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  1. I still remeber the story when Paul paid a visit to Johns NYC pad one Saturday night, and Sat Night Live was on tv, and had the spoof on the Beatles reunion, and they were close to hoping a taxi and showing up. ($1,000 check, split it equally, or pay Ringo less, your choice)
  2. Eric may also still be in shock and unable to post after seeing the recently posted clip of George Martin at the piano playing and discussing ABM in the same sentence as timeless melodies.
  3. Over the years, I feel Eric has been very forthcoming with his comments and insights. It is true, many questions have been posed multiple times, which is unfortunate for newer members. I suspect you can pose any questions that many here could answer on his behalf, if not quote Eric, in his own words. Go for it. EC has openly and eloquently responded to many insightful and at times ackward questions, from my point of view. Taking them head on.. He's only cagey about one topic in my view.. I speculate that he has more new handwritten songs and music in a tattered scotch stained notebook near his piano than he's letting on to. I bet he's sitting on some heaven sent melodies, not unlike Let's Pretend" whereby he is trying to figure out is it an EC ballad, or do I pick up the tempo with harmonies and make it a 'berries song, or do I sell it to a big name vocalist or AI star. but I'm only guessing.. only EC knows.
  4. I saw the 'dubs do the bg's to MMLC at Eric's solo show.. just as good. BTW, Billy plays a mean harmonica on Desperate Fools, does a great Lennon on No Reply, and Jennifer is the best partner for Eric on Almost Paradise. Real deal. S
  5. Sleep With Me is a great song... another one on the same album, just as emotional but in the opposite direction, serves as the inevitable sequel to SWM, It Hurts Too Much.
  6. Performs with Ringo, George Martin plays his signature piano song citing classic melodies, all that's left.. something with Macca.. those two voices together would be electric,
  7. Kind of weird to think that probably half of EC's debut solo album, would have, could have, been Raspberries 5 in a different time and place.
  8. I have always been fascinated by the notion of "'berrifying" certain EC solo songs. That's Rock and Roll is a no-brainer.. I would have loved to have heard their treatment of this. This 3 chord melody has plenty of room for Wally and Jim's fills, let alone the 'dubs layered harmonies. Should be a staple at frat parties. No Hard Feelings is an intriguing choice as well. Hurts Too Much would be a flat out hit.
  9. I like the phrase "jaded nonchalance" You don't see that pop up in many songs.
  10. All the hits, all the eras, pretty cool Must be a fan to include I Can Remember Seattle Steve
  11. So this keyboard player/lead vocalist writes this haunting song in the 60's and his bandmate puts lyrics to it. The melody is based upon a classical composition, in this case, Bach. Another keyboard player joins the band after the song was written. Plays organ on the recording. Ultimately the organist wins a lawsuit for 40% of the royalties as the organ riff is such a signature part of the song. The composers (one is lead singer, wrote the melody) wins back 100% of the royalties citing that it is a good precendent otherwise anyone that played or had a solo on a hit song, could sue. Know the band or song? Gary Brooker, Procul Harem, Whiter Shade of Pale Bet EC played this in a bar in the day
  12. Cruel to be Kind.. guitar, lead vocal, soaring harmonies, change keyboard instrumental bridge to Wally solo.. 'dubs would have a field day with this one, Eric on acoustic and lead vocal, great beginning
  13. Billy Joel put out an album called "Songs in the Attic" a million years ago that featured cult hits long before he was famous, live versions that were better than the studio. Eric should do the same. Get some good equipment, in a Cleveland piano bar, do a set of all the old unreleased stuff, tell stories about each one, and sell on the internet. One night.. why not? Second night, do the same with released stuff. Third night new stuff. No one has mentioned a hit country song that Garth, Keith U, Sugarland, or a Tim/Faith duet couldn't make a hit song.. "High Cost of Loving You." I'd kill to have a stool, coaster, and drink around that black grand piano.
  14. My sense, and I'm guessing, is that Eric doesn't necessarily dislike his unreleased compositions but perhaps the treatment. With todays acoustical technology, and Eric's attitude I can see him going into the studio and re-recording many of these old gems and using the first vocal track out of the chute, not over rehearsed. The dilemna as I've said before, which are solo and which would benefit with the 'berries.
