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  1. Gonna keep it simple. . . Through your absolutely amazing songs, you are still touching and changing lives. "Happy birthday" to the best singer/songwriter ever. --RMW
  2. Girl, you talkin' 'bout the inside story. All about our secret porcine paramour. There's another Southern delicacy, other than us Southern women ourselves. And proud to say it's straight outta North Carolina. . . I cherish slow Sunday mornings in the coolness of autumn. Moseying through the Sunday newspaper. Sipping on cinnamon coffee. And nibbling on a luscious, limited edition Pumpkin Spice donut from Krispy Kreme. Ahhhh. . . . . .never knew how complete love could be.
  3. Theresa, yes, you being from SE NC. . . you know what I'm talking about. And, ain't nothing like a pig pickin' on a warm summer evening. Bernie and Theresa, thank you both for getting it. I still can't believe I'm the only one who passionately--if not rather dramatically--quotes Eric Carmen songs out loud in front of other people. And is perfectly willing to make a funny fool of herself. I invite others to fess up. I wanna hear it from your lips.
  4. I imagine I am not the only EC fan who can't help but be inspired to--here and there, willy-nilly--blurt out lyrics from Eric's songs in semi-appropriate situations, as I go through my day. After thinking about it all week, I have decided to confess the following. . . Last weekend, visited my family in Eastern NC. Couldn't wait to go to the local barbecue joint with them. Chow down on some Eastern North Carolina-style pork barbecue. You know, with the vinegar-based sauce. (Did I mention I'm vegetarian except for bacon and barbecue?). Also the absolutely heavenly hushpuppies. . .soft and sweet cornbread, hand-caressed and hand-dipped in batter. Then deep-fried to a sparkling, crispy golden brown. After I took the first bite of the first hushpuppy, I held it up in front of me at eye-level. Was gazing at it lovingly and longingly. Then suddenly found myself murmuring, "Let me feel the love that's in you." To which my sister said, "What the hell did you say? Are you talking to the hushpuppy?" Oh, yeah, baby.
  5. Eric, We are all so grateful that your amazing soul entered Mother Earth on August 11, 1949. Your magnificent music has touched many lives that will never be the same. I have never been the same. Thank you. Wishing you a beautiful birthday celebration with your loved ones. . . --RMW P.S. You may already know. . . that eleven is a "master" number in numerology. And there it is.
  6. It takes a team. After all. . . We are Groot.
  7. Eric, I'd like to celebrate the anniversary of your birth by saying: I am ever so grateful that you were born 65 years ago tomorrow, August 11. Your music has been the soundtrack to my life. Especially my cherished "Boats Against the Current." Oh my, what that song means to me and the transcendent loving of my First Love from college. Decades ago, through time, and still now. I am glad you and your music are recognized and rewarded--culturally, commercially, financially, materially. But please remember: your music is, at its essence, spiritual. It inspires. It touches souls. It impacts lives. This world needed you on August 11, 1949. And still does. Your work matters. Your life matters. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you. And, hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful birthday day together. RMW
  8. This is all so fabulous. Plan to see the movie this weekend. . .can't wait. Do I understand correctly that the soundtrack is not available on CD? Last thought: I already have my Paul McCartney tickets for this fall. The only thing that would BEAT that--yes, BEAT that--would be tix to an Eric Carmen performance. Jus' sayin'.
  9. I wonder if this means Seth MacFarlane is an Eric Carmen fan. Well, at least we know Stewie is.
  10. AnneNR, I love your emoticon! And thank you for your prayers. . . I am hoping Mr. Snake is either in my basement or back outside in the yard. I have seen him over the years on my front porch and in the flower beds next to the foundation. So, I think he has his own secret avenues in and out. This is just the first time he has ever made his way to the INSIDE of the house. Now, I am pondering what meaning and message The Great Spirit may be sending me. The synchronicity of the snake's visit with my birthday feels too powerful to ignore. And yes, I think the TV interview with Eric reflected very good use of those precious seven minutes.
  11. Cheryl, I completely get what you're saying. At first, it was freaking me the f**k out. Then I had to remember my native American spiritual teachings. . .that this non-poisonous, friendly snake is also a mystical and sacred child of the Earth Mother. I'm at peace with him. But I would certainly prefer for him to stay out of the living quarters.
  12. I've wanted to comment on this interview for a while, but been dealing with a big, black, garden snake loose in my house. I've been talking sweet to him. Asked him politely to scoot on down to the basement and eat some mice. Maybe that's where he is now. Anyway, I looked at Eric's interview several times and, bottom line, I think it was spectacular PR for him and for "The Essential." Maybe many factors came together in that swift seven minutes to make it so. Most important may be the impact of the visual. Seeing--and not just hearing Eric (as in the radio interview)--made a world of difference. This interview had an appealing, overall relaxed feel. Eric's easy interactions with the reporter, plus the backdrop of his house, helped create a comfortable and homey ambiance that viewers could sense and see. Eric hit his talking points well as he answered the questions. All the while coming across as intelligent, articulate, charming and witty. That spontaneous comment about Dick Clark towards the end was humorous and delightful. I came away realizing how valuable it is for people to see Eric talk, smile and laugh. He's got charisma. Always has. Always will. But radio just can't get the job done. To sum up. . .we need more EC on TV! Can somebody work on that?
