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  1. :heartpump:Happy Birthday  my LOVE :heartpump:  , my only one and SWEET ADDICTION !!!!!

    I enjoy   watching  You     and    listening Your Songs every day.

    You are Part of my World and I am HAPPY about it.

    For sure, YOU makes this World better.

    And, yes, I wish You everything, what YOU wish to YOURSELF !!!!!! :)


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  2. Happy Birthday  Larisa !!! :)

    I wish You everything, what You wish to Yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And one of the best presents would be :  to meet Eric some day..., look at his incredible eyes........   hold his ... hand.......(I know, I know ..... it is not possible, but we can dream ....)

    Love You,  Natalia

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  3. Hi members and supporters  :) !  Lets get busy !!!

    Everybody, who is on Facebook or Twitter .... lets post information about Eric new CDs and let your friends and followers to know :

    WHO IS COMING BACK SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I  If anybody have connection with EURUNEWS, it will be great !   Maybe You have another ideas :rolleyes:- just post it !!!

    Natalia :) 

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  4. Eric,

    God gave You everything :  Talent- You are great song writer,

                                                 Voice - we knew that, You know that... now. You voice is so unique- I am melting down, when I listen you voice (one of my favorite is 

                                                            "I wonna hear it from your lips" and many, many  more ).

                                                You are Very Good Looking-you know that, we know that. I would say more, but trying behave myself (not young chicken anymore.. :().


    And I am asking myself : Having all of this (see above)      why, Why, WHY .......   he is not around like Paul McC, like Bruce Springsteen, Why ???????????


    I think............,  you did not have RIGHT PEOPLE  AROUND YOU, who could explain you .........., who You are.


    I hope now we will see you more , we will hear your new songs.     Please, treat your supporters RIGHT !!!!       I think it is a Big sin to have Talent  and do ......not to much about it :(


     It is good my dictionary so limited, another wise I will say much more :rolleyes:.   


    Natalia :)

    P.S. Eric, please, (if it is will help you) print all this posts and Pin it ....in your .... some room...  :).

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  5. Mr. Carmen,.......................

    You are teasing us again !!!    :rolleyes:   We are losing our patience.............


    Yes, it looks like this guys not just know what they are doing, They love what they are doing. Quality is quarantined.


    Hope to see you on some "Morning" or "Night" shows, promoting new CD.

    Good luck,


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  6. When I was young, ......... I wanted to be a ballerina, but was not excepted to Bolshoi theater school , because of proportion of my body (neck , legs was not long enough....). I took ballet classes for a few years any way (I was crazy about it).

    Later I was study figure drawing. All  this experience helped me to recognized if somebody has classic body proportions (specially, when I go to gym ). It is not about  if you are skinny or not too skinny (you can have some shapes), it is not about  EC in tights or in pajamas or fleece  pants.  It is about proportions- You have it  or you don't .

    After watching Youtube videos of Eric, I saw :  Yes, he has it- love his long neck........ In Art,  neck is one of the most beautiful part of human body (remember famous paintings or sculpture ? ) . My point is..... he also could be a great in Ballet......, very talented person .....

    Members, are you sure, something wrong with me :(???? ..... Yes,  addiction to ........... Eric Carmen..


    P.S. Sorry, Eric, we are talking about your body without  your permission. Why not.......... if it perfect :) !!!!

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  7. Eric,

    Lets back to beginning of this topic. We really want you to write new songs. What ever it will take you : fall in love again (never say never) or be depressed, or be happy, or be upset, or  :o....................... we will forgive you  for everything...... Just do it !!!   Don't hide your TALANT !  Let it go..........please............. We will wait :)


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