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  1. Happy anniversary, hope u have many more Theresa
  2. Happy birthday Teresa I'm Theresa hope u have a wonderful day
  3. Happy birthday Tammy have a wonderful day
  4. It's so sad to hear of someone's death especially someone's mother. My heart goes out to the family. Theresa
  5. Wonderful congratulation raspberries you deserve it many times over and over
  6. Wish I could have been there Theresa
  7. Sunrise one of Eric's masterpieces
  8. I hope it will get air time such a wonderful song. Great for New year's Happy New year to everyone Theresa
  9. Wish I could have been there sounds amazing guess I never get to see them I just have to rely on my CD and utube Makes me want to cry Theresa
  10. I had the biggest crush on Rickey when I was a little girl. Ozzie and Harriet show watch it every week. That was a long time ago.
  11. Eric i want to take forever tonight is the (bestest) song ever. Does anyone else agree?

  12. Happy birthday Have a wonderful day. You and Jim have good day just being together.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the happy birthdays. It was great. Thanks again
  14. Congratulations raspberries/Eric. Did this surprise you folks? Not me! Alway have faith. Like your happy face too. Theresa P.s. can't help but having a happy face on now.
  15. I think that is so cool there's a whole new generation out there hearing the raspberries. I know my grandchildren know the raspberries and Eric. I pick them up from school and that is what's playing from my radio. Their ages r 13 and 10. There's a two or three I skip over. I'm making myself blush. I just want them to know what real music was all about.I'm just rambling on. Theresa
  16. I haven't seen it yet. Got to be good with go all the way in it. I'm a little bias. Can't help it I know what's good. Every time I'm around someone that is talking music I have to put my two cents in about u Eric. Can't help that either. You little dream boat. Theresa
  17. That is very cool. I love both of those songs. It's so exciting to hear Eric's songs being played just makes me giggle is that normal? Theresa
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