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  1. Can anyone please tell me what happened to Eric and is he ever coming back to post on the website? I keep checking in and there's still no sign of any activity. He has so much to offer musically and time is starting to run out on any hope of a new CD or any new music. Please tell me he hasn't given up on his music and his wonferfully loyal fans. I have purchased everything that I could get my hands on and still crave more from Eric. The Raspberries Cleveland reunion show was truly one of highlights of my life. I met so many wonderful fans and Carmen admirers that night and can still remember the after show parties and drink fest. They were amazing times!!! I know that the Raspberries are probably done however, I can't accept the fact that Eric may never release another song. I would love to hear some of the songs that he's written over the years that never made to any of his releases. I know there's some incredible music there still to be recorded by Eric. I have been a fan of Eric's music for more than 45 years and 10 albums/CDs releases just aren't enough. If anyone could shed some light on this mystery, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Bernie, is there anyway that I can download the song to my laptop and put it in my iTunes folder? I would gladly pay for it if it were on iTunes. I have a mac and am by no means an expert. Thanks for any help that you could offer me with saving this gem.
  3. Bernie, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. I hope that you and your family are enjoying an awesome Holiday Season!
  4. Happy Holidays to everyone! Can anyone help me out with the MP3 files for Boardwalk Baby and Never Say Die? Downloaded them years ago from the website and lost them during a recent computer crash and burn. Thanks!
  5. Happy Holidays to everyone! I just went online and purchased the 5 re-releases for about $125 with shipping. They will be released on February 24th and it will probably take a few weeks for them to get here. If anyone is interested in purchasing these gems, you need to order them now! These are one-time limited releases and they are going fast. The CDJapan website (CDJapn.com) will tell you how many copies are still available when you browse the album descriptions. There were less than 10 copies available for several of the albums: Raspberries (17), Fresh (13), Side 3 (17), Starting Over (6), and EC-Geffen (2)! I have ordered from CDJapan many times and have never had a problem with my orders or payment security. They also typically never re-release Limited Releases once the inventory is sold out. Finally getting an updated Geffen solo album was huge for me personally as this CD has always been an expensive and/or scarce find. So you need to act quickly if you're interested in purchasing the updates with bonus tracks! The only album that's missing from these updates is Capital's version of the "Best of the Raspberries Featuring Eric Carmen" from long ago. I did manage to find a copy of the CD in Japan many years ago. Maybe they'll re-release that album later in the year with bonus tracks. I have always loved the cover artwork for that album version. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  6. Just received my copy of "Essential" from cdjapan. I paid $27.74 for it and it was worth every penny. This version is so much better than the domestic release and includes Foolin' Myself as one of several bonus tracks. Personally, this track should have never been left off of the domestic release. The two booklets are awesome! The Japanese do such a better job from a recording and marketing standpoint than we do. My question is.......who controls Arista's track selections for the import releases as compared to their domestic release? Spend the few extra bucks for the import release and you'll never regret it!!!
  7. Eric, it's my understanding that years ago you put together a songbook for piano, guitar, and voice. Why did this project never see the light of day? Is there any chance that you might revisit this project and update your songbook? I just purchased a Yamaha Baby Grand and would love to have an updated compilation songbook to play from that included songs from the Geffen and Winter Dreams albums. I did manage to find and purchase songbooks for your first three solo albums on eBay. I would still like to get some sheet music from Tonight You're Mine, Eric Carmen II, and Winter Dreams! Any chance of this happening?
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