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  1. Thanks Anne! I'll never go to the dark side. Oh wait....
  2. Thanks birdy! (My wife) Uh-huh! Who wished you a happy birthday? (Me) A little birdy did.
  3. Thanks Redd! This year's tour is over. I did get to see them twice though. I even scored aftershow meet & greet passes on the second concert. I met Gary Pihl, Kimberley Dahme, & Tracy Ferrie. Also, it looks like, after waiting over a year, the vinyl version of Life, Love & Hope is finally shipping in a few days. Another happy birthday to me! Mike
  4. Spy Game with Robert Redford & Brad Pitt.
  5. What about "Go All The Way" and "You Took Me All The Way"?
  6. I have to agree. After purchasing The Essential Eric Carmen and hearing what I have been missing in regards to Eric's solo work, I have been on a mission to get the rest of his catalog. I recently bought the "I Was Born To Love You" CD (The US version of "Winter Dreams"?). Wow! "Cartoon World" & "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight" are great. The rest of the songs are pretty good too, especially the cover of "Walk Away Renee". Along with the Geffen Solo, I don't skip over any of the songs on either. I do have to press repeat a lot for "Cartoon World", "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight", "She Remembered", & "The Way We Used To Be" though. Where the hell have I been all these years? Oh Yeah. Listening to Boston. On a side note - Does anyone know why the fade out on "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight" starts at around the 3:40 mark? The song has another 40 seconds or so to go. Just curious.
  7. Tracey, Dispute the charge with your credit card company, if all else fails. Mike
  8. Ditto on the Hall of Fame. The Raspberries and Boston not being in it = travesty! Oh, and Happy Birthday.
  9. Good thing there isn't a Raspberries reunion or an Eric Carmen tour this summer. My head might explode!
  10. FYI for anyone around the Chicago suburbs: Boston recently added a concert in Aurora, IL on 8/10/14 at 8:00pm: http://riveredgeaurora.com/events/boston/ 10 minutes from the house. Even though I just saw them in Clearwater, I gotsta go!
  11. Comes out tomorrow. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and it came early today. Pretty darn good. I especially like #5 "Never Stop Believing" & #13 "Never Stop Believing (blues)". I would buy it at Best Buy though. Same price as Amazon but it has an exclusive bonus track.
  12. "Its ame-me-me-me-me-merican as apple pie Livin hard, riding high Feelin every minute like the 4th of july" Happy 4th everybody. Wouldn't this song sound good timed with some explosions tonight? Damn, that Eric Carmen 1984 Geffen solo album sounds good! Not a weak song in the bunch. I hope that album is the next one to get remastered.
  13. Thanks Bernie. I figured that he was asked to clean it up. I just thought that "unoptimistic" instead of "f***in optimistic" didn't fit with what he was trying to say in the sentence. A mumbled "f***in" makes more sense.
  14. So, my question related to "The Essential" is: In regard to that lovely live version of "Starting Over," what is the word Eric is singing instead of the "F" word? Perhaps those of you who have classier stereo systems than I, may know what it is? Through my headphones it sounds like he says "Used to feel so unoptimistic, till she said goodbye" which seems to be the exact opposite of "Used to feel so f***in optimistic, till she said goodbye". I replayed it numerous times. That is what I'm hearing though.
  15. If there are any Boston fans in Japan on this forum, they just announced 4 dates there in October. http://www.gonnahitcharide.com/thejourney/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=8011 It only took 35 years.
  16. Hey Redd, Muzz never signed the CDs. I think he saw the expression on my face (similar to this ). Plus, based on his comment, I don't think he would have signed them anyway. Now if I can just get Tom Scholz to sign them, I would be a happy camper.
  17. Hi Redd, They are scheduled to play in Chicago at Montrose Beach in late June. However, I prefer an indoor venue so I decided on Clearwater, FL instead. What? Sounds logical, right? (My mom has a condo there). The Clearwater concert should make it 6 or 7. My memory has never been that good. Funny story - My wife and I went on a road trip to Boston a few years back to see Boston play at Symphony Hall for a Doug Flutie tribute. A few days later we went and saw BeatleJuice (a Beatles tribute band fronted by Brad Delp) in New Hampshire. Mr. Delp graciously signed my 2 new digipack remastered Boston CDs (BTW - The "Nicest guy in rock n roll" moniker fits him to a T). A few minutes later, I recognize Muzz, the drummer for BeatleJuice, walking by and say hello to him. He stops to say hello and my wife (not knowing he wasn't a member of Boston) whips out the newly signed CDs from her purse for Muzz to sign. Muzz was great though. I think he said something about not being in that band. He brought back a couple of signed BeatleJuice pictures for me and my wife.
  18. Boston recently announced a summer tour. Go to the tour calendar at gonnahitcharide website for info. http://www.gonnahitcharide.com/tour/tour-calendar Not many dates yet though.
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