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  1. I am n to saying that there is another rock n roll movement brewing in NYC like back in the mid to late 70's with the CBGB's era and all that....but I get down to NYC every few months and there are a lot of great rock n roll bands playing in the clubs etc. Great rock n roll and the Grip Weeds are one of them. On any given weekend you can find a club somewhere in NYC where great power pop/rock n roll is played live ! Rock n roll has pretty much been dead in the mainstream / top 40 for a long while now..here's hoping the music we love comes roaring back real soon !! Gotta get those tweeners and teenagers into the rock again !!!!
  2. Anyone have any 'scoop' on this "illness/virus"? At first it was just a virus that had to get through his system....perhaps like a Montezuma's Revenge....then more shows cancelled...a hosptialization...now some US shows are re-scheduled?!? Something's up...this is not just a little virus.....hope the best for Paul....
  3. Hello...just thought I'd throw a great recommendation for all fans of Raspberries, Beatles, Beach Boys, 60's style rock, power pop etc etc... There is a great band out of New Jersey called The Grip Weeds. They have been around for a few years, but they continue to put out great new music and are featured on Sirius Satellite Radio on Little Steven's Underground Garage show. Their most recent album is called 'Inner Grooves'. If you are into the music I tagged, you will absolutely love The Grip Weeds....who says great new rock n roll is dead? With a little searching, you can find it, it's out there...just not in the mainstream anymore. Check out The Grip Weeds....
  4. Rather than sending a ton of "thank you's" for the 'welcome' messages....let me say a big THANKS to all of you !
  5. No problem...I am sure I will enjoy it...I'm not a 'bomb thrower'...so knowing me, I will quietly read the bizarre stuff and stay out of the fray ! But I look forward to the postitive things and learning more about one of my fave musical artists of all time....thanks...shine on.
  6. Thanks Cayenne ! Looking forward to being part of EC.com....
  7. I know...I'm responding to waaay older posts...but what the heck. I'm with ya on this one Bernie. I am pretty old school when it comes to my music and walking into a 'store' still gets me all pumped up and excited at the anticipation of what I will find. I miss the days when there was one of the big chains or used mom and pop places in almost every town. I went to several Newbury Comic's, within driving distance of me, and not one, nada on a copy of "Essential". I was looking for the 25th Ann edition of Roy's Mystery Girl and they didn't have that either ! It's getting pretty bad out here for fans of rock n roll I tell ya. Anyway, gotta get off my arse and do the 'new thing' and order a copy! Sheesh !
  8. Here here FSalter !! I'm with ya...I know you posted this back in April...but I'm a newbie and am doing a lot of back reading ! Man, I'd give one of my copies of Side 3 on vinyl (just kidding)...to see Eric on concert. Missed out on the 'Berries reunion back in 04-07. Saw they were playing in NYC...but, like a fool, I waited thinking, "Oh they'll definitely hit Boston soon." Not one of my better decisions in life. Should've made the 3 hour drive from beantown. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day he'll do a mini-tour or something...shine on.
  9. Hello, I am, for the purposes of this forum, 'Rory'. Glad to be a new member here at Eric's site. Looking forward to learning, reading, chiming in on occasion and perhaps actually hearing from ZEE MAN himself some day. I heard about this forum from the Steve Hoffman Music Forum (if any of you have ever been there). All the best to you all....and take care...Rory in New England
  10. Thanks for posting this....I cracked up when I saw this episode and Seth throwing in an Eric reference. You have to give him (McFarlane) credit, he knows how to place some really cool pop culture stuff in his show that, in some cases, only a few select folks would "get".
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