styles. Burtons "All By Myself" has got to be "These Eyes" (possible "Stand Tall"). Eric is so much more classical while Burton tends to be a little more "boogie woogie". Came together on Hey Deanie. Burtons underarrated songs that I love are Star Baby, Albert Flasher, and I'm Scared
  21. Precious to Me - Phile Seymor In a Gadda De Vida - Iron Butterfly Hot Child in the City - Nick Gilder
  22. Stuck in the middle with you - Steelers Wheel (Rafferty went on with more hits solo) Back when my hair was short- Gunhill Road. Too Shy - Kajagoogoo Tainted Love - Softcell Bernie Higgins - Key Largo Mason Williams - Classical Gas Na Na Hey Hey - Steam Hey Jude - The Beatles (Oh wait I'm wrong here, they had a few others)
  23. Jennifer, Oliver, and Harvard. Michael Douglass, Jon Voight, Peter Fonda, michael York, Beau Bridges,all had their fingerprints on the script before Ryan O'Neil. This is unusual, it was written as a screenplay, before it was written as a novel.
  24. Amazing in hindsight, I would expect a few bad reviews just as you would during the 70;s in the hey day. My gosh they are in their 50's. I haven't come across a single negative review, and most have alluded that they are as good if not better then ever. This is my best line about the Raspberries (Eric?) I find it extremely ironic that at the time, the very same composer, band, and song library that were once considered and dismissed as derivititve, are now considered talented and even influential. SS
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