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  1. Happy Birthday, dear Mary Ellen! I wish all your dreams will come true! Happiness and health! Larisa.
  2. Happy Birthday Bernie! Best wishes of happiness, success and good health !
  3. Gorgeous! Suppose Eric's vocal cords are made of silver! Love
  4. Welcome Linda! Dear redd, Thank you, I guess I know exactly who you mean. One of your friends is really crazy about the music. When I was 17, the walls or my room was shaking by the full volume sound of "Stargaze" of Rainbow and "Stairway to Heaven" of Led Zeppelin. My neighbors was happy listening and knocking on radiators and walls )))))))))). I didn't care about and I didn't care that other girls around usually was listening another music than I did.
  5. Thank you my dear friend Gina! Your post raised my spirit this monday morning! Larisa.
  6. Hi Cayennegirl and Redd, thank you for adding me as a friend and for your kind and warm words about my post. It's true about love all the way. Voice and face of angel, but the lyrics are so serious. Music... the secret and irresistable power over us...I tried so hard to escape. Who ever tried...
  7. Cayennegirl asked how people here in Community feel about Eric's topic. To be honest, I'm little bit shocked with his frankness, but all that he said was absolutely right. The fear is the best teacher and motivator. "Selling shoes", it's too cruel. If only we could be so wise in 20 years old long ago as Eric was! But nobody taught us. We were Soviet young people looking forward to the future without doubts and fears. But life has changed for us. Thinking that Eric could ever be the "tyrant" is making me LOL. As it is clear from Eric's songs , he's an airy and light creation with the fragile soul as the wings of a butterfly. Wish I have such a "tyrant" boss ever))) Example of the real tyrant is Alec Baldwin in his genial scene of Glengarry Glen Ross speech from "Americans" film ))). As for me, I'm a new member here. Instead of nostalgic flashback I've got the feeling as if the lightning strike my head "just yesterday" when I heard and saw Eric s songs for the first time. And it feels like I choke in the lack of oxygen if I can't find in network something new — video, photo. But last video dated 2007. It's too sad to read that we won't see the reunion anymore.
  8. Thank you Bernie! I tried with all my heart...
  9. Dear Eric! All the flowers of the world are for You on Your Birthday!
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