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  1. Bernies the man.. Seattle Steve
  2. Me too, and I can't believe I didn't. Use to play Santa Esmeralda's version all the time which I thought was even better. Marv, you know better than me, but I thought it was one of the most heartfelt, REAL, rock and roll speeches, authentic with nothing to sell, I've heard in a long time. Eric: Little Richard grabed on to the notion that he is the "archectict of rock and roll" probably was along with Chuck Berry, and James Brown. But the idea of putting a melody in front of those killer riffs with harmonys, was my wheel house. Eric's distinct voice over his killer melodies was my home run. "Architcht of Power Pop" Turn a "piano song" into a killer guitar opener. Eric was the at least, among, the creators of power pop. Melody, lyrics, and soaring vocals,.. just saying. Simply combined Beach Boys harmonies (and Brian Wilson's arrangement's) with the bottom of my rock and roll pyramid, The Beatles, you get Raspberries. Throw me a bone.. make any sense? Go back and google Billy Joel's Storytellers vid, EC could knock it out of the park, wonderful articulate insighting, stories, and he happens to be an acomplished muscian that is legimately bright and extermley articulate Just saying.. First person, second person, or third. I re-read and realize I ramble, only a few suspects may get my style. Just saying, exempt for some wonderful country exemptions, and maybe the WONDERFUL BUT bitter Adele, seems like a musical wasteland, my kids are 10 of the people in the US that know the words to Top Down Summer" and love it. Ran with that for years on our boat in the Puget Sound. Eric: M & M's are cool, fiducary no brainer, BUT, your kids won't remember your spread sheets. You knocked it out of the park (pretty cool a talented friend like Bernie) with the first Raspberries concert at Cleveland ( I was there, understood the arranging you did behind the scense) I know you lurk, but a lot of people here, think the nation needs to see an EC solo legacy show, bet your kids would love it, realize that 90% on the buzzer is better than %100 waiting for you. Forget perfect. mention the fans.. Throw us a bone, consider it.. One of the better dilemnas a composer/performer has to make. Sure beats the alternative.
  3. Speaking of lifted riffs, sometimes when I have some buds together, after a few drinks, we break out the acoustics and a fun lifted riff medley is Cherry Cherry, What I Like About You, and R.O.C.K. in the USA
  4. Just watched the full hour from another source that sent me the link. I was so blown away that I rushd over to this site to share with the usual suspects I know would love it, and the usual suspects beat me to it. Incredible speech on two fronts, rock and roll history, and influences from Bruce who I beleive was born the same year as EC. Fascinating stuff. The Animals "We've got to get out of here" Bruce said it's basicaly every F'ing song I ever wrote, Born to Run, Born in the USA, etc. The previous mentioned Misunderstood - Badlands was funny to , he demonstrated that "It's the same f'ing riff" My favorite line was when he was first signed,the label signed 3 or 4 guys to be acoustic, John Prine, Bruce, and others, to be the next Dylan. Bruce said "..and Dylan was only 30, I didn't know why we needed another f'ing Dylan" Also the comment about being Stones being scheduled after James Brown, what were they thinking, you never go after James Brown. Great stuff on Rock history, influences, songwriting, forming a band, performing, etc. Eric C would eat this up. Bruce breaks out the acoustic several times to demonstrate his point. Cool stuff.
  5. I also like how "I Can Remember" it is vocally so all over the map, and shows off vocals from a guy that is good enough to be "all over the map". Wonderful song, belongs on Broadway as a closer.
  6. Oops, forgot the song title, "Oh Darling"
  7. If You Change Your Mind. I'm sure Eric has a story on this, but it reminds me of a "lost" Beatles song and story, that you guys all know, just not your neighbor or grocer. Eric's rock screaming vocals are solid gold, of the top of my head I'm guessing maybe Steven Tyler, Daltrey, Meat are in the same league, Bruce too, different register and range. McCartney purposely stayed up to the wee hours of the morning smoking, drinking, and wearing his voice out on purpose during the White album, to get the hoarse husky screaming sound. And by the way, in both cases, there is actually a melody in there. In so many of EC's songs, on top of the outstanding composition, the essence of his performaance captures urgency and passion. If You Change Your Mind belongs on the radio today.
  8. I do too, but I think he and Wally hit it out of the park at the live reunion show. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, I'd release that as a single to sell the beautiful packaged dvd/cd Bernie put together. I'm dumb enough to think that it could still chart (come on, Red Solo Cup?)
  9. I haven't been around for awhile either but glad to help bait him out, I've left some bread crumbs on the board.
  10. I've never been able to make Bernie's weekend bash, but I was there for the first Cleveland reunion show with some of you about 5 feet from the stage in front of that lead singer guy, and have to say it was a goose bumps momement when the curtain went up. It reminded me of June 10, 1976, when McCartney came out of the live performance witness protection program and I saw him play at Seattle's Kingdome (where the Wings tour's legacy performance was filmed), and I enjoyed similar attendance proxemity. Based on the videos and recordings I have, my subjective opinion is that the last Raspberries live never sounded better, better than they were even in the day. It's recorded, filmed, and preserved for power pop affeciandos to study forever. It was a clinic. Exceptional. Buy the dvd guys.
  11. Ditto that. I'm sure a reflective Eric is most proud of his songwriting and muscianship, but the vocals are more special than I think he even gives himself credit for. Very unique. I was surprised when groups like Journey or Foreignor could tour without the orignal lead singer, but they found decent replacements. Much like Aerosmith though, in this case, there ain't no band without the "guy". Having said that, imho, Eric not only wrote but arranged to the talents of whatever band he was with, and his arrangement talents may be unnoticed outside of some of you hardcore guys on the board. There was some pretty tricky stuff going on that made Ienner the hero when he had his Friday lunch with the Capitol Record's suits. A weekend, a piano, and 64 diet cokes...
  12. The hit solo singles speak for themselves, but this is my personal non hit solo favorite (inching out Desparate Fools), and would be incredible live, just like my favorite Raspberries non-single, If You Change Your Mind. I like the vocal momentum build and always love acoustic guitar in rock. btw, the video of this Japan concert is pretty cool, (with Erics choice of shoes I think he must have been about 6' 4" lol)
  13. Wear a Seattle Sounders T-Shirt. Drew is part owner of the mls soccer team that has shattered league attendance records.
  14. Wonder if you ever just pop into a hotel lobby or Nordstroms and start noodling on their piano. Billy Joel in the early 80's had divorced his wife, manager, and fights with the label went to chill in St. Barts on a solo vacation. Since he was alone some time he would buy a drink and wander over to the lobby grand unannouced and unpaid and play around just to amuse himself. That's where he met Christie Brinkley who happened to be staying there for a photo shoot. You ever do that around Cleveland (or are you too well known) or when traveling? ala piano man
  15. Lyrically as agile as The Boxer, though he had already broke up with Artie, he found himself doing a pretty fine duet with this other guy. Their version of Here Comes the Sun same performance is also killer
  16. Bon Jovi comes to mind as one of the few old artists that have pulled off new music that gets played.
  17. Suspect Eric could (and probably has) pull off a killer version of Long and Winding, his vocals would be hair raising.
  18. Ironic, this is EXACTLY how McCartney felt about The Long and Winding Road. He hated the background vocals and music Phil Spector layered on his recording a year later without his approval (and possibly knowledge) and the other boys let release on the Let it Be album. The stronger the melody and lead vocal performance, the less distractions you need. I love the way Eric's voice is so out in front in the mix on the original. I've posted this before but here is the most stripped down version of LAWR that you'll ever see, and may be one of the best.
  19. Throw in Pitchford and Seth to this party, and you have a hit album by Sunday night. What about Steinman or Rundgrnd producing Eric.s performance of Devil? (w/Bonfanti on real drums) My guess, no inside info, of Eric, is he content to write for others, or get on the radio one last time? I'm just saying, , no spring chicken, Steven Tyler's now judging on Idol, incredible pipes, but Eric has that too, but Eric is also is an incredible musician, actually bigger package. Hey, I'm a fan either way, but i'd like to see Eric back on the radio, one more time. Anyone with me and think it's concievable? I sure do. I suspect the songs are alredy written. It's just about calling people that can get it done, as a fan i've speculated on a few, anyone but Clive.
  20. It's interesting, that at that point Eric and Wally were already rockstars, and Scott was just this new kid, but he appears to adapt pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, Wally carries a lot of the water on this perfomance too, but Eric and Scott seem to mesh, and if you report that Scott has another album worth of songs wrote now, and we know Eric has a double album considering what he has copyright, and whats on his unfinished notebook right now on his grand, they should meet.. and then get Ienner to finish, or, Jeff Lynne or Mutt.
  21. If you ask me (and of course no one has) if I was drinking a beer with Eric, I would float the following balloon, why not hook up McCarl and Ricky and the Tooth for a lost weekend at Beechwood studios in Cleveland? 2 or 3 new songs combined with remastering some of Eric's unreleased (and should be released ) demos, and you got yourself a killer final legacy album. Jimmy would have a lot of fun, playing with the mix and harmonies of E's and S's McCartney/Lennon vibe on compositions the public should hear. Just a thought. E?
  22. He wrote "After You" and "High Cost of Loving You" with E, his orphans as I mentioned in the you tube post. seth is also good and current on his own, google around and find "Watercolors" Seth turned 50 last month and had a home party, and a break out singalog along, ala Beach Boys Party album, and Davy Jones happened to be there. Lots of acoustic Beatles and Monkess. I'll post the links below, and if they don't work, email me. Luv to be invited to a similiar party, I'll bring my acoustic Here is one link, there is 4, find me if you want more. (Seth is in the corner}
  23. My question, Has anyone asked Eric his favorite home run verse? I remember "Love is all that Matters" was a grind trying to match the syncopation of the music he had all ready written, Eric, you've had melodies and words fall from the sky in your Mozart, diet coke, brain in a weekend, and you've had ones that have taken months. What's YOUR favorites? SS
  24. Josh, There's more where that came from. Check out Scott's cd, Play On, it's good. I particularly like "In Love Without a Girl", (pure power pop), and his version of the 'berries Nobody Knows. Great liner notes too.
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