  15. Well said Bernie... Without You is destined to be Mariah Carey's "song" and no one knows about Harry Nillson, let alone Badfinger. (I Will Always Love You, same thing all remember Whitney, not Dolly)
  16. ok, we're close to unaminous, i'm balancing EC long time BB groupie.. I'm looking at the path of least resistance.. TDS is written, Wally and Jim, would give it balls, 'dubs harmonies would kill, and you would have Eric's vocals and melodies back on the radio in time for summer.. (probably picked up by a movie) IMHO
  17. ABM Eric vs Divas. 2 different songs Eric's original has depth, emotion, pain, etc.. Divas are like posers at the gym, far more interested in showing off their vocal chops then singing the story.. if that was all that mattered why aren't people buying more opera? Eric takes you to that 4th gin and tonic alone on a friday night reminiscing and makes you feel like you're there.. the divas just want to brag about their 4 octave range and could care less about the composers story.. Erics voice is THE story Either way... ka-ching.. way to go Eric, not many composers can say they wrote a standard
  18. Oops two more points... 1) any 'berrification of Eric's melodies includes Jims drums too, an intergal part of THE sound just like Wally's guitar.. talk about oomph 2)I'm not saying that TDS is the best song never released I'm saying that it is a very good song that could benefit from 'berries leverage, seasonal timing, and a creative video... and it's already written increasing the chance of this fantasy actually happening. On the other side of the coin, Devil, with real drums, would be an incredible solo release. Why not? What's the risk.. 2-3 days of studio time? 'dubs could nail the bg's out of the shoot, and Wally and Dave could invent some fills before showing up. Summer's first hit If I can dream...... Steve
  19. Marvin, I agree, that's why we 'berrify this song and let Wally loose all over Eric's melodys and vocal arrangements.. we're talking oomph I hear Beachwood studios has availability and hopefully Dave has a week of vacation.. let's do it. Eric?
  20. Why not? It's already written. It's February, perfect time to record and distribute for release on Memorial Day. Incredible video opportunities. I picture the band playing in a boardwalk bar during the summer, Stone Pony, Flats, etc... Kind of a MMLC type of video... cutting back and forth to younger people cruising obviously in a convertable 65 mustang. Really cool would be discreet cameos of Raspberries celebrity fans.. Bon Jovi getting a beer at the bar.. Bruce walking down the boardwalk as the Mustang drives by.. Paul Stanley in the back of the crowd.. the back of Joan Jett with a white guitar slung around her back stepping off the stage in the beginning as if she was the opening act.. Hey they could show up and be gone in 2 hrs. at the shoot. In fact, creative editing, celebrities wouldn't have to even fly in. I'm dreaming but how cool. Raspberries and dubs could give it even more edge and harmony and updated feel. I think Eric could go nuts updating the arrangement with the talent around him and find a lining in the clouds for Wallys guitar. Short of writing an original, why not. Pure Raspberries sound, already written, no one has heard it, radio/download/summer friendly.. fits right in with the other library of Raspberries summer/car songs.. Catchy video or movie placement.. new generations of listeners that will buy the old stuff. Alright guys.. I'm ready, take you best shot at my .... why not? Eric: Is the door cracked opened for consideration of a Raspberries treatment of any of your song library (some really lend themselves like That's Rock and Roll, No Hard Feelings, Top Down Summer, I Could Really Love You etc. Even ABM was greeted with unanamous praise.) or would you rather compose something new if you were ever going to record again with the guys?
  21. No Hard Feelings sure seems like a natural jamming encore for the 'berries... Eric: "We was raped", Dave: "Reshaped", Wally: "And trying to escape" Great window for a Wally solo, and opportunities for more harmonies than the original. I wrote before... Eric could bring the song down, ala Garth, and explain how he wrote another verse since they are back... and kick it in again.
  22. kind of agree, Mary Clayton has pipes (yes that's her in the background of the Stones "Gimmee Shelter", but she doesn't seem quite right. Definately like Eric over Mike Reno. This song can get too gospel without the right interpretation. I liked it with Jennifer. Personally I would like it slighty edgier, which Eric adds, but at the time, I think Eric and Bonnie Tyler could have rocked this song right off the screen.
  23. ABM was all ready wrote during the 'berries final days. I believe it would have been on Raspberries 5. Capitol would have killed it. Since Ienner stuck with Eric, kind of curious why Clive didn't just take all the boys over to Arista.Me thinks from a marketing point of view he needed to advance something different.
  24. I heard the same story straight from Joan after a 1998 performance in a small bar in Seattle. When she first came out it was something.. first I had seen her with the blond crew cut, and her white guitar was trashed with bumper stickers, drawings, etc. I asked her afterwards if that one was Eric's, and she said it was identical, but she only records with Eric's because in her words she "didn't want to f**k it up" She said she had met Eric before, knew he was from Cleveland, and that he was a nice guy, kind of quiet. Everyone seems quiet around Joan. I was also unaware of her coming out, and my wife and I and the other couple that came with us, were about the only non- female/female couple in this intimate performance. The show was great, we watched from the front of the stage. Saw her last year at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma in front of about 1,000 people, mainstream audience, still puts on great show. She must tour a lot as even way up here in Seattle, she comes through about twice a year. Erics guitar is on some of her album covers too
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