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  1. Thanks Ron, If EC had called a cab he would have had the same ba content and no one would have known about this, or considered he has a problem. Most all of us have partied over .08 ba, perhaps at home, it's a mistake, dangerous, and illegal to get behind the wheel, EC knows that, and obviously regrets it. I'm sadden that this is getting more attention than his music. If you really care about Eric, I would assume you would like to learn of and support his desires.. I'm totally speculating, but I suspect he is not desiring 200 posts on this matter. I am fearful that we will never hear from him again on this board. He was wrong, he knows it, Let it go..
  2. I say leave the man alone. The last thing you want is notiourity. I know the hours don't jive but for example just about everybody that comes out of a bar at closing would blow over the limit. He was just caught, he's famous, he's under the Cleveland microscope. The mistake is judgement, don't leap to a problem. Millionaires should take limos or taxis, agreed. Good people can let there hair down certain nights, shouldn't drive, but doesn't mean any problem. I don't begin to have enough facts to even make a judgement, until so, I support Eric, he made a mistake, doesn't mean he has a problem.
  3. I'm the first to admit that the top 10 "best" albums of all time, and my desert island picks are different, but thats a pretty good list. Boston's debut album was solid and single laden, and I played the heck out of "Who's Next". both worthy of the beforementioned company.
  4. ABM. long version live Midnight Special Watched it yesterday, wanted to share the clip today, youtube removed it.. anyone else have it?
  5. It's been discussed often about the Raspberries doing any of EC's solo stuff ever, (aside from ticket sales) I've always looked at it from a point of what songs would musically benefit from the groups styling and personalities as opposed to just being a back up band. For instance, I don't think they could add much to "Boats", as it's such a solo performance home run. EC does all the heavy lifting on that one. "That's Rock and Roll" yes, musically, "No Hard Feelings" yes nostagically. I threw out a long time ago that I thought "Top Down Summer" could actually be a 'berries summer single, with Wally's guitar, Jim's real drums, and the dubs harmonies kicking it up a notch or two. Still do. Killer radio melody and arrangements. I have a new thought for a live audience. EC's positive tribute to Eltons more somber "Funeral for a Friend" ... "Sunrise" I haven't heard "Sunrise" forever until today and I'm going to add it to the list of at least a fun live Raspberries song. That's either an opener or a closer. I forgot how much that thing jams at the end, Wally would have an absolute field day with the last couple minutes and Jim would be drenched in sweat, EC standing at the piano banging the keys.. how fun. Crazy?
  6. Turn the brick oven up For that sweet smell Pile the toppings way up high cut it, box it load it, ...bring me a pizza pie
  7. Perfect cover song no current country artist has heard. I also think it would work as a duet, Garth/Trish, Tim/Faith etc.
  8. Joan knows where her original came from, like Eric, she is a little iffy on the acquistion details, but it appears the transaction was brokered between roadies to some degree.
  9. Couple examples.. Carrie Underwood sang "Before He Cheats" live at the CMA's, outside of the sound of an occassional fiddle in the background, this a flat out rock song, great performance, along the same lines of anything Joan Jett ever did. There is nothing Chet Atkins about it. Similar with Taylor Swift, a teenage kid that writes her own stuff. Garth Brooks and Shania Twain changed "country" forever. It's pop with a cowboy hat. I like it. There's a reason Garth covers Billy Joel in concert. Some of the best country today is the rock wolf wearing country sheep clothes anymore. Original material that tells a story, verse, chorus, bridge what a concept... Sure beats a synthisized loop with third grade rhymes, that have such a complete lack of melody that even the kids can't recognizably hum the song afterwards.
  10. It took "country" to get Jimmy Buffett his first #1 with Alan Jackson, Five O'Clock Somewhere. Without Alan Jacksons deep country voice, Jimmy singing that song in concert live (been there) doesn't sound any more country than Margaritaville. Same with Bon Jovi, "Who Says You Can't Go Home" Jennifer Nettles is incredible on the duet, and she adds the twang, but BJ in concert, without her, live, it's simply a very good song, essentially a pop song, nothing country about it. IMHO, much of the hit "country" songs today are simply very good compositions, very good pop songs, and the "country" just comes from the styling of the vocals and adding a fiddle. I agree w/EC, (outside of a few dinasaurs) country is the last island in the musical wasteland.
  11. I like the melody and clever lyrics of HCOLY. You could probably hip up the Tom T. Hall intro (maybe switch over to guitar), but I like the song a lot.
