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  1. The bonus track is "Te Quiero Mia". A remix of "I Had a Good Time". I prefer the original. The best song is "Life, Love & Hope". Other great songs are "Heaven On Earth", "Sail Away" (Brad Delp's last song ), "The Way You Look Tonight" & "Last Day of School" (instrumental). Highly recommend.
  2. I got to Best Buy about 5 minutes before they opened and there were over a dozen people waiting outside the store. Uh Oh! I scanned the crowd to see who I could take and shove out of the way when the doors opened. Little old ladies, check. Moms and their kids, check. A large burly man, iffy. Just kidding! It didn't matter anyway. I was the only one that headed towards the music section. Nothing on the shelf. Double Uh Oh! An employee had to get it from the back. Success! Been listening ever since. Highly recommend.
  3. The bonus track is actually "I Had a Good Time" but with Brad Delp singing some of the words in Spanish. Should be interesting. Probably him goofing around during rehearsals. Not sure though. The release in Canada will have a bonus track of "O Canada".
  4. Thanks Cayennegirl & redd. The Boston CD comes out Tuesday. Close enough for a birthday present. Guess where I will be on Tuesday morning when the doors open.
  5. Official release of "Heaven on Earth" on YouTube from Frontiers Records:
  6. Official samples from the band's site: http://www.bandboston.com/ Enjoy.
  7. "Heaven on Earth" from Boston. Hurry before it gets taken down again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWJS2oDKvA0
  8. Hi redd, I've just been chilling and listening to my "new" Raspberries & Eric Carmen music while perusing this great forum. The next six months or so are going to be sweet! New Boston music in December and new Eric Carmen music early next year.
  9. Comes out 12/03/13. Happy birthday to me! https://www.facebook.com/bandboston
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Mike
  11. Thank you both for the info! Mike
  12. On raspberriesonline.com they are selling a CD by Dave Smalley. Does anyone have any info on it? Song titles? Is it good? I couldn't really find anything on YouTube or Amazon. I thought I read somewhere (either this forum or the Marathon Man ebook) that Dave went with a more country sound with his music. If that is the case, I probably wouldn't be interested, however, if it has songs similar to "Making It Easy" & "Nobody Knows", I'll be all over it! Thanks. Mike
  13. Thanks Kiwi. I have to agree with you regarding the website. And how cool is it that Eric Carmen comes on and interacts with the members?
  14. Hello all. I missed the whole Raspberries phenomenon by a couple of years. Dang! My formative teenage years was 1976 - 1979. I'm a huge fan of the band Boston. A few months ago, while listening to a classic rock station, "Go All The Way" came on. I have always liked this song but never knew who the band was. I was tired of waiting for new music from Boston and decided it was time for some "new" music to listen to. Am I glad I decided to check into this song! I first started out buying Raspberries Greatest & Eric Carmen Definitive Collection CD's. Those CD's led to the purchase of Raspberries Live on Sunset Strip Deluxe Gift Set, all 4 Raspberries albums downloaded from Amazon, and the Marathon Man ebook downloaded from Smashwords. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a fan! What a blast discovering this great music at 51 years old. Mike
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