  13. Absolutely fabulous, articulate reviews of the "The Essential," guys. I do have a question about "The Essential," which I'll pose shortly. But first. . . There was a rather lively brouhaha--yes, in which I participated--on the EC community forum week before last. And it really took its toll on my heart. I knew I needed to take a break, be away for a while. Furthermore, I told a friend about my experience. And in his usual bluntness with a dash of sarcastic humor, said, "I have two things to say to you. One: you have way too much time on your hands. And two: you need to get a fxxxin' life." Well. Allrighty then. As Ace Ventura, pet detective, might say. I decided then and there to bet him that I could disengage, not only from the EC community, but from the whole internet, for an entire week. And live to tell. It's been eight days. Okay, so I have a total of over 400 emails to sift through. But I did it. Tended to some real live relationships. Met neglected friends for lunches and suppers ( that's "suppahs" as Eric would sing it and I tawk it, in Southern style). Connected perhaps ad nauseum, with my best friend from childhood, to whom I had sent one of my five copies of "The Essential." She and I resurrected our girly argument from 1973, whether we loved GATW or IWBWY the most. We're still offering to mud-wrestle over this on YouTube, but nobody has encouraged us. So, my question related to "The Essential" is: In regard to that lovely live version of "Starting Over," what is the word Eric is singing instead of the "F" word? Perhaps those of you who have classier stereo systems than I, may know what it is? Thanks, RMW
  14. Okay. How about this: substitute "critical" for "judgmental," and you've got it. (And that is not discernment.) I'll bring my own closure to this by referring back to the eerily intuitive last line of my limerick in post #21. . . "The most interesting just may be Lew"
  15. Re-read my post #78. Not talking about unwelcome. Talking about judgmental.
  16. Lew, take a look back at your commentary #24. It's essentially complaining about how some posts/subjects are not "discussable" or "meaningful" or "vibrant" or need more "hows" and "whys." And there's clearly a put-down to the "oohs" and "aahs." All of that stuff. . .is judgmental.
  17. I think this is simple, really. . . Take what works for you, leave the rest. Everyone who admires and respects Eric Carmen should be welcome here. Any time. Without their post being judged as somehow not good enough. And let's be clear. . .Eric's shirt doesn't HAVE to be opened in the front. RMW
  18. How about a little limerick? What's notable here and not new Is how boys compete and it's true In testosterone fun Ask girls to choose one The most interesting just may be Lew RMW
  19. One more piece for closure: I'm gonna put my big girl panties on, and take the wrap for starting this rather lively SEC football thread. It was I who first blurted out, "HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS!!" to Raspathens. Didn't know the virtual havoc my uncontrollable outburst would wreak. (Let's be extra grateful, since I'm a Tar Heel, that I didn't get started on ACC basketball.) I'm sure Eric and many others have absolutely no idea what has been talked about so passionately here. All the great stories and colorful comments. I also got us off track with the whole singing-with-a-Southern accent thing. Although I appreciated E's commentary. Usually, I am not such a rambunctious trouble-maker. (My ex-husband might disagree.) So, I do feel responsible to redirect back to the original topic. . . for those of you who haven't done so yet, take a listen to Eric's interview on Retro Radio. RMW
  20. Had a friend who thought the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" was "Take the back right turn" I thought CCR's "There's a bad moon on the rise" was "There's a bathroom on the right" And "Do the hustle" was "Do the hacksaw" (What kind of dance would THAT be?) RMW
  21. If we expand teen angst to include 20-something angst and pain. . . Jackson Browne's "My Opening Farewell" John David Souther's "Faithless Love" and "Silver Blue" Eagles' "Best of My Love" (although I think J.D. Souther helped to write that, too) Karla Bonoff's "Lose Again" All of these songs can make me cry. RMW
  22. Raspathens, I am noticing you live in Athens, GA. Please forgive me but here it comes--I can't restrain myself--HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS! My ex-husband (first husband/last husband/only husband--all the same lucky, lucky man) was a Bulldog alumnus. I have many fun memories of going to the football games and watching Herschel Walker play. Wow, long time ago. Reminds me how my ex and I were magnificently matched in humor and spirituality. Yet, not meant to be partners for life. Perhaps I was too much woman for him. Cheryl, you're just down the road (I-40) from me here in WNC. I bet we sound an awful lot alike. Cayenne/M.E., I have a dear friend from N.O. I know I would absolutely love the way you talk. Also been wanting to mention. . .how incredibly cool it is that some of your memorabilia was used in "The Essential" package. And this may have been said before. But it is so apparent to me that you are the Heart of this community. And Bernie is the Soul. --- RMW
  23. Eric, thanks for clarifying the accent issue. I had never put that together before. Despite being a pretty smart gal from the South, growing up immersed in the music of the '60s. I'm kinda embarrassed, actually. And yes, the Southern accent SOUNDS so much better. Oh, mah, yes. Cayenne, I had tried in my post above, to resist describing Eric's singing accent as "sexy." But glad you went ahead and did so. Because, well, hell, it IS so darn sexy. I guess we need to face the music. Hahaha. BTW, not a Sinatra fan. ---- RMW (May ah add. . .ah tawk lahk this all the tahm. And have been told ahm sexy.)
  24. Several thoughts on the radio interview. But the one that's making me grin right now is: I LOVE, immoderately, how Eric talks like a Yankee but sings like a Rebel. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean. In his songs, Eric does it so well. . .that sweet Southern spin on words like: I, my, try, sky, by, July, good-bye, mine, time, find, blind, eyes, skies, lies, drives, hide, inside, beside, subside. Well, I could go on. Even Lennon and McCartney sang with American Southern accents. Being a Dixie chick myself, IMHO, there is nothing quite like a song sung Southern man style. Okay. Time to go listen to "The Essential." Again.
  25. e, I am humbled and thankful that my story can remind you. . .what a light and what a blessing you are to us. And to this world. RMW
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