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  1. Great observation Lew and it's pretty obvious that something was up with that that evening, however Eric is in his realm being on stage. He's just not in the for front. Perhaps they were all just kind of winging it, so to speak that evening and Eric wasn't too sure what to expect. That does happen. And yes, we'd love to hear your take on it Bernie. P.S.....Thanks for the great picture also posted on Raspberries site. Betcha have more and we'd love to see them. Nancy.
  2. Wishing you continuous good health and much happiness on your special day! "Happy Birthday", "Beautiful" !!! xx. Nancy.
  3. Very nice. I think Ira would love it! Thank you Susie. :-) Nancy.
  4. Hate to say this but, I took your advice Kirk and didn't listen to it at all! Lol. Nancy.
  5. Welcome aboard Mark! Think you'll enjoy not only the people here but also the posts. Lots of great topic's and info here! Nancy.
  6. Have a great summer Bessieboo! And...the same to everyone else here. We sure waited long enough for this gorgeous weather!!! Nancy.
  7. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to a super great person on your special day! I hope you had a great, great day!?! P.S.....I'm not too sure how to upload a cake, picture on here but if I could remember, I would certainly have done that for you as well! Cheers. :-) Nancy.
  8. Perhaps Bernie. I think a lot of them are connected as friends on Facebook. Perhaps they just got tired of waiting for Eric to return to the board. He's really missed here. Nancy.
  9. THIS "GREAT" post was a little before my Eric Carmen and Raspberries time on here. Started browsing all the comments on here and got a little teary eyed. This couldn't be truer than to all whom had written it all on here. And to you Bernie, this is a beautiful thing and would only hope that these people find there way back here, someday because "THIS" is what ericcarmen.com is ALL about and THIS deserves a bump. AGAIN, Thank you for all you do Bernie! xx. Nancy.
  10. I don't listen to the news much and really haven't in a long time but it was nice to see this here as I did not know about it. Real happy that no one was injured and LC.....don't know if I'll ever get back to Cleveland again, but it did ROCK when I was there back in 2009!!! Yeah!!! :-)
  11. I use to love watching Dateline NBC and (The Timeline). All the greats are gone or replaced. Almost, everything great (shows, movies, etc) back then has been done and they are just trying to redo that great stuff and make it worse. I sure don't miss watching tv anymore Matt. Nancy.
  12. You're welcome (LC). Nancy.
  13. A GREAT number 1 song. A pretty face and beautiful smile AND...yes Clive Eric can "rock" and does "rock"!!! Nancy.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY James!!! Nancy.
  15. Fine choice. Congratulations Larry, (LC)!!! Nancy.
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