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  1. Happy birthday to my dear friend Redd! I wish you love, happiness, health! May all your dreams come true and the music always plays in your soul. Big hugs. Larisa---P .
  2. Eric, we wish you a Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true. Mary Ellen, Gina and Larisa.
  3. My dear friends, thank you for your greetings for my Birthday. It means so much to me. James, unfortunately, I almost lost interest for creating videos because I created all the simple things that I could but I have no time to make something complicated. My autist son and my work takes all my time. I was dreaming before but now I returned back to real life.
  4. No one could read his FAREWELL message in "Lazarus" clip. Just only guesses. But most of all everybody believed this is just another game he used to play changing the rules, stages, costumes and themes. Current theme he choose was too dark and full of mystery. But only now its meaning is understood. You have no idea how much David is loved in Russia and Ukraine and all post-Soviet countries. His fans are orphaned now. They bring flowers and lit the candles near the British Consulate today in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities. http://m.tvrain.ru/articles/bowie-401521/#photo-5209 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope David could see the clip that his Russian and Ukrainian fans made for his 69'th Birthday. https://youtu.be/l2h-hQU305E Russia and Soviet Union will love Ziggy Stardust forever. He is not dead. He returned back to Mars.
  5. The latest (2014-2015) Interviews: Eric Carmen on Retro Radio 88.7FM WJCU, University Heights, April 2014; 7 Minutes with Russ Mitchell, May 2014; Taking a trip down the gold and platinum record - Fox8 Interview, November 2015 https://cloud.mail.ru/public/BAtB/WmRkdwE4J The files are available to download.
  6. https://yadi.sk/d/BYX8_U5jkapqa Could record only these parts. Haven't had enough time to find a crack for Video Capture to record a full-time stream. Alas.
  7. Crimean flower fields are for you, Eric! Happy Birthday from Mary Ellen, Redd and Larisa---P
  8. When Rock Was King Jimi Jamison A yellowed eight by ten in a ragged press kit folder A tattered poster hanging on my bedroom wall A snakeskin jacket in the back row of my closet I can hear the Echoes as the music rocks the hall A bygone day in its Grandeur and its Glory The scent of illegal incense in the Air Everyone i know has at least a few good stories But if you recall the eighties - were you really there? Hop aboard this Laser Beam - it's eighties on my Time Machine When rock was King Zeppelin dropped the Wrecking Ball Loverboy would lead the call - to keep rocking These times are taller than the tale You can't exaggerate the power and the scale When rock was king Styx would rock the paradise - Survivor saw with tiger's eye When rock was king Motley Crue and Toto too - Boston - Kansas and Mr. Mister We lived the Dream Even though eighties are a Triumph come and gone The tenors of these times are singing strong When rock was king When AC/DC rock the sheds Angus would take control Ann Wilson left the house in shreds - with Heart Stopping rock and roll When rock was our religion Big dreams - big hairs - big visions Quiet Riot felt the Noise - 38 Special were wild-eyed boys When rock was king Surrendering to the Cheap Trick - with Reo and Aerosmith When got our Wings So climb aboard the Starship - Rainbow bound This Journey's come full Circle to the sound When rock was king - when rock was king - when rock was king Everything old is new again - when rock was king Everything new is old again - when rock was king
  9. Happy Birthday, Cheryl! Have a great day!
  10. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/407153622533412601/
  11. http://michaelmastrorocks.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Eric-Carmen/G0000yO.kjk2rTeE/I00005X5jnYabg8Q
  12. Some old post https://israelmaster.wordpress.com/tag/eric-carmen/
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