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  1. As much as I love GATW, "I Wanna Be With You" is equally as great.
  2. Just heard GATW today on the '70's channel. Been waiting a while to hear them so I could set them as a "favorite". Mission accomplished.
  3. This gets worse each year. To nominate "newer bands" over the plethora of classic, worthy bands is a disgrace. To include such blatant non-rock bands like NWA & Chic is also mind boggling. No one's going to even care in a few years if this nonsense continues.
  4. I,too, always loved David's playing on the Boats LP. His playing on the bridge of Marathon Man is so brilliant. I also love his work on She Did It. So melodic yet never obtrusive to the song. Questions for Eric- Was David in any bands prior or post working with you? Is he still active as a session player?
  5. This project would also make a great album. Maybe Eric could include a favorite cover tune like "God Only Knows" or "Walk Away Renee".
  6. Great to hear this! So many Eric songs that could be done with the orchestra. e.g.- Starting Over, Let's Pretend, Last Night, Boats, Love is All That Matters.....
  7. Happy Birthday Eric. Wishing you and your family all the best!
  8. MikeD


    Don't forget the wonderful Ohio wines (specifically here in the northern portion of the state). Vastly underrated with many great wineries peppering the shores and cities surrounding Lake Erie.
  9. Wow, stunned that someone dislikes "The Long and Winding Road". It's probably my favorite. A beautiful song with great lyrics. Just my opinion.
  10. From what I remember reading, he tried to distance himself from The Monkees through all of the '70's and most of the '80's. The four reunited in 1997 and put out an excellent LP called Justus in which they played all the instruments (like on Headquarters). He agreed to this only if a TV or movie deal was involved. Mike toured with the band in England in '97 & reportedly was ripped apart by the press over there ( mostly about his playing). The criticism was absurd- check out YouTube and see that he sounded great! Mike was so stunned that he backed out of a US tour which led to many issues within the band. Davy's death & his subsequent open communication again with Micky & Peter led to talks about reuniting. A shame that is what it took to resolve differences. Mike's son is in the band as well as Micky's sister which probably makes things much more enjoyable for them.
  11. Mike Nesmith is a brilliant artist. Many of his lyrics are incredible. I agree, too, that it is a shame he did not rejoin in the 2000's until Davy's death.
  12. Great interview, hate to be negative but 7 minutes was way too short. The countdown timer was making me nervous! I'm thinking,"Give us 15 or 20 minutes. Cut out the pothole segment and extend Eric's time!" So cool to see Eric getting recognition once again.
  13. Nice to hear 8 Days without the Dave Dexter reverb overkill.
  14. Something positive for E. I mentioned to Harry Maslin, who stated that he LOVES the TYM album, that the two of you should work together again. Just a thought & a question. Is it possible that Harry could have been your 'George Martin"? Jimmy I. was great, no doubt, but something about the sound & vibe of your collaboration with Harry seems so special, as if it was a true collaboration. So the question- would you consider working with Harry again?
  15. Have to add my two cents. Eric,I agree, one can only take so much and then you must address the issue. There's no need for someone to start problems with your personal affairs. Your friendships and relationships are your business. Some people cross the line of being a fan. Ignore ignorance.
  16. Some overlooked rock singers besides Eric C. are Burton Cummings, John Waite, Lou Gramm, Robin Zander, Micky Dolenz, & David Coverdale. If I may list some crooners, I'd have to say Jerry Vale, Bobby Darin, Mario Lanza, & Lou Monte.
  17. Teen angst- "I'm not Your Steppin' Stone" by The Monkees. Stones' "Get off of My Cloud". In regards to Sheryl Crow, I always felt that she should cover "Stuck in the Middle with You" by Steelers Wheel. It totally has her "sound"- slide guitars, good mix of acoustic & electric guitars, perfect key for her voice, etc...
  18. Eric, I think you completely captured Wally's issue- resentment. Resentment that you carried the band by writing the hits, the successful solo career, his lack of success post-Raspberries, etc... It's understandable to act that way when you are in your late teens early twenties, but after 30 years have passed, it becomes sad (especially from a friendship standpoint). His playing on the Raspberries' albums is truly amazing, always tasteful,melodic, and always perfect for the song. Is it possible that you subconsciously had Wally on your mind for some of the "Boats" lyrics? "I know it's over, you know it's over... perfection is consuming, we're only human..." I'm sure I'm way off! Anyhow, hopefully things will change among the band, and you guys can celebrate your past accomplishments.
  19. Thanks for posting. Finally had the chance to listen to it in one sitting. Wish Eric had a weekly talk-radio program in which he could express his views. Maybe even a syndicated radio show where he could comment and be a DJ (like Alice Cooper does). Great insight from Eric. Really had to agree with his opinion on Clapton- virtuoso indeed, however, lacking a degree of "feel". Would rather hear the solo to "Something" or "Maybe I'm Amazed". Pure feel! Same with Jeff Beck, incredible guitarist but after 5 songs, I'd be like, "OK, let's have a melody, bridge, harmonies, great vocals, etc..." Great interview & thanks again for posting it!
  20. In regards to different religions, I liken it to playing the same song, just in different keys. Nature and the intricacies of life are proof enough for me of a creator. It's somewhat easy to forget about the unspeakable beauty and wonders of our lives. Unfortunately, we are devolving like Devo predicted! The universe is constantly expanding and we have some people killing each other over shoes or fist-fighting over a ball game.
  21. Missed that show, but the DC 5 was a great band. I always felt that they were the only band ( in early-to-mid 1964) that gave The Beatles some serious competition (artistically). Boyce & Hart patterned "Theme from The Monkees" from Catch Us if You Can".
  22. I agree about Fallon. They made the right choice. How cool was it to hear the snippet of "All by Myself" on last night's show?
  23. BNY does sound great. Love the production. As for tape vs. digital, the people involved really make the difference, too. We've all heard terrible recordings done at reputable studios. It's getting difficult to get parts for my old Tascam reel deck & tape costs a fortune. My digital setup is much easier to use. Also bought a Tascam DP-08, about the size of an Ipad. Built in condenser mics, effects, EQ, runs on batteries, etc...incredible the technology these days. Great for demos. Getting back to Harry Maslin, his drum sounds on Carmine's kit (on TYM) were so great. So powerful. Also loved the piano on "You Need Some Lovin' ".
  24. Thanks for the technical aspect regarding IPS and how it affects tape. I think you mentioned that "Brand New Year" was recorded digitally. Just curious of your opinion between recording to tape vs. the digital realm. "Convenience" comes to mind for digital, specifically the ease of editing/ splicing. Always noticed the bad edit on B. Joel's "My Life" single! To me, (older dude!), you just can't beat the sound of 2 inch tape, recorded, engineered, and mixed well. Just wonder how long hard drives will hold up 25 years from now as a source of a master.
  25. Thamks for the technical info. Always interested in the recording process. Interesting that they used a 16-track at 15 Inches Per Second when they could have given you 24 @30. Slighted again! There was a noticable progression among the four albums, each one sounded better and better. Wasn't the great Shelly Yakus involved as engineer? To these ears, Side 3 and Starting Over sound phenomenal, especially the drums. Amazing that Band on the Run was done on 8 tracks!
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