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  1. Hey everyone, thank you for your birthday messages! I feel the love! Thank you! XO
  2. Hi Brian, Yes I talk to my uncle Mike and will tell him about this site. I am not sure if he is doing anything musical nowadays. I will have to ask him. He lives in Ohio with his wife, Becky. :-) Anyways, take care. Kelly
  3. Hi Matt, no that is a different Bob McBride. My father, Bob, died in 2011 and was part of Cyrus Erie for a short time along with my uncle, Michael McBride.
  4. I am also very glad I found this site as well. Thank you Bernie for the awesome pictures too. :-)
  5. Wow, thank you Eric for replying! So sweet of you. Yes, he had fond memories as well working with you too. As did my uncle, Mike, who I talk to often. Much love. :-) Sincerely and with much respect, Kelly McBride
  6. Hi my name is Kelly and I am Bob McBride's daughter. I came across this website and seeing the forum on my father brought tears to my eyes as it was very sweet. I would like to say hello and see if there is anyone out there that knew my father. Any photos or memories that you'd like to share would be cherished. With love, thank you. :-)
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