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    I'm the artistic type. I love gardening, decorating, reading, writing, a little tech savvy.
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    I was an industrial plastics sales rep until 2004 (before auto accident put me into early retirement) My now occupation is rearing my 2 boys and making them responsible adults. (toughest job ever)
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    Eric Carmen
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    Go All The Way

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  1. For the past 10yrs my b/f buys me beautiful red roses for V'day. Today I told him, hey it's ok to skip the roses on V'day, getting too expensive. Cost is about $80 for a dozen delivered. He told me ...too late I've already put in my order! Since my birthday is on the 5th of Feb. this is just another added expense. So I've given him permission to stop with the extravagance...next year a nice card will do!
  2. Happy Birthday Birdy (tweet) Hope you have specialisious day! Many hugs, Teresa
  3. Ok, duh me, I'm just seeing this thread for the first time...LOL! You are all so wonderful, thank you very much for all the birthday wishes. And thank you lovely Larisa for your infamous artwork...I love it! Hugs bugs to you all ... xo Teresa
  4. Happy Birthday Mary Ellen!! Hope you have the best day ever...xo
  5. My favorite seasons are spring and fall with temps in the 60's and 70's. Winters average below freezing 32F. But our summers can be very hot and humid with temps in the upper 80's 90's. Here is southwestern Ontario, weather is very unpredictable because we are surrounded by the great lakes, Lake Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Lake Erie. So depending on which way the wind blows you're going pick up moisture. Lately we've experience these Polar Vortex fronts dropping temperatures to as low as -22F. Now that's freakin cold. I was in Manitoba a few years back and it was -40F.........I'll never go back there in winter again!
  6. Ya know it's cold up here in the great white north Ca-na-da....when you see steam escaping from your dogs butt! LOL!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Tammy, hope you have a wonderful day!
  8. Wishing everyone here on EC.com a very, very Happy New Year, may you all be happy, healthy and prosperous in 2015!!! Hugs bugs, Teresa
  9. Happy Birthday Lew.... :birthday: :birthday:
  10. Larisa, sending you many hugs and good vibrations your way. Hugs Bugs Teresa
  11. Happy 55th Birthday Shelley....I'll be there in February...hope you have a special day! Hugs Teresa
  12. Happy Birthday to You!...and many more :birthday: :birthday: T.
  13. In my thoughts and prayers...get well soon! Hugs, Teresa
  14. Happy Birthday Donna....hoping you had a fantastic day...best wishes. :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: Teresa
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