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  1. I like to read the things u write Eric. You must read a lot..I read some not like I should. My mind seems to wonder a lot. Stay the same Theresa
  2. Longtimefan, I know Eric has sang it. Could it on the b side of my heart stopped? Love both of those songs.
  3. You're welcome Eric. Got to keep it there where it belongs. I've been trying to get a answer to a question,did you write it won't be the same without? Love it. Theresa
  4. Eric I want to change the subject. I come across a song on utube name it won't be the same without you. Love that song. Did u write this song? Trying to find out everything about it.
  5. Eric, I'm a new member. I just want to tell you happy birthday anyway. Happy birthday. I think your music is wonderful. You heard it before I know. Hope everything is great with u. Be good. Friends Theresa
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