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  1. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out here on EC.com. My dad passed away on Aug. 11 2004 just before his 85th birthday. I miss him dearly.
  2. Maybe Larisa could re-do it with the original EC track, I personally like that version better !
  3. I've seen this all over the web today!....... This is great for Eric
  4. Poor Lew, Seems like you and James are having nightmares! Maybe you should lay off the "enhancements"??? TC
  5. Sorry, I just can't pick....I LIKE EM ALL! Since I got the Essentials Cd, (it's in my car) so when ever I'm driving I"m blaring Eric as loud as I can bear it. I know most of the lyrics now so I can sing along (another reason I crank it up so nobody can hear me singing along). It would be like asking me which of my 2 boys is my favorite, couldn't answer that because I love them both equally! Teresa
  6. Thanks for the link, that was fun looking through, brought back a whole bunch of memories from my youth. Teresa
  7. @Cayenngirl, ya well I hope there's somebody who cares enough to have an intervention. That said, I find it very disturbing having read comments on the media sites that report on his every move. Seriously, there are people out there that want to kill this guy. That's just so wrong on so many levels, I can't fathom what incites so much hostility and hatred. As I recall, some of the big rock bands back in the 60's, 70's were in the news for some pretty raunchy behavior, sex, drugs, and destruction, and back then we cheered them on, I think as young people we were more anti-establishment back then. But this stuff, with all the social media is just too insane. T.
  8. In defense of the Beibs (being Canadian and a mom) I kinda feel bad for the kid. His music isn't my thing but he does have a following. He was a cute kid when he started out. Btw, my youngest shares the same birthday and I use to tell him that he kinda looked like the Beibs...oh gawd he hated that. However, his behavior lately is not acceptable. Now, having raised boys, who are just coming out of their teens, kids in general do stupid stuff, really stupid stuff. Luckily my kids don't drink or do drugs (I know this for certain not bragging) but I recall my youth and saw some pretty crazy things. Probably why I'm over protective as a parent. And I've heard from other parents about some pretty nasty teen behavior,even worse than what JB's been caught doing. But the difference is our kids don't have camera's on them 24/7 like today's celebes' have. Justin has been a real money making machine for his handlers and enablers, and that includes his loser parents. But what else as a society do we expect when you give a young kid millions of dollars and he has thousands of chicky poos drooling on his every move, an over inflated ego...oh ya you betcha! We can blame him or his managers, or his parents, whatever, I just hope that someone can knock some sense into him before he blows it all. It's pretty obvious that he is spiraling out of control. I just find it really sad and pathetic that society puts these people on a pedestal, and can't wait to ridicule them when they fall. Now if he were my kid, I would have intervened long ago and then kicked his butt! The end... T.
  9. Wonderful James, I keep my Essential CD in my car and I've been playing it daily when ever I'm driving. I also have it on my IPod and IPad, & on my computer! It's everywhere! I've had it about a month now and slowly mastering the lyrics so I can sing along... Hugs bugs... Teresa
  10. Lew, don't wanna hear you say it Don't think that all you said is true We wanna hear about the music And all the credits that are due Cause we are here, here to stay And we keep things moving along Don't let things get in the way Just keep on playing the song Lew, I don't know if I said That I still think you're really kewl Let's keep it light and entertaining Cause I don't wanna feel blue Cause we are here, here to stay And we keep things moving along Don't let things get in the way And keep on playing the song Lala lala laaaa........
  11. Great job Bernie, you did an honorable thing for and honorable artist. It's a great place for fans to learn about the music and what makes a musician tick, the motivation, and all the ins and outs of the music industry and how it has changed over the years for better or worse. I've never really followed a group or musician before and coming to this site has been both interesting and educational, and a really fun place to meet a few new folks in my life. I have to admit though, that I do get the "tingles" when I see Eric online...lol. Nevertheless, I am thankful to be included here. I just hope I can contribute something of relevance for all to enjoy. Hugs bugs Teresa
  12. Great question Cheryl, as a "newby" I'm still trying to figure out who's who, what, where, why and when!
  13. @Cayenngirl, Yeppers, I love writing, poems, limericks, lyrics etc and letters (especially when I'm disgruntled with something) and on occasion my political views (only when I'm in the mood to not offend anyone "being Canadian I always try to be polite) LOL. I like to joke around but sometimes some people just don't get me.
  14. Roses are red Violets are blue Eric's the "man" Sorry (buzz sound) James aint you This election is dead Looks like it is true Poor James bows his head Now he's sad and boohoo Now I once heard a story Bout' a man named Jed Just to finish my opinion Think I'll go back to bed!
  15. I truly wish I could have continued working until retirement age, I loved my job as an industrial sales rep for a plastics company. I got to meet so many different people on a daily basis, and it was pretty neat touring manufacturing plants. But the funnest part of my job was I spent a lot of time in my car driving along the highways (spent a lot of time around the Toronto area) always had the music blaring, the sunroof open singing my brains out...LOL. I have since done some volunteering. Now, I enjoy cooking, I love gardening and decorating. I have a couple of reno projects on the go for this summer. I really hate the winters up here though. This year was especially brutal with temperatures hovering around -20c for a few months...ugh, couldn't get out for a winters day walk. But I do miss being around people like I was when I was working. Maybe I will become a snowbird and get a place in Florida or Arizona for the winters.
  16. Oh I see, ya bean counting can be pretty boring, but graphic design sounds exciting, creative! Best of luck.
  17. I retired from the work force @43 not by choice, (auto accident). I would do something maybe a little crazy, spontaneous or even a little risky! Then find something you love to do and do it every day or at least frequently. Find a hobby or do some volunteering, keep busy. It's extremely important to keep the body and mind going, you can still learn new things even in your golden years. Most important is to do the things you "LOVE" to do!
  18. James it took me 10 days to get my CD from Amazon.ca (Canada), which got it from Amazon.com (US). I've had it for over a week now and all I can say is I have been playing it every day since!!! You're gonna love it!
  19. Yes, I saw that show, it was great, it brought back a lot of childhood memories of the early 60's.
  20. Attention to detail comes to mind, after all this is your baby. I felt like a teenager opening up a LP cover anxiously curious as to what I would find inside. It's a little piece of history with every note attached to every track in the CD. I love the pictures and the hand written notes of your composing genius. I loved it all, but the music speaks for itself.....masterpiece! Thanks for the experience! Hugs, bugs, Teresa
  21. Eric, On another note, I finally received my Essential cd in the mail yesterday, and have played it all twice now. I'm lovin' it! Thank you for being the remarkable artist that you are, this is giving me great joy! You're the best! Teresa
  22. My "Essentials" is on route! Should receive it by Monday...hopefully can't wait!
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