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  1. Hello! I have been away for a while. I thought there was going to be a new collection of remastered songs released. Any news on that second set of music was was initially announced by Eric a while back? thanks for any news. Richard (Desperate Fool)
  2. I did post a version of 'The Rock Stops here' on Youtube. Not sure if Eric will have it on his new cd collection in March.
  3. When I lived in Japan stationed in the Military I used to run with my walkman cassette player and have the song 'runaway' playing. The end part would really be great to run to when Eric is jamming out the song. I still play cassette tapes ... even today. Believe it or not I appreciate the tangible aspect of them rather than an MP3 player.
  4. Matt, it was one song that was hard to find. I happened to read about it and then made it my mission to get a copy of it. Hope the sound was ok. I made it from a cassette tape recording on a mono recorder.
  5. Hey folks. I have always loved the eric/Fred Carmen song 'The Rock Stops here'. In fact I was living in Virginia when it came out back in 1986 and had to write to a record store in Cleveland to have them send me a copy on 45 RPM. I have posted the song on youtube as no one ever put it there. Enjoy!
  6. Hello folks! Not sure if this has been mentioned but is the song 'The Rock Stops Here' on the new collection? I remember when I read in a magazine years ago that Eric and his brother wrote and recorded the song. I actually wrote to a record store in Cleveland, OH to get a copy of the 45. I still have that. Always enjoyed the song.
  7. Great News about 'Desperate fools' on the new collection. I would love to have an official live concert CD from Eric in the future. I found one from Japan on the internet. The 'Inside Story tour' in 1980. Maybe a live concert could happen in the future. Time will tell I guess... Richard
  8. Hello to Everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas. I have just read all the posts. I do hope that on the new release the song 'Desperate Fools' is there. That has been such a fav or mine. Hope others as well. I remember when the Change of Heart Cd came out Rolling stone commented on that one song. How you just could not get the melody out of your head. Ha! Happy New Year! What a year 2014 will be. Richard
  9. Thank you all for the update and kind words. I think it would be great if Eric recorded some new music for the collections. Wow what a treat that would be. I am sure he has some tunes banging around up there that we would all love to hear. I recently received a copy of Erics 1980 Japan concert. It was from the Japanese Television. I assume most of you have seen that. I was excited to see it. I was in Japan with the military at that time and missed the concert. My military duties kind of got in the way of attending. Ha Have a good day!
  10. Hello, I am long time fan of eric carmen but new to group. When is the release date for the new cd collection? I thought I remember it was due in October. Glad to be here. Look forward to the music. Richard
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