  12. Country has changed, and much has evolved to the closest thing we used to know as pop, witness Keith Urban or even some of Underwoods stuff. Eric has a great "country" song he's been keeping in the can for decades.. High Cost of Loving You
  13. The clip loads and plays fine, but for some reason when I go into the "video" section the juke book wants to keep playing simultaneously, 2 songs at once,can't shut it off. Doesn't do it on the other menu picks, just "video" for me.
  14. I heard the live version with the Raspberries was pretty killer too.
  15. Rooting for DC, but would bet on DA. DC will then pull a Daughtry and outsell winner DA. Simply more original. It's called American Idol, not America's Top Vocalist"
  16. So cool. I too think everyone growing up should learn an instument. I'll tell you what the "get it moment" is for me (unless you're a flat out natural talent..) My teenage daughters both played piano in elementary school, not naturals, but they worked at it and were pretty good for their age. The key is not the lesson but the practice attitude. If you can't wait to get off that school bus, throw down the back pack, grab a snack, and get on that piano bench.. you get it Well eventually they learned there were boys on the earth and their priorities changed, and I became the bad guy asking for at least 30 minutes a day. Once we got to the point where I realized the last time they touched the keys was their last lesson a week ago, the instuctor had nothing to do, , I knew I was losing them. I knew kids that were even better, but completely hated it too. I refused to force them. Just like in sports I coach (my 12 year old is a natural incredible jock) I figure as a parent my job is to expose, inspire, then read them.. I need to be pulled down a road, not push them. On an opposite note, I'm almost the reverse bad guy with my son, as he never does not have a ball in his hand, and our living room has suffered a lot of breakage... but it's cool when you can help steer and recognize and support passion in your kid. Go Clay! He's been fortunate to be exposed in an environment where he gets how cool piano can be and loves it. I'll go out on a limb that he can play by ear and has long fingers.
  17. To me, another point about voices, is that two singers can sing the same song, note by note identical in the same key, but they don't sound the same. I don't the exact word for it, but EC has a tone,style, richness, that resonates in his own way, that is uncommon. He makes the song his. Shawn Cassidy doing That's Rock and Roll or Deannie, or even Olivia doing Boats, all sound so wimpy by comparison. What also works for Eric on so many songs is vocal style that conveys an urgency, which explains why the word "tonight" is used so frequently and works.
  18. Very very cool. Carly paints it as tough to fit a song to a film Kenny, was in a zone for awhile with soundtracks, and I heard him say, live in concert, that for him soundtracks were easier. He grew up about 30 minutes from Seattle. To paraphrase (I think this is EC's process too) you come up with melodies, they can be ballads or uptempo,works either way, am I writing for Wallly's guitar or to make people cry in the middle of a movie. Kenny said they hand you the song on a silver platter, motive, emotion, tempo, and you simply fit the melodies already in your head to what they want, and get busy on writing/adjusting thematic lyrics. I'm Alright Danger Zone Almost Paradise.
  19. You'd have a cd in a weekend, Eric's had unfinished tunes in his head for years I suspect, and Adam reminds me of "Who's Line Is it Anyway", you need words, I got words. The two sharing hooks, and arranging multi-layered backround vocals.. wow Some of the most classic songs were created in less than an hour.. those two could do it.
  20. MMLC reminds me of my 12 year son's baseball game last night, the team is not that great, deep in the season, and he walked up and the first pitch of the inning hit it out of the park, first home run for the team this year. Out of the blue, jumped out of my car stereo, EC left the witness protection progam, with a clinic of a perfectly crafted and performed pop song in every way.
  21. I remember a few years ago I was on a ladder outside painting our house in the summer and I first heard Staceys Mom.. first I thought the Cars got together with the opening lick, then when I heard the soaring chorus harmonies, I almost fell off the ladder, 'cause it was on my teenage daughters station and most their music simply sucks.. got hip with the clever lyrics by the third listen. Eric: Adam S seems to be born with the same love of your melodies, and is a wordsmith.. how fast could you two punch out radio friendly songs? Crazy?
  22. Wonderful version, so much tv in the day was lip synched.. EC wasn't studio magic, he was the real deal, raw and live.
  23. Ahh the name name Clayton, ironically both my grandfathers had that name, one middle, one first. Made our top 3 with my 12 year old son. Went with Ryan. Like to fly under the radar with traditional spelling, but a little different, Crystal, Lacey, Ryan, and as it turns out Ryan is a flat out multisport jock and is already working on his autograph with the double "ry" thing since our last name is Rychard. Incidently a little boring factoid that I'm sure no one cares about is I was named after my 10th great grandfather, Stephen Hopkins, who came across the Mayflower, and was the only family that beared a child enroute the maiden voyage. You probably remember from elementary history, but they named her Oceanus, for obvious reasons.
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