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  1. We just need to reboot the timeline back to before 2020. AnneNR
  2. COURTESY OF "LIVE FOR MUSIC" WEBSITE - - - https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/paul-mccartney-beatles-rights-win/ Ming Lee Newcomb | Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 Paul McCartney Finally Regains Beatles Rights After Near 50-Year-Long Battle This year has been a big one for Sir Paul McCartney. On June 18th, the former member of The Beatles turned 75. A few days prior to his birthday, McCartney’s rank for knighthood was elevated after twenty years to Companion of Honour for his services to music. Over the weekend, McCartney had yet another success to celebrate — after a long battle dating back decades, the prolific songwriter finally regained the copyright to the Beatles catalog in a private settlement with Sony ATV. In 1969, McCartney and Lennon attempted to buy Northern Songs, which was the original publisher of the Beatles catalog, though the duo lost out to ATV Music. Some decade-and-a-half later, ATV Music went up for sale, offering McCartney yet another chance to resecure the rights to the Beatles’ Lennon-McCartney songs. In an unfortunate twist, McCartney was outbid by friend and fellow musical legend Michael Jackson, who bought the company for $47.5 million in 1985 — Jackson bought ATV Music following McCartney’s advice noting the value of music publishing, and their friendship never recovered from what McCartney considered a betrayal. In early 2016, Sony announced that it would buy out Jackson’s 50% stake of ATV Music from the late musician’s estate for $750 million, creating yet another chance for McCartney to negotiate the rights to his songwriting work with The Beatles. The U.S. Copyright Act of 1967 was passed as a means to let songwriters regain the rights to their songs — the law states that for songs published before 1978, rights can be reverted back to the original author after 56 years (or for songs published in or after 1978, the song’s rights can be recaptured after 35 years). In 2015, McCartney began the process of reclaiming the rights to some of his music under the act, filing to reclaim the rights to 32 songs, as a number of titles from the highly coveted Lennon-McCartney catalog are on the eve of hitting the 56-year mark, with the first Beatles single, “Love Me Do,” coming up on its 56th anniversary after being released in 1962. While this process was underway, a British court ruled that the U.S. Copyright Act did not apply in Great Britain, making it significantly harder for McCartney to legally secure the rights to his music globally. Thus, the news over the weekend that Paul McCartney secured the rights to his music in a private settlement was a big win for the former Beatle, who has been on this journey to secure the rights to his own music for nearly fifty years. While few details about the settlement have been disclosed, McCartney’s lawyer, Michael Jacobs, announced, that Sony and McCartney “have resolved this matter by entering into a confidential settlement agreement” at the end of last week and that McCartney’s lawsuit over the catalog had been dismissed. Congratulations to Sir Paul McCartney for this big win over the weekend! AnneNR P.S. - - - I always wondered how Michael Jackson could be so socially stunted that it would not occur to him that maybe 'his friend' Mr. Paul McCartney might want HIS OWN MUSIC RIGHTS returned to him? Never got how he (MJ) could be so dense.
  3. No . . . . . I don't think 'weak" is the right word . . . . . Mr. Carmen can certainly project his vocals, it's just not polished, finessed, or balanced overall when you hear the songs through. Funny thing . . . in the first 31 seconds at the start of "I'll Hold Out My Hand" I think I hear a singing style something akin to Anthony Newley, right when Mr. Carmen is belting out " . . . but I am juuust ah maaaan . . . " AnneNR . . . . does anyone else hear the similarity ??
  4. I would have liked to hear Mr. Carmen do these two songs in the style we have come to know him for. The difference in style is quite evident, I almost didn't recognize his voice. And while these two selections are nice to hear, there is some little thing lacking comparatively with his other body of solo work, I am not certain how to explain it other than there is a slight something or other off between all the balances that go into recording a track of music and vocals. AnneNR
  5. Addendum ---- courtesy of Goliath.com, an article by Wes Walcott 10 Celebrities Who Actually Predicted Their Own Death 3. John Lennon John Lennon is one of the most legendary musical figures out there. His contributions to the art during his time with The Beatles, and then later in his solo career, will likely live on for as long as people continue to listen to music. Although Lennon never explicitly predicted his death through his music, there are fans who think his song “Borrowed Time” made reference to the fact that he never thought that he would live very long. There are also records of numerous interviews where he hinted at his death. Freda Kelly, who famously worked as The Beatles’ secretary during the peak of their careers, was stunned to hear John say that he would die young. “The first thing that came into my mind [when he died] was that he used to say: ‘I won’t be here when I’m 40. I won’t make 40.’” And after The Beatles’ manager was shot, Lennon was quoted saying, “I’m next, I know it.” On December 8, 1980, 40-year-old Lennon was shot five times by a deranged individual named Mark Chapman. When questioned in a previous interview about how he thought he might die, Lennon casually replied, “I’ll probably be popped off by some loony.” AnneNR
  6. I don't believe his protestations either, never did. John Lennon himself acknowledged he was a violent man, at least he was honest about himself in that statement. Mr. Lennon has been noted as taking jabs at Paul McCartney for the type of music he was doing, post-Beatles. But a lot of his songs (McCartney's) were more upbeat than what Mr. Lennon came up with in his solo career; and I find it ironic that Ms. Ono is saying songs are better received if they are happy, considering how Mr. McCartney's later music was criticized by Mr. Lennon. I don't care for Mr. Lennon post-Beatles (he shouldn't have disparaged the Beatles phase of his career so much, it got him a majority of his wealth), but if I had to pick a song that I liked most that he did later on it would be "Beautiful Boy". Their naivete in the world of war and peace was their greatest fault. AnneNR
  7. I open up a private screen after logging on my laptop, and with DuckDuckgo as my default search engine. From the DuckDuckGo I search for startpage.com and pull up that screen. Several layers of non-tracking as best they can give, and I am aware of when clicking onto something that would take me out of that protective bubble. Check out Startpage.com and see if it can do one better after you're in DuckDuckGo out there in Panama. AnneNR
  8. Sadly, from what little I listened, these artists have not kept their "vocal" instrument in very good condition. Even with accounting for aging, Rundgren sings with breaks in every sentence like he can't manage to sing an entire line before taking in air properly, not to mention his vocal range and continuity is not what it once was. Likewise, it was sad to hear Christopher Cross; even though his voice is higher ranged, he sounds like he can no longer project from the solar plexis like he used to that made his voice clear and distinct. Sounds like he is struggling at a whisper. And his delivery of one Beatle tune was enough for me to stop within 45 seconds of listening. Wrong song choice, I think as well. I have heard some recent concerts from Mickey when it was just him and Peter (sister Coco was surprisingly on the platform in the background doing some kind of backup) at some brew house on TV. That show pretty much told me the vocal instrumentation he had when he was with the Monkees is now lost. I don't recognize the voice, it has not aged well, Mickey has not taken care of his voice. This concert here confirms it. I have sympathy for him, but I won't pay to hear songs that absolutely don't sound anywhere near what I liked when they were hits back in the day. Perhaps those who can't any longer can teach ? I haven't listened to the other members yet, almost afraid to. Nostalgia can't cover up lost abilities. AnneNR
  9. Just had my hubby check his android phone, and YES it is there, though for the moment it is off. Thanks. AnneNR
  10. James, I have lived in California all my life. I was born in San Francisco, but my parents were smart enough not to decide to live there! (Don't even get me started on the "city by the bay", sorry Mr. Bennett, great delivery of a song, wrong sentiments) I AM STILL NOT USED TO IT, and have not been used to it since before people were even aware of the cause to worry about not becoming used to it. Sodom and Gomorrah out here is burning in more ways than one. Hubby and I are researching into what it will take for us to move elsewhere. AnneNR
  11. Thank you, Susie B, that is important. This is a small part of the "Bill Gates" conspiracy stories I have heard about, BUT IT IS NOT A CONSPIRACY IF IT IS TRUE!!! HE WANTS EVERYONE worldwide to eventually be traceable. Bill Gates and his money has been financing third world country population control using covert sterilization methods through a series of vaccines supposedly to inoculate people for Tetanus. However, it does not take 5 series of shots over an extended period of time to get this done. Here in America, my oldest daughter received an injury as a wrestler in a local entertainment venue and only had to get one shot to boost her against Tetanus because it had been at least 10 years since she had one last. Someone questioned what was going on when this "series" was being given to women of a certain age group in a third world African continent country. To any medical personnel who knows, this makes no sense. Certain medical personnel decided to audit, so to speak, what was going on. A sample was acquired and examined, and surprise, surprise ---- nothing for Tetanus was in the vaccine! A woman in one of those African countries heard a story about it, and contacted one of the Christian broadcast networks to say she had received the series of vaccines for Tetanus that the story was about. But now that she is married, she's tried numerous times to conceive but hasn't been able to get pregnant. Now she is wondering if they had sterilized her without her knowledge. Bill Gates has been funding vaccines in third world countries around the globe with the help of the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). His funding amounts to about 10% of the finances the organization has annually, so he has been pushing his agenda in the area of population controls and eugenics. Dr. Fauci is a walking "conflict of interest" with the different groups he is connected with in respect to how the handling of the Wuhan Virus (COVid19) is being presented to President Trump. Did you know that there are thousands of physicians that are questioning why for 65 years or so, they could get Hydroxychloroquine for treating various illnesses, but as it was used successfully with zinc given in the early stages of diagnosis of COVID19, they were suddenly being told they cannot use this any more? Quite a few doctors are trying to get the word out that something is not right, when a known drug used properly is just about overnight not made available when doctors need it? These same doctors are saying it is relatively inexpensive to make. So why the sudden shift and denial of the drug by others in authority?? My guess is because the BIG RUSH IS ON to manufacture a vaccine for COVID19 that individuals like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have vested financial interests in getting out and sold pronto ---- without adequate testing I might add. PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! SCARE TACTICS ARE BEING USED TO CONTROL THE GLOBAL POPULATION. The medical community did not have this reaction when the different influenzas were making the rounds - - - shut down entire economies! . . . not tell the truth about how effective the masks they demand us to wear in public . . . . not tell us about all the side effects resulting from extended use of masks day in and day out . . . . shut down schools and other learning institutions through fear and scare tactics . . . . WE ARE BEING PREPPED FOR MASS MANIPULATION. This is only a dress rehearsal. Once they see how compliant we become to their half truths and are able to shift our society into mandatory this or mandatory that , our personal freedoms are bit by bit being taken away from us. The President, like the rest of us, wants to trust the people with medical knowledge that they don't have ulterior motives in giving us information that is supposed to help us. But after watching the different cable news channels for some time now, I am convinced the President is not being counseled on the whole truth. Mr. Trump talked about how effective Hydroxychloroquine is for this virus, and to urge people to consult with their doctors about it. The next moment he is being trounced for even suggesting someone speak to their doctor about treating a case of COVID19 with this stuff that has been around and used properly by many physicians in the past. And why are physicians being told you will receive $39,000 in funds if you have a confirmed case of COVID19 and put that patient on a ventilator? And why are they being urged to put down COVID19 as a cause of death if a patient dies in the hospital even if that is not the cause, and will receive $13,000 for doing so?? There is some mighty questionable stuff going on right now. The Democrats seems to want us all dependent on the government by continuing to print out stimulus funny money instead of trying to get society back into a normal mode of operation. Until we start using the brain God gave us, we are going to be manipulated right into false sense of security when in reality the Emperor saying he has clothes on is not the fact, but someone has to believe the child that says he has no clothes on and their own eyes before the mass fear of telling the truth is dispelled. YES - - - BY ALL MEANS, CHECK YOUR PHONES AND THINK ABOUT THE GREATER IMPLICATIONS OF THIS STEALTH MONITORING OF EVERYONE ON THE PLANET. YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS ARE BEING CLIPPED AWAY. AnneNR P.S. - - - did any of you also know your electronic appliances can be hacked into remotely?? I have watched several sci-fi programs on the subject and this is not fantasy . . . . it can be done, and for reasons not in our best interests, to be sure.
  12. My list of Rolling Stones songs is very short . . . . . . . . . because when my youngest daughter was a toddler in the early 90s, there were two songs she would hear on the oldies radio stations I played in my mom taxi, and she would sing along -- accurately -- voicing the lyrics with a toddler voice. There was "Sherry" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (which my toddler referred to as "Sherry Baby Song"), and then there was "Get Off Of My Cloud" by these guys. It was particularly funny to see my less than 2 year old daughter get an intense look on her face while in her car seat next to me as I drove, and sing quite loud ---- " . . . don't hang 'round cuz two's crowd on MY CLOUD baby . . . " Her two older sisters, now in their late 30s, still tell that story to this day. AnneNR
  13. Needs a manicure and better nail polish job. (But no, don't "get" what this is supposed to convey). AnneNR
  14. Sorry, I was referring to this quiz. I will officially say my guess answer will stand with question number #4, The Flamingos, I believe. AnneNR P.S. - - - I got REALLY curious about question #1 in Quiz #2 here, so I researched a little. I was correct, the Isley Brothers did do "I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door", which is a COMPLETELY different song from what Miss Aretha Franklin did, of which the actual title of that song is "Until You Come Back To Me""; which was written by Stevie Wonder. (The line "I'm gonna knock on your door" is indeed in the song Ms. Franklin did also). But Stevie Wonder is not the answer for question #1 in this Quiz #2, but I could not have guessed who did, and I'm not saying who did---because I peaked, so to speak---to find out for certain. Someone else will have to guess the singer, and it is not Little Stevie Wonder. My apologies to Batman for also being a question piggie.
  15. Quiz #2, Question #1; I don't know about a 14 year old boy, but didn't the Isley Brothers do this in the late 50s? Question #4; The Flamingos did that excellent song, later to be covered by Art Garfunkel which I also liked. Question #5; Carole King did the "Hard Rock Cafe". . . I have it on CD. AnneNR P.S. - - I know you said pick one, but no one seems to be keeping track of who's doing what exactly, so what the heck, I gave it my best shots.
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