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  1. Cheryl, brilliant idea Eric singing my other favorite rockers tunes- Rod Stewart! Do Ya Think I'm Sexy... Sherrie
  2. Great memories everyone! Unfortunately I have never seen the Raspberries or Eric perform solo. . But I have not given up...perhaps one day I can hear E beautifully play that piano in person. Sherrie.
  3. Wonderful article. Thanks for posting Bernie!
  4. Hi Austinberries! Nice to see another at Texan!
  5. What a seasonal treat! Have tickets for their Cleveland show in Dec! Flying home to visit family in Ohio this year. Looking forward to the TSO and the cold Cleveland weather. If you have never been to this show and have a chance ....go. Now where to eat in Cleveland before show.....thoughts anyone? Sherrie
  6. Hope you have had a wonderful day!!! Sherrie
  7. Teresa, hope all is getting better! Hugs!
  8. You are welcome! Your song deserves to be in #1. Sherrie
  9. Oh my...I was just looking for some type of vaca opportunity next April. Looks like I found it. How very exciting!! Will this be in Kentucky? Thanks, Bernie for taking care of a ticket opportunity for EC.com members! Sherrie
  10. Marlene, I hope your birthday today was just the best ever! Sherrie
  11. Happy, happy birthday, Eric! You have had quite a year, may it continue into the next. You are definitely my favorite musician! Sherrie
  12. Out the door to go see it! Sherrieâ¤ï¸
  13. Will have to check out a couple of these places when I go back to Ohio to visit family in a couple months. I have been gone so long never sure where to go eat when I go to visit. Thanks Brian! Sherrie â¤ï¸
  14. Love all the exposure your music is receiving. Way to go, Eric! Sherrie â¤ï¸
  15. Such a popular guy! Sherrie â¤
  16. Anne- thank you so much just LOVE the birthday video!! Birdy- thanks! Have you landed up north yet?
  17. Thank you, ladies for all your warm wishes! You guys are great! And Eric still ROCKS! Sherrie
  18. Thank you, Lew, for the sold out concert tips. I will give this a try. . Sherrie
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