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  1. Nanu, Nanu, the world will never be the same, such a terrible loss. RIP Robin.
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy' Decimates Box Office Expectations With $94 Million!!!!!! :spin: :spin:
  3. (In Marlyn Munro's voice) Happy Birthday Mr. Carmen...happy birthday...........tooooo you!
  4. This is such great news Eric. What's next?
  5. Try it...you'll like it!
  6. Happy Birthday Sherrie! Hope you had a very special day! :birthday: Teresa
  7. Wow, great news, seems our man Eric is on a hot roll lately !
  8. Butterscotch Schnapps from the freezer, poured over a bowl of french vanilla ice cream....and of course great tunes in the background as I lay outside on the lounge staring up at the stars on a warm summers night!
  9. Yes, Happy July 4th for all of you to the south of me, and Happy Belated Canada Day (July 1st) to us in the Great White North! How to become a Canadian! Russel Peters Hugs Teresa
  10. Happy (belated) Birthday Brian... :birthday:
  11. Redd, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Make sure you make time for yourself so you can continue to be there for your mother. Hugs bugs, Teresa
  12. Happy Birthday to Ira & Anne, hope you both had a wonderful day! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
  13. What a day! I had my new bathroom vanity installed by HomeDepot...what a nightmare! My arrangement with them was to have it all done in one day including the plumbing and the Quartz counter top. So one guy shows up at 8:30 alone! I said "are you doing this yourself"? He say's oh ya no problem. Then he tells me he doesn't do the plumbing....grrrrrrr. Good thing my son Mitch was home because he had to help him bring the cabinets up stairs from the garage. I had to get on the phone to HomeDepot and batch to the project coordinator to get a plumber in asap! So it takes the guy 4 1/2 hrs to put in cabinets and then a guy comes at noon to hook up the plumbing. Well....next think ya know I've got water running into my basement!!!!!!!! So he gets on the phone to get help and then I've got 3 guys in my en suite working on it.....another 4hrs goes by and its finally done! It looks great but I'm all pooched out from supervising....LOL>
  14. OHHH, Thanks M.E. for the pic! Now that's what you call eye candy....yummy!
  15. I like to remind my kids how different and "simple" life was back when I was a kid. They always roll there eyes and say "oh here we go with the stories" Things like we had one rotary dial phone, one black & white television, (maybe 10 or 12 stations) no remote control back then either. I vaguely recall the ice box before we got our first G.E. refrigerator, and of course the old wringer washing machine. We got our first color TV in 1970, that was so exciting back then! But we were not entertained by gadgets or electronics, you had to make your own fun and use our imaginations. TV shows were entertaining like the old variety shows, none of this "reality garbage" you see now a days. And of course in the 60's I was privileged to experience the birth of rock'n roll!
  16. Happy Birthday Anne, enjoy the day and eat cake! Hugs Bugs, Teresa
  17. Cheryl, Unfortunately most kids today are plugged into something and I have real concerns of the effect it's having on their social skills and their health. When I was their age, I was never at home or tied to anything except maybe my stereo headphones for a bit to listen to my favorite albums. But these days, you rarely see a young person who isn't plugged in. Back in 2000-03 I worked for a wireless company and sold cell phones and the "original Blackberry's" to businesses. Back then it was mostly professionals that were using these devices. Today seems like anyone who is 10yrs and up owns one. But personally I don't like being that "accessible" to everyone. When I go out, I don't want to chat on the phone while I'm doing my thing whatever that may be, my rule is "emergency contact only". It really bugs me when I'm in a store or restaurant and I hear phones ringing or people talking out loud during their phone calls. People need to get back to getting together and have face to face conversations & interactions. LOL...but then again, look at us here without the technology we wouldn't be having this conversation! Hugs, Teresa
  18. I hear ya Cheryl, my boys never put things back where they belong! Some days I'm pulling out my hair thinking I'm losing it because I can't find things when I need them. I'm still searching for my favorite Starfrit peeler that went missing 3 weeks ago! So I ordered 2 from Amazon...lol. TV isn't an issue, I bought them their "own" 50' flat screen. But I can't listen to my music when they're around, they keep telling me to "turn it down"!! Funny because when I was a teenager, it was the other way around, so I bought headphones! Coming and going isn't too big a deal, sometimes I leave and they don't even know I've left.....that is unless they need something or someone calls for me then they realize I'm gone.....then I'll get a text "mom where are you" Poor babies.
  19. LOL @ M.E. >>> I think maybe we should keep this as a "Ladies Only" thread! :spin:
  20. M.E. OH...right I forgot about the bell, yep the king is dead! I'm kinda soft for John Snow, love the long dark curly hair, kinda like EC in his early years!
  21. M.E. Love GOT's the finale was good it that it left many unanswered questions to start off in the next season. Arya is also my favorite character. Although John Snow is a close second. I loved watching Jeoffry get poisoned to death, he's the guy you love to hate. But I'm not sure about the Hound and Tywin, it didn't quite show their actual death, so who knows, they just may be severely injured.
  22. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I do try and stay awake for a few series I've been following like The Good Wife, House of Cards, The Americans, Game of Thrones, and trying to get through Salem. I've been retired since I was 43 so I spend most of my energy on my boys, I'm officially their "slave"....lol. I said to my son Eric recently, "ya know I'm kinda like a wife around here" now go find your own I'm tired! This summer I have a few home reno's going on, my ensuite bathroom is being renovated and I have a huge flooring job on the first level, taking out old ceramic tile and putting in porcelain tile and hardwood flooring...that's going to be a huge mess! I think I'm due for a vacation, I haven't had one since 2006 when we went to Vegas. The flight just about killed me as I spent the first 2 days in bed so I've not been on a plane since then. But I'm dying to get out of this house!!!! The boys are going on a fishing trip with their dad up in northern Ontario past Sue St. Marie into fishing country. I'll have a "whole" week to myself, oh boy what shall I do with myself? Knowing me, the first thing I will probably do is clean the house the second the leave through the front door, and I'll get to enjoy a clean, quite house for several days. By day 2 I will probably start missing them, god that sounds so sappy. As much as I enjoy the peace and quite, being all alone (except for my cat & dog) can give me anxiety. But hey, I will be able to crank up EC's Essential without being told to "turn it down" geesh, who pays the bills around here, oh ya ME!!! Hugs bugs Teresa
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