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  1. Thank-you Susie b!!  I'VE GOT SOME FANTASTIC NEWS TO SHARE!  I found out, it was suppose to be a surprise to me, but someone had a "slip-of-the-tongue", persay, and I heard it.........   I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!  WHOOO-HOOO!  I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!  My first grandchild!  A blessing!!  I have two others, which they are step-grandchildren.  One is 18 and in college, the other is 13, and in Junior High.  I love them too, but this one will probably be my one and only blood Grandchild.  I hope the good Lord let's me stay around long enough to watch him/her grow!  WHAT A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY THIS IS FOR ME!! 

    1. susie b

      susie b

      That is so cool!  What great news, just in time for the holidays...truly joyful news worth celebrating!!!!!

      Congrats, Grandmama!



    2. CAcater




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