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  1. Love love love this I could listen to Eric all day
  2. Like was different love those raspberries
  3. The vocal the music just don't cut it with me not enough passion like Eric even the music didn't compare they just have that magic
  4. So sorry to hear that your mother past. My mother has the same illness. She is still here with me. God bless you
  5. I love Eric's version better of let's pretend
  6. O my Lord that was great wonderful magnificent
  7. I would give a pretty penny to hear that version to bad
  8. Anybody see American idol last night? One of the guys sang all by myself he needed to sing it like Eric sang it . Judges said it was to showy he sang like Celine
  9. Had this record love it should have keep it Sad he passed
  10. That sounds about right. You see I'm from southeastern part of NC that is some good stuff.
  11. Happy birthday Eric hope u have had a great birthday I would like to tell you the joy your music has brought to me I could listen to it all day joy and laughter alway
  12. I agree 100%. Sorry but I think Eric is the best. Love his voice and his song. You can feel his songs. Theresa
  13. Beautiful day in Ohio. Beautiful day in NC too Theresa
  14. My gracious Eric has so many wonderful songs.Hard to pick.LET'S Pretend pulls at my heart strings love it Theresa
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