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  2. Thank-you ALL, for the birthday wishes, and for the new addition coming soon in July!! LOVE YA!!
  3. T/Y ALL!! BTW/ I got the greatest present ever!! I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!! WHOOOO-HOOOO!!!!! LOVING-IT!!
  4. Thank-you Susie b!!  I'VE GOT SOME FANTASTIC NEWS TO SHARE!  I found out, it was suppose to be a surprise to me, but someone had a "slip-of-the-tongue", persay, and I heard it.........   I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!  WHOOO-HOOO!  I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!  My first grandchild!  A blessing!!  I have two others, which they are step-grandchildren.  One is 18 and in college, the other is 13, and in Junior High.  I love them too, but this one will probably be my one and only blood Grandchild.  I hope the good Lord let's me stay around long enough to watch him/her grow!  WHAT A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY THIS IS FOR ME!! 

    1. susie b

      susie b

      That is so cool!  What great news, just in time for the holidays...truly joyful news worth celebrating!!!!!

      Congrats, Grandmama!



    2. CAcater




  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! Dang....., I need to keep up!! Either days are passing by too fast, or I'm just slowing down. I hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!
  6. Happy Birthday Anne!! Wishing you only the best that birthday wishes can bring!!
  7. Happy Birthday Larisa!!!
  9. June 19, 1972---Good-bye to Love --- The Carpenters.
  10. All Alone am I---- Patsy Cline. This will definitely rip at the heart.
  11. Change is good!! Thank-you Bernie!
  12. If you kick up too much dust, I'll SNEEZE my way through..., clearing out the elevator. OH THE ALLERGIES!! DUST IS MY MAIN CULPRIT!! Oh the world is so cruel... ....
  13. P.S. I took a chance and bought a "greenhouse" watermelon......, NEVER AGAIN. Tasteless crap. Note to self...., next time, wait for Summer. Straight off the vine! That's if we get to have any water for the garden's and fields!
  14. B.B.Q.---Chicken...., hot dogs..., hamburgers..., potato salad..., chocolate cake..., banana pudding..., watermelon cake!! FAMILY and FRIENDS!! ESSENTIAL ERIC!! EXCELLENT EASTER!! HAVE A HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!!! AMEN!!
  15. Oh red...., you're too much!! ROFL!!
  16. You and me both, Mary Ellen!!! LOL
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOSSY!! Enjoy your day!!
  18. "You can't move a fencepost, unless it wants to be moved." ---Judy